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Monday, January 28, 2013

Tim Vigil Signing At Heroes And Villains In Pleasanton Feb 2nd!

For all the Bay Area Nor-Cal comic fans, comic creator and artist Tim Vigil will be dropping by Heroes And Villains comic shop in downtown Pleasanton to sign and meet fans.

Don't know who Tim Vigil is? Tim Vigil made a name for himself as co-creator and artist for the indie smash hit Faust: Love of the Damned comic book series published by Rebel Studios and Avatar Press. This comic series was the first "mature audiences" comic that I ever read. Actually, when the Faust indie comic first came out, I wasn't old enough to buy the book. My brother was, though, and this comic had extremely graphic violence as well as sexual depictions, all in black and white.

My brother became a fan, and it was one of the only comic series he collected. I became a fan of the artwork, which was extremely detailed for the time. Vigil also inked the series along with Tim Tyler.

Vigil, however, gained recognition drawing for the comic book Grips published by Silverwolf Comics back in 1986 before publishing Faust: Love of the Damned with co-creator and writer David Quinn. The follow up to the popular Love of the Damned series was Faust: Book of M, and it was nominated for the 1999 Bram Stoker Award for Best Illustrated Narrative. 

Oh, yes, and the Faust: Love of the Damned comic was adapted into a movie of the same name by Brian Yuzna in 2001. I saw it when it came out, and seriously hope they do a reboot of it. So, if you have the DVD, swing it on over and get it signed.

So if you're a fan and in the Bay Area, drop by and meet this Bay Area comic creator and artist at Heroes And Villains!

Saturday Feb 2nd! 

Heroes & Villains Comics
264 Main Street, Pleasanton, CA. 94566

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Captain America The Winter Soldier Cast!

While the clock is winding down and Iron Man 3 will kick off Marvel's phase two concerning cinema, the Captain America franchise has finally confirmed it's cast. Here's the Captain America The Winter Soldier cast and a little of what to expect.

Chris Evans Captain America
Of course Chris Evans will return and reprise his role as Steve Rogers and Captain America. According to sources at Marvel, it seems that the Captain America sequel will be the film that's most directly related or tied to what happened during the Avengers movie. Once you see more of who is going to be in the film, you'll understand more of what I mean.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
It seems that Captain America will be more directly involved with S.H.E.I.L.D than the other Avengers members like Thor and Iron Man. That's pretty given and makes quite a bit of sense. So it seems that Samuel L. Jackson will once again put on his Nick Fury gear and bite his tongue to keep from cursing for the Captain America sequel.

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow Natasha Romanov
Many thought that the lovely Scarlett Johansson was going to be in Iron Man 3 as the Black Widow again. Actually, when it was announced that she wasn't called back for Iron Man 3, a lot of heads begun-a-scratchin' as to why not. Well, here's the reason why not. The lovely Scarlett Johansson will dye her red, put on that uncomfortable but sexy outfit, and start kicking some butt for S.H.E.I.L.D as the Black Widow in Captain America The Winter Soldier. 

Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill
Just to make sure that Captain America The WInter Soldier isn't too much of a meat market, it seems that Agent Maria Hill, as well as the lovely Cobie Smulders, will be in the Cap sequel, confirming S.H.E.I.L.D's alignment and influence with good ole Captain America. Thank, God, too! At least there won't be just one sexy female kicking some butt in this film.

Anthony Mackie as The Falcon
The fact that the very first African American superhero is finally getting his due excites me, but the fact that The Falcon is such a cool character and an integral character in the Cap comics really makes sense to have him appear in a Cap film. Wondering in what comic did The Falcon make his debut? Click the link to find out the first appearance of The Falcon. 

I'm not too sure about Anthony Mackie playing The Falcon, however. The actor doesn't look like the character in the least bit. Besides he's always playing douche bags like in Million Dollar Baby and 8 Mile.

However, it has been reported that The Falcon will fly in the movie. Actually Mackie said that the character in the comics is what you'll see on film as well as, "I will have wings. I will be able to fly. I will be a superhero and fight people, namely The Winter Soldier."

Awesome! I hope his costume is as close to the comics as possible. 

Sebastian Stan and Winter Soldier
Speaking of The Winter Soldier. Oh, I'm sorry, did you think that Bucky was dead? Oh, oops, did you not know that The Winter Soldier is James "Bucky" Barnes? If you think that's a spoiler, you really need to read up on the comics. Yes, Sebastian Stan will return, but not as Cap's partner Bucky. He will don The Winter Soldier costume and go toe-to-toe with Cap, The Falcon, and S.H.E.I.L.D as the movie's main villain. 

Frank Grillo and Crossbones image
This one came out of left field, and I'm still not sure why Crossbones found his way into Captain America The Winter Soldier. Perhaps, it's because the Marvel villain is often a henchman for The Red Skull. Hmmm...could that mean that The Red Skull will possibly find his way back into the fold after being sent to God knows where in Captain America The First Avenger? Possibly, since there probably will be a phase III in Marvel's cinematic journey. Frank Grillo has been cast as this badass super villain.

Toby Jones and Arnim Zola images
Another henchman of The Red Skull will be back in the sequel. Toby Jones, who plays the character Arnim Zola, will be using his mastery of biochemistry to cause chaos for the forces of evil once again, but the question is for who? Will it still be for The Red Skull? More importantly, will they finally get Toby Jones in that ridiculous costume that the comic character wears or no?

So there you have it, folks - The Captain America The Winter Soldier cast. Although The Winter Soldier is the main baddie in this film, I'm predicting that this Captain America sequel will be setting up for The Red Skull's triumphant return, and yes I did just riff on Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

John Carter 3-D Blu Ray Delivers The Goods!

One of the most over-looked films of last year was John Carter. Even though this action, adventure, fantasy movie failed at the box office for Disney, this movie is a highly under-rated gem that I predict will be a cult classic in the years to come!

The film, based on the book A Princess of Mars, by writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, who also created the legendary character Tarzan, is an amazing visual delight. This movie is worth seeing in theaters and is worth owning on DVD for any science fiction or fantasy fan.

If you're a fan of 3-D movies like I am, the John Carter 3-D Blu Ray is a must-watch and a must-have! The special effects and CGI are more than stunning, but what makes this movie a gem is that it's actually backed up by a wonderful story.

There are many wonderful archetypes that permeates the characters and creatures of this story that Edgar Rice Burroughs created more than a hundred years ago. Yes, that's before Superman ever hit the stands in Action Comics #1 and way before Star Wars was a concept in George Lucas's noggin'.

Without this story, there may have not been a Star Wars. Even more astounding is the science fiction world that Burroughs creates, and the movie John Carter does an excellent job of bringing it to life and transporting you to this world.

Not to mention that the cast also did a remarkable job of bringing the characters to life. Taylor Kitsch as John Carter and Lynn Collins as princess Dejah Thoris are absolutely superb in their roles and wonderful to watch.

You'll be rooting for the characters in this movie, as well as be immediately drawn into the story because of the talented acting Kitsch, Collins, and the entire cast exhibits in John Carter.

Just having the movie is a treat enough. Watching it in 3-D is a thrill, but the special features gives even more incentive to get John Carter on Blu Ray 3-D. The special feature documentary 100 Years in the Making touches upon the history of John Carter from books, pulps, comics, and finally to the big screen. Definitely worth watching if you don't know much about the character of John Carter or the writer Edgar Rice Burroughs.

I became an instant fan after seeing this movie the first time. Even though John Carter failed to be noticed by the American audiences at the theaters, Andrew Stanton directed a science fiction and fantasy masterpiece in my opinion.  

John Carter is a highly entertaining ride from beginning to end. If you've yet to see it, I highly recommend you do. If you love 3-D, this movie is one of those you must watch in 3-D!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NewKadia 30% Off Every Order Sale Ends Feb 5th!

In my last post discussing this, I wasn't sure when NewKadia's Big Sale would end. I knew it wouldn't last long, but now it's confirmed that the sale ends Feb 5th!

There's still a bit of time to get 30% off every order no matter how big or small. It's the perfect time to buy some comics online and snag those back issue comics or key issue comics from any comic age and get great deals and savings on them.

Once again, my comic collecting brothers and sisters, the coupon code is Big30! And, of course, I'm gonna point out some great issues I've spotted still available up at NewKadia. Just to help you clear up some of those comics that could be on your want lists. 

Most of these comics only have one copy available, and I'm sure they'll go fast. So, at the time of this writing, I've seen these goodies just waiting to be snagged and added to your collection!

Green Lantern #40 cover image
Green Lantern (1960 Series) #40 - Origin of the Guardians. 1st Appearance of Krona. Appearance of Green Lantern I (Alan Scott). Nice key issue and only one copy available! Click the image or this link to be brought to the page. You will have to scroll down. Don't worry, there's a lot of other good Green Lantern silver age comics to look at and consider on the page as well.

Green Lantern #45 cover image! Click image to get this key issue!
Green Lantern #45 - 1st Prince Peril, and once again featuring an appearance of Alan Scott - the original Green Lantern! Two copies are available. One is VF+ and the other a regular VF! Click the comic image or click right here to check this silver age key issue out!

Avengers #47 cover image
The Avengers #47 - Origin and 1st appearance of the new Black Knight (Dr. Dane Whitman). Death of Nathan Garrett, the Black Knight II. Appearance of Magneto. Lower fine copy available for this silver age key issue. You can find it at this page here but will need to scroll down to issue #47. Not a bad key issue to own as Avengers comics are being snagged left and right considering the huge success of the movie and anticipation of the sequel. 

Action Comics #66 - Okay, this ain't a key issue. It's a common issue. However, I know I've spent a lot of time on silver age comics, and I thought I'd give some attention to some golden age goodies. It's always a good idea to have some golden age comics in your collection as these comics are getting harder and harder to find, and this goes for the normal common issues as well. And that goes for even lower grades of golden age superhero comics. So there's only one copy of this issue at a Good+ at NewKadia. You can check it out at this link. You'll need to scroll.

Wonder Woman #45 comic cover. Click to buy this golden age comic book!
Wonder Woman #45 - Wow, another golden age comic goodie published in 1951. This issue is over 62 years old. It also happens to be a real beauty as well at a low Very Fine (VF -). Expect it to be pricey even with 30% off, but a low Very Fine golden age comic isn't an easy find at all, especially when it's a golden age comic of the most iconic female comic book characters of all time. You can click the comic image or hit this link up to grab this Wonder Woman golden age comic.


Well, those are just a few suggestions that I scoped out at NewKadia. Of course, there's plenty more. Just break out those want lists, visit NewKadia, and get on the hunt! Remember to type in Big30 when you check out so you can get 30% off your entire order, and that this sale ends Feb 5th!

Once again, Coupon Code: 


Sale Ends: 

 Feb 5th

Enjoy and Happy Huntin'!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Key Issue Alert: Conan The Barbarian (1970) #1 Located!

Conan The Barbarian (1970)

Issue #1
1st Appearance of Conan & Start of Regular Self-titled Series  

Published October, 1970

 Key issue located:
NewKadia: This bronze age key issue has been found at NewKadia. Only one copy at VF + (very fine plus). Reason why I'm putting NewKadia first is because they have a sale going on at the time of this writing in which you can get 30% off every order. Perfect time to get a great deal on this Conan key issue, so just click the link to get this key issue comic. Use the coupon code Big30 at check out!

I doubt this issue will last there very long, especially with a sale going on, so don't delay. Grab this issue now by clicking the blue link here or above. 

The fine folks at mycomicshop also have various copies of Conan #1 if you prefer CGC graded copies. The highest is 9.6 Near Mint Plus. If you're on the hunt for this key bronze issue, click the link to check them out.



Not only does this issue the first comic book adaptation of the pulp stories by Robert E. Howard, this comic will also be a getting a jump in demand due to the news that a new Conan movie is in the works starring none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

That's right! The man who first brought the Conan character to life on the silver screen is returning back to this role in The Legend of Conan!

You can click the link to learn more about The Legend of Conan movie and when it's slated to hit theaters by clicking the magical blue teleportation link. 

Don't miss the boat on this one. It's getting harder and harder to find and more expensive.

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Conan Is Back!

Whoever thought that those famous lines in Terminator, "I'll be back," would ring so true to action star Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie career. Let's hope he doesn't say that concerning his political career!

But, it's true, Ah-nuld is back and going to back to his very first starring action character and role, the Robert E. Howard’s mythic warrior from pulp lore - Conan. Most think it's the T-101 Terminator hell-bent on killing Sarah Conners, but you be wrong. That was Ah-nuld's signature role.

After the huge flop of the 2011 reboot, it seems that those at Universal Pictures refuse to give up on the franchise and hope that Schwarzenegger taking up the Conan mantle once again can make the Robert E. Howard character a movie screen success.

The Jason Momoa reboot trickled in only $48 million at the box office worldwide. The movie's budget cost was $90 million!
However, Universal Pictures is dead set on a Conan come-back and has announced that The Legend of Conan is seeking a release in 2014. Arnold is already attached to the film and confirms he will star.

Like most fans, will The Legend of Conan take place after the 1984 sequel to Conan The Barbarian - Conan The Destroyer - and finally complete the King Conan story that was promised at the end of the 1984 sequel? After all, it would make sense since Arnold is older at age 65. 
According to Chris Morgan, who wrote the story that the movie will be named after, Legend of Conan will center around an older and wiser Conan. The story will be parallel with Arnold's age.

Insights to the story also revealed that Arnold's revisit to the character will also see Conan in a last hoorah sort of story. Like the movie Rocky Balboa, the aging Conan knows he'll be going to Valhalla soon and will be seeking that last bit of glory by going out with honor in a great battle.

Apparently, The Legend of Conan will ignore the 2011 reboot as well as the 1984 sequel Conan The Destroyer. So, the new Conan movie with Arnold will not take up where Conan The Destroyer left off. Oh, well, bummer!

Will Arnold be able to save this mythic and well-loved barbarian, who was first made famous in his adventurous tales told by Robert E. Howard in pulp fiction magazines, on the silver screen? Time will tell, but what do you think?