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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Celebrity Women Dressed As Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman DC Comics art image

There's absolutely no doubt that Wonder Woman has become such an iconic figure in pop culture for various reasons. Her character is not only the model for female beauty, but the ultimate symbol for female empowerment.
Even some of the most famous celebrities have succumbed to the allure of the most famous female comic hero icon ever. Here are the ones with enough moxie to dress up as Wonder Woman, especially since Lynda Carter put an unrivaled stamp on the character's look.

This post showcases some celebrities who have dressed up as Wonder Woman. If you're looking for Wonder Woman costumes, please click the link to see some super cool looking WW costumes and discover where to get one!

 Emily Deschanel as Wonder Woman
Emily Deschanel as Wonder Woman image

One of the best ever to don the Wonder Woman costume, besides Lynda Carter, was Emily Deschanel in the T.V. series Bones season 3, episode 5 "Mummy in the Maze".

In an interview for IGN, Emily was more than okay about dressing up as Wonder Woman for the Halloween themed episode when Bones executive producer, Hart Hanson, asked her about it. In fact, Emily said, "I already have the costume." Apparently, her family had given her a Wonder Woman costume as a gift years prior to wear for Halloween.

[you can read the full IGN interview by clicking here] 

No, the Wonder Woman costume she wears in Bones is not the costume her family gave her. For the show, they made four costumes for her, and she looks absolutely remarkable.  So remarkable, in fact, that I chose her as one of the top celebrities who could play Wonder Woman, because she resembles the famed female comic character so much.

[read more about the celebrities who could play Wonder Woman in a movie simply because they look like her]

Emily admits that she grew up watching the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman 1970s TV series. So, did I, Emily! So did I, and I think you would've made the comic book character's creator, William Moulton Marston, quite proud!

Image of Emily Deschanel in Wonder Woman costume for Bones episode.

More images of Emily Deschanel as Wonder Woman in Bones episode

Olivia Munn As Wonder Woman
Olivia Munn as Wonder Woman

It's no surprise that the former T.V. show host of Attack of the Show, a show devoted to video games, on the G4 network is on here, and it's no surprise that she would dress up as Wonder Woman. The self-proclaimed geek is quite beautiful and even more alluring in the famed Wonder Woman costume.

Munn's citizenship to the land of Geekdom is often debated in the world of Geekdom. Some believe her carefully crafted sexy geek image makes her a terrible representative for geeks. Some even put her in the category of "fake geek girls".

Uh, whatever. I, personally, don't have a carefully crafted test to determine what a true geek is or not, and I didn't think there was a prerequisite.

All I know is that here at Total Comic Mayhem, Olivia Munn is more than welcome. And that includes all geeks of varying degrees!

Sexy Olivia Munn in Wonder Woman Costume

More sexy pictures of Olivia Munn in Wonder Woman costume

Miranda Kerr Wonder Woman Pic
Miranda Kerr Wonder Woman pic for Grazia Magazine

Even in Australia, many cannot the resist the allure and essence of the comic book character Wonder Woman.  

Australian model, Miranda Kerr, showed props to the female comic book heroine in a photo shoot for Grazia Magazine. Absolutely gorgeous, but I do have to admit the costume needs a bit of work.

Rhona Mitra in Wonder Woman Costume
Rhona Mitra in Wonder Woman Costume for Halloween
Stunning Rhona Mitra dressed up in a Wonder Woman costume is definitely something that I wouldn't miss. The English actress who played the lead character Sonja in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans definitely wears the Wonder Woman outfit quite well.

As for her possibly playing the role in a future Wonder Woman movie or even the Justice League movie slated for 2015, who knows? She could be a pretty cool choice.

However, I just think it's cool that she chose to dress up as the iconic female comic book superhero for Halloween. For that, she gets extra cool points.

  Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman Costume
Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman costume pics
It's funny how the public outside of Geekdom responds when a huge reality T.V. celebrity decides to get her geek on and dresses up in a Wonder Woman costume. All the sudden you have people who would never even think to dress up as Wonder Woman for Halloween or any kind of event looking for where they can get the Kim Kardashian Wonder Woman costume.

More pics of Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman Wonder Woman's got back. Well, at least when Kim Kardashian is in the outfit. 

Not really digging the black tights, but I give Kim Kardashian props. Like I said before, it takes moxie to dress up as Wonder Woman, and I think she looks just fine in the costume. She doesn't pull it off as badly as some haters have reported.

Besides, CosPlay should be all about fun, and I give kudos to any female - famous or not - who dons the costume of one of my all-time favorite female comic superheroes.

 Kelly Cuoco As Wonder Woman
Kelly Cuoco in Wonder Woman costume for T.V. show The Big Bang Theory
In season 4, episode 6 of the T.V. series The Big Bang Theory, the cast dressed up as well-known DC Comic characters. Although, a blonde, Kelly Cuoco's character, Penny, sports a sexy Wonder Woman costume.

I must say Kelly pulls it off quite well, but I do have to admit that she looks better as a blonde.

More pics of Kelly Cuoco as Wonder Woman

Kris Jenner in Wonder Woman Costume
Kris Jenner Wonder Woman Costume pic

Like daughter like mother! It seems that Kris Jenner liked her daughter Kim Kardashian's Wonder Woman costume that mom had to go out and get one of her own.

While those make a big fuss about her released picture, I'm gonna say the opposite about the matter. The fact that Kris Jenner is 57 and still looks good enough to don a Wonder Woman costume and look spectacular in it deserves kudos.

All I can say is I hope my wife looks that good at that age, despite plastic surgery or a boob job.

Well, there you are...the celebrity women who have dressed up as one of comics most iconic and beloved female superhero characters ever and paid homage to her. I salute them and anyone else whom has done so.

Looking for a Wonder Woman costume? Visit the blue link to check out my top picks of female superhero costumes, including some of the coolest Wonder Woman costumes.

There's no doubt that Wonder Woman has become a symbol of female empowerment and a positive role model for many females for 72 years starting next year. I can only hope that the character of Wonder Woman and her legacy continues to live on

UPDATE: Wonder Woman Actress Cast in Man of Steel sequel! Click the link to see who will be Wonder Woman on the big screen!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Part 2 of The Comic Collector's Important List Of Spider Man Comics

Welcome to Part 2 of the comic collector's important list of Spider-Man comics. If you stumbled onto this without reading the first part, you can visit the link to see Part 1 of the list.

So let's get this on. Here is part two of the most important key Spider-Man issues to get:

(Green Goblin Origin)

ASM #40 cover. Green Goblin origin issue
ebay - There are quite a bit of copies of this key issue Spider-Man comic available on ebay. Some are unslabbed, but there are a few CGC graded books that are VF and above. Visit the link to see ebay's search results for this key issue comic.

20. Amazing Spider-Man #41 
(First appearance of The Rhino!)

Amazing Spider-Man #41 cover. First Appearance of the Rhino

ebay - The first appearance of the Rhino is a hot key issue right now. It's been confirmed that Paul Giamatti will play the Rhino in Marc Webb's the Amazing Spider-Man sequel coming out next year.

ebay has quite a few unslabbed copies, and not many CGC graded ones as of this writing. However, it's still worth to check them out and get in on this one before it's way too late.

21. Amazing Spider-Man #50  
(1st King Pin)

image of Amazing Spider-Man issue #50. First King Pin

This key issue first appearance of the King Pin can be found at mycomicshop, as well as ComicLink and ComicConnect. Various grades and high grade CGC copies are available at all three. However, ComicLink has the highest graded copy available at a CGC 9.8 NM/MT. has a CGC graded 9.4 NM. If you're on the hunt for this issue, check out the links so you can grab the first appearance of King Pin and add it to your Spider-Man comic collection asap.

22. Amazing Spider-Man #52  
(2nd Appearance of King Pin)

ASM #52 cover. 2nd Appearance of the King Pin

Newkadia has this issue for sale at a Fine Plus, as well as 25% off if you type in code: new4.

23. Amazing Spider-Man #56
(1st Appearance of Captain Stacy)

24. Amazing Spider-Man #90
(Death of Captain Stacy)

Amazing Spider-Man #90. Death of Captain Stacy

25. Amazing Spider-Man #101
(1st Appearance of Morbius The Living Vampire)

Cover image of Amazing Spider-Man #101. First Appearance of Morbius

CGC 9.8 is available at for $3,750.00. Not bad for the very first appearance of one of Marvel's most famous vampire characters. 

ComicConnect also has some unslabbed copies of this issue. The highest is a low Very Fine. Visit this link here to check out what they have available if you're on the hunt for this key issue Spider-Man comic.

The highest CGC graded copy at ComicLink is an average NM 9.4 for $564 bucks. However, the sale is pending, and there is a wait list in case the buyer decides to pull out. Still worth a look or put yourself on the wait list if you're serious about getting a high grade CGC copy of the first appearance of Morbius. Just click this magical blue link and remember that Total Comic Mayhem pointed you in the right direction.

(Origin of Morbius The Living Vampire)

You can't go wrong with the origin of Morbius The Living Vampire and his 2nd appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #102. Great key issue to get. 

If you're on the hunt for this key issue, be sure to click the title link or the comic image to see where you can buy it.

27. Amazing Spider-Man #121 
(Death of Gwen Stacy)

Not only has this story line been crucial to the world of Peter Parker and the Amazing Spider-Man series, this issue has been a fan favorite for so many Spidey fans throughout the years.

If you've seen the new Amazing Spider-Man movie with Andrew Garfield, you would know that the element of Gwen Stacy's has been hinted at in the film. It should not be such a spoiler if you're a huge Spider-Man comic collector, and it's without a doubt that her demise will either play out in the sequel or the third film.

Either way, this issue is on the hot burner right now. Many fans are speculating that Gwen Stacy will meet her fate in the upcoming sequel, so many smart investors are gunning for Amazing Spider-Man #121 now. 
High grade copies can be found at ComicConnect. Visit the link to check them out.  

28. Amazing Spider-Man #122 
(Death of the Green Goblin/Norman Osbourne)

The second issue that continues the story from issue #121. There shouldn't be much said on why this is one of the most important key issue Spider-Man comics to get. Actually, the scene of Gobby's death was played out in the first Spider-Man film by Sam Raimi in 2002.

Where can you find this issue? Mycomicshop has a whole bunch at various grades available for sale. Many are also CGC grades as well. Just visit the link to check 'em out.

Also, ComicConnect has a few high grade copies for sale as well for ASM #122. Most are CGC graded.

29. Amazing Spider-Man #129
(First Appearance of the Punisher & Jackal)

Amazing Spider-Man 129 cover. First Appearance of The Punisher!

If this isn't one of the most important key issue Spider-Man comics to own, it should be. Actually, it is. The first appearance of The Punisher and one of Marvel's most loved bad ass vigilantes ever.

Yes, this character took off in the Marvel Universe like no other, and is it any surprise that his debut was in the Amazing Spider-Man series? Not really considering many popular Marvel characters made their first appearances in ASM vol 1.

Where to get your hands on this bad boy? It's a hard issue to find, but here are some places to look. has various grades available and many are CGC graded. Highest copy is a 9.2 low Near Mint. 

ComicConnect also has quite a few copies of the first appearance of Punisher issue 129. Highest grade is 9.8 CGC graded. 

ComicLink has various CGC and unslabbed copies of this issue available. Highest grade is a CGC 9.8. Click the link to check 'em out. Many of the sales are pending and there could be a wait list. You can however, bid on the ones that aren't. 

30. Amazing Spider-Man #135
(2nd Appearance of Punisher)

2nd ever appearance of The Punisher is an often overlooked key issue comic within the Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 series. This may not be the first appearance of Frank Castle, but it's definitely a key worth owning if you do have Amazing Spider-Man #129.

NewKadia has a copy at a Fine Plus, and is probably the best deal you'll get for an unslabbed book that's guaranteed to be complete. You can click the blue title or comic book image above to check it out, or click this blue link here.

Mycomicshop has a high grade 9.4 NM CGC graded copy, as well as some lower grade unslabbed copies.


31. Amazing Spider-Man #136
(1st Appearance of Harry Osbourne as Green Goblin)

The 2nd Green Goblin is an important key issue comic, but when it's Harry Osbourne, Peter Parker's best friend, it's even more important. This is a classic bronze age key issue comic book to have in your Spidey collection.

Luckily, it's pretty easy to find. Newkadia has one low Fine issue available for only $21 dollars. You can get 15% off your purchase if you're a new customer and type in the code: new4.  

Pretty good deal, so this is a key issue you want in your collection and at a price you like, just visit this link here to snag it before another smart comic collector does.

Of course, if you're more into comic investing and want those high grade CGC copies, mycomicshop has a CGC 9.6 and a 9.4 graded copies available at this link.  

ComicConnect has only one copy of this key issue comic - a CGC 9.6 for the pretty good price of $245. Still worth checking out at this link right here if ya want. 

(1st Appearance of Black Cat)

(2nd Appearance of Black Cat)

34. Amazing Spider-Man #238
(1st Appearance of The Hobgoblin)

35. Amazing Spider-Man #252 
(1st black suit in regular series)

Amazing Spider-Man 252 cover. 1st Appearance of black costume

Another highly desired and sought out issue to own is Amazing Spider-Man #252, which Spidey changes his look to a much, much cooler looking black costume. 

This issue would start a story arc that would become well loved by Spidey fans, as the black suit would later be revealed as an alien symbiote. And we all know who that symbiote ends up becoming!

Where are some places to look for this key Spider-Man issue? has various copies at various grades available. The highest being a CGC 9.8. has two CGC graded copies. Highest is a CGC 9.6. 

ComicLink has various copies. Many are CGC graded and the highest are 9.9 CGC graded. Wow! 

 36. Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8
(Black Costume Explained as Alien Symbiote)

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 cover

This comic is often confused with the 1st appearance of Spidey in his black costume. In fact, this issue reveals that his new black costume is the alien symbiote that would later become Venom.

Nevertheless, it's an important Spider-Man key issue to have and still pretty cheap in near mint grades. A 9.2 is guided at $40. I recommend at least a 9.6 or higher.

This comic may be in most collector's want lists, but it is a comic that falls at the end of the bronze age and near the beginning of the copper age. So it's not that old and there are quite a few high grades of this issue. 

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