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Sunday, January 13, 2013

KEY ISSUE ALERT - Amazing Spider-Man #101 Located!

Amazing Spider-Man #101 cover - first appearance of Morbius the Living Vampire

Amazing Spider-Man (1963 Series)
Issue #101
1st Appearance of Morbius The Living Vampire
Published October, 1971

 Key issue located: The fine folks have two copies of this key issue comic book! One is a very high grade CGC 9.8! The other is a CGC 9.0. Both are selling on consignment. You can check them out by clicking the above blue link or this link right here.

ComicConnect: If slabbed, CGC graded comics aren't for you then ComicConnect has three copies of this key issue. The highest graded copy available at ComicConnect is a VF/VF- (low very fine) going for a buy it now price of $105. 

The other is a grade of Fine + and the asking price is $65 buckaroos! The last one available is a FA/GD, which to me isn't worth looking at for a bronze age comic book.

ComicLink: And, of course, the wonderful peeps at ComicLink also has copies of the first appearance of Morbius the Living Vampire. The highest is a CGC 9.4, and the sale is pending. You can try the wait list if you're really on the hunt for this book.

There's also a CGC 9.0 up for sale. Click the link to check them out. 

Whether you heard about the news of the character Dr. Michael Morbius being cast in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel or not, the first appearance of Morbius The Living Vampire is still a great bronze age key issue Spider-Man comic to own. 

Created by Roy Thomas and designed by legendary comic artist Gil Kane, there's little doubt that a little horror influence injected into The Amazing Spider-Man comic series was a great thing that fans enjoyed and took to during the bronze age of comics. The character has made enough of an impact that Marc Webb decided to introduce the character in the next sequel.

Don't get that confused with Morbius The Living Vampire being in the Spidey sequel, just the character of Dr. Michael Morbius before he vamps-out. You can read more of the Amazing Spider-Man sequel news about the character being cast by clicking the link.

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