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Sunday, January 20, 2013

NewKadia Big Sale - Save 30% On Every Order!



The fine folks over at NewKadia are having a huge sale to kick off 2013 just right. Get a nice 30% off every order of comic books! It's time to grab those comic book back issues.

Just use the code: Big30 when you check out. 

I already see some great silver age and bronze age back issue comics, as well as some keys issues as well. Here's just a few still available at the time of this writing:

X-Men #120 - First Brief Appearance of Alpha Flight. Click here to check it out!

X-Men #121 - First Full Appearance of Alpha Flight. Click this link to check it out!  

Amazing Spider-Man #44 - 2nd Appearance of the Lizard. On the hunt for this key issue? Grab it here!

Amazing Spider-Man #51 - 2nd Appearance of the Kingpin! Another great Spider-Man key issue to own! Snag it at this page! 

There's a lot more of comic book back issues to get. Just click the blue links and shop around. This sale won't last long. Remember, at check out, use the coupon code:

Happy Huntin'

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