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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Part 3 of The Comic Collector's Important List Of Spider Man Comics

Welcome to Part 3 of The Comic Collector's Important List of Spider-Man Comics.

37. Amazing Spider-Man 265
(1st Appearance of Silver Sable)

Amazing Spider-Man #265 cover - 1st Appearance of Silver Sable

38. Amazing Spider-Man 289
(Hobgoblin revealed as Ned Leeds/Death of Ned Leeds)

Ned Leeds revealed as the Hobgoblin as well as his death? That's right! Important key issue for any Spidey comic fan to have in their collection.

Not to mention that this issue is also really affordable, but becoming a more demand and wanted key issue as time goes by. Don't miss out on getting this one. 

If you like raw/unslabbed comics, NewKadia has this issue available at a low near mint. Click on the link to check it out. Only one copy left so I don't expect it to last very long.

Of course, has multiple copies of this at various grades. No CGC copies available, however.

If you're going for the high grade CGC copies, Comic Connect has two CGC 9.4 copies available as of this writing. Click the link to check them out.

(Death of Kraven The Hunter)

Amazing Spider-Man #294 cover - Death of Kraven

 40. Amazing Spider-Man 298 
(1st appearance of Eddie Brock & first artwork by Todd McFarlane on the series)

Can you deny that this is one of the more important issues? Introducing one of spidey's most feared modern age villains? Also, the very first artwork by one of the best to ever draw the modern age Spider-Man? This issue is still pretty easy to find and quite affordable, but I don't think it will be for long. 

The more time that goes by, the more this comic becomes sought after, so do yourself a favor -  click the link and get Amazing Spider-Man #298 along with great discounts and .99 cent shipping. Trust me, you wont be sorry you did.

41. Amazing Spider-Man#299 
(1st appearance of Venom in costume) 


(1st Full Appearance of Venom)

Amazing Spider-Man #300 1st appearance of Venom Cover 

Of course, this comic had to make the most important list of Spider-Man comics. The first full appearance of a character and villain that comic fans just took to and made popular beyond belief. This comic is becoming scarcer and scarcer to find at decent grades. So if you can find one at VF and above, it'd be wise to grab one for your collection before the price gets too out of reach. 

(1st Appearance of Cletus Kasady)

For many who don't know who Cletus Kasady is, it's the dude who eventually becomes Carnage. 

(1st Full Appearance of Cletus Kasady)

Amazing Spider-Man #345 cover - 1st full appearance of Cletus Kasady

(1st Full Appearance of Carnage)

Amazing Spider-Man #361 cover image - 1st full Carnage

Carnage became a pretty popular villain in the 90s, which is why his full first appearance is on this list. This issue is pretty easy to find and you can still get some amazing affordable deals on this key issue. 

But this is a modern age comic, and I would not go any lower than a 9.4 or 9.6. CGC graded issue is also preferable. 

46. Amazing Spider-Man #700
(Death of Peter Parker & Last Issue Ever)

These issues are not from the Vol 1 series, but the 2003 series, and yes if you didn't know that this issue would kill off one of comics most iconic comic characters ever, you need to get out from under that rock you're living under.

Marvel has also stated that they do not plan to reverse what has happened in this key issue. Peter Parker will stay dead and another will pick up the mantle.

Yes, fans burst out in protest, and even a few death threats were aimed at the writer Dan Slott. Not only is this the death of Peter Parker, but it's also the last ever issue of Amazing Spider-Man.

The series will die with it, and in it's ashes will rise a Superior Spider-Man series. Make NO mistake that Amazing Spider-Man #700 is a defining moment and will change the face of Marvel Comics in the future.


  1. Just wondering if us Spidey fans will get to see the keys between issues 361 and 700?
    Always a big fan of your work and very appreciative for all you do.
    Big Poppa