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Monday, January 21, 2013

Key Issue Alert: Conan The Barbarian (1970) #1 Located!

Conan The Barbarian (1970)

Issue #1
1st Appearance of Conan & Start of Regular Self-titled Series  

Published October, 1970

 Key issue located:
NewKadia: This bronze age key issue has been found at NewKadia. Only one copy at VF + (very fine plus). Reason why I'm putting NewKadia first is because they have a sale going on at the time of this writing in which you can get 30% off every order. Perfect time to get a great deal on this Conan key issue, so just click the link to get this key issue comic. Use the coupon code Big30 at check out!

I doubt this issue will last there very long, especially with a sale going on, so don't delay. Grab this issue now by clicking the blue link here or above. 

The fine folks at mycomicshop also have various copies of Conan #1 if you prefer CGC graded copies. The highest is 9.6 Near Mint Plus. If you're on the hunt for this key bronze issue, click the link to check them out.



Not only does this issue the first comic book adaptation of the pulp stories by Robert E. Howard, this comic will also be a getting a jump in demand due to the news that a new Conan movie is in the works starring none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

That's right! The man who first brought the Conan character to life on the silver screen is returning back to this role in The Legend of Conan!

You can click the link to learn more about The Legend of Conan movie and when it's slated to hit theaters by clicking the magical blue teleportation link. 

Don't miss the boat on this one. It's getting harder and harder to find and more expensive.

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