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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Modern Age Comics To Invest In Right Now!

Welcome to Part 3! In this issue, I'm going to reveal some modern age comics to invest in right now that are hot, or will be.

What do I mean by will be? I mean that these issues will be milestones in the future. So let's start this off.

(Obama Cover Variant)

Amazing Spider-Man #583 Variant Obama Cover image

Whether you're a right winger or left winger, it doesn't matter. The fact is that this issue marks the first African-American President of The United States of America ever!

It's an historical event of significance and will most likely be seen as even more of a landmark event in the future. 

This is the cover variant of #583 with Obama on it. Not the 2nd Print cover variant with a yellow back ground and Spidey at the right side.

The cover variant (first print) has Spidey at the left and says "Special Inauguration Day Edition" at the lower right hand corner. It's guided at around $40 bucks for a low near mint. Even higher at higher grades. has one copy in stock, a near mint 9.4 going for $115.00.

Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 #51B Variant
(First Gay Wedding In Comics)

Yes, this comic also marks an historical and social landmark in the U.S. Whether you like it or not, New York made same sex marriage legal and Marvel Comics  wanted to immortalize the historical event by incorporating it into their own world of comics.

This issue is the wedding ceremony of mutant Northstar and his long time boyfriend Kyle. Northstar was revealed gay back in 1992.

It seems that this variant B cover is a limited print run, and even though Northstar and Kyle are dangerously close to being the first gay couple to kiss on a comic cover, fans are scrambling to find this variant whether they are hetero or not.

And it makes sense. I do see this comic issue as having a huge historical relevance in the future. Because of this, I believe this issue will be quite a valuable Marvel key comic issue as the years go by. So, get it while it's not ridiculously too expensive!

NYX #3
(First appearance of Laura Kinney X-23) 

Laura Kinney, also known as X-23 has become an extremely popular Marvel character. The Wolverine female clone only debuted in 2004, and her first appearance in NYX #3 is becoming increasingly in demand in investment comic grades suchs as 9.6 and 9.8 copies.

CGC 9.8 copies are dropping on eBay near the $200 mark already. The only way now to get this modern age key issue cheap is to get an unslabbed copy and hope you get lucky that it's a 9.8 when you submit later. Or, you can try to wait for a CGC graded copy that goes up for auction.

This character is here to stay with the younger generation of comic fans. I've seen this character cosplayed by female fans quite a few times, and I've enjoyed seeing them. Those who are huge fans of Wolverine like I am, this is a modern key worth investing in.


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