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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is Man of Steel Getting A Hulk Complex?

So if you've watched the latest Man of Steel movie trailer, you would have noticed a scene in which the Army confronts Superman. Actually, the whole trailer hints at this new Superman and his uncertainty about who he is and where he belongs. [if you haven't watched the new trailer you click right here to check it out].

Wow, can it be? Superman has a Hulk complex in the movie, in which he isn't trusted nor accepted by the world? Is Zack Snyder going to riff on the Hulk concept and actually have our U.S. forces try to bring down Superman? Naw, that ain't Superman's character, and I bet he will just turn himself in like the blue boyscout his character is. Yawn....boring!

However, I do like the fact that Superman wouldn't really be accepted by us humans in Zack Snyder's reboot. Why? Because it's realistic. Hell, we try to destroy ourselves, and we're all part of the same human species. How do you think we'll treat Supes?

So that's a new concept. Well, not really new. Marvel was the first to bring in the theme of their heroes being hated and unaccepted. Spidey had J.J. Jameson, X-Men had the public at large, and the Hulk had...well, General Ross, the U.S. Army, the public at large, and other super heroes hatin' on him.

It's not a new concept, but for a Superman movie it is. I haven't really seen that theme of non-acceptance been explored in a Superman flick. Usually, it's he saves a group of people and everybody goes coo coo for Cocoa Puffs over him.

Just the other day, I was discussing this with my buddy Gerry, and he said something pretty dead on about what most fans expect when it comes to a new Superman movie. He said, "We want to see something new!"

And that's true. Now, he wasn't just talking about special effects like a bullet crushing itself against Superman's eyeball, which was the only cool thing in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. He was talking about themes and storyline. 

I don't want to see the same ole boring themes that we saw with the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeves and then Superman Returns. I swear if there's a phone booth scene in Man of Steel, I'm gonna chuck up the popcorn I ate while watching The Avengers from last year. Yeah, I know it's an iconic thing with him and phone booths, but are we really to believe that nobody would see him waltz in there. Besides, there aren't too many phone booths out there anymore in 2013.

Now most people are going, Oh, this is different. Zack Snyder is really humanizing Superman and bringing in that conflict of alienation and the choice of what kind of man he should be or wants to be and blah blah blah blah blah.  

Sorry, we saw a little bit of it with the original Superman and then Superman II, in which the theme of alienation and wanting to fit in was explored. The only difference with Zack Snyder's take is that he's amping this "teen angst" theme to 11 (Yes, that was a riff off of Spinal Tap).

image of Michael Shannon as Zod in Man of Steel
And we definitely saw Zod and Faora in Superman II, which is still my all time favorite Superman movie! I'm super interested in seeing how Zack Snyder spins this conflict between his new Zod played by Michael Shannon and his new Superman played by Henry Cavill. Shannon has already confirmed that he will not be saying the famous line Terrance Stamp said as Zod in Superman II, which was - "Kneel before Zod!" So, I hope Shannon does what Heath Ledger did with the Joker and puts an amazing spin on the character. Nevertheless, I'm expecting some great special effects and a major and epic battle between Superman and Zod.

I want to see Superman tested. After all a hero is only as great as the villain who tests him or her. Give me a Superman to empathize with and root for again. 

Zack Snyder has done amazing work on such movies as Watchmen and 300 and I'm pretty sure he'll give us a Superman movie to remember.

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