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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NewKadia's 12th Anniversary Sale! Save Up to 30% On Comics! Ends Feb. 28

If there was ever a time to buy comic books, now is the time. Many silver age and bronze age common issues are going well under guide. If you're comic run collector, last year and this year will be the perfect time to fill in those gaps within your comic collection.

As always, Newkadia is providing great discounts, and they're celebrating their 12th Anniversary with big savings. Here's the scoop folks:

Save 20%   Orders $19 to $58
Save 25%
   Orders $59 to $299

Save 30 %  Orders $299 or more 

Looking to get that great deal on a silver age key issue? NewKadia has thousands of comics in stock that range from golden to silver to bronze, copper and modern age comic books.

Also, check out their best buys - issues section on the right hand side under the POPULARITY heading. You'll find a great selection of silver, bronze, and modern age comics that are already reduced in price up to 54% off guide.

Spend over $59 and you'll get an extra 20% discount! That means more savings and more comics for your collection or for comic investments! Remember, however, you must use the discount code below when you check out or you won't get your extra discount:


Here's some of the silver age and bronze age comic investing goodies that are in the best buys - issues section:

  1. X-Men (1963) #84
  2. X-Men (1963) #87
  3. Justice League of America (1960) #16
  4. Justice League of America (1960) #17
  5. Batman Annual #5 (1940)
  6. Superman #182 (1939)
  7. Showcase #36 (1956)
And so much, much more! Head on over to NewKadia and save big. Don't forget to use the code below at check out:


This Sale Ends Feb. 28!

Remember, you found it out here at Total Comic Mayhem! Follow me or bookmark my blog for even more updates on fantastic savings as well as advice on comic investing and collecting.

Happy Collecting!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Comic Investing! The Best Silver Age and Bronze Age List of Green Lantern Comics to Invest In!

And here we go! I'm expanding on my best list of Green Lantern comics to invest in, and I'm going to include some bronze age comics instead of just silver age. How about that? This is comic investing 101 with DC Comic's most famous emerald space cop.

Why am I advising Green Lantern books? Three words: Justice League Movie! Here's the list of Green Lantern investment comics to consider.

Green Lantern Vol 2

Issues #1-10
I highly suggest trying to get all early issues 1-10 from the second volume of Green Lantern. Some are still quite affordable in very good and mid grade copies, and quite a few are still easy to find. Exceptions are #1 and #7, which will take some hunting to find. 

Issue #5 - First Hector Hammond and origin of. Mycomicshop has a PGX graded 8.0 of this comic at the time of this writing. Visit the link to get a high grade first appearance of Hector Hammond.

Issue #7 is the 1st appearance of Sinestro and is an absolute must. Demand for this book because of news for the sequel is already strong enough that all grades of this issue are going above Overstreet Guide, even on EBAY! If you can't get it cheap on ebay that means demand is quite high. 
I believe the first appearance of Sinestro will only get worse in demand as more news of the sequel is leaked. Buy now and get it cheaper than later, or completely miss out on this investment comic. has this comic on consignment, and it's a CGC graded 6.5. Just visit the link to check out Green Lantern #7.
Issue #9  is the last 10 cent issue and 1st appearance of the Jordan brothers.

Issue #13
Can we say Flash cross over? 1st cross over issue for this G.L series, and it happens to be with the Scarlet Speedster. Classic Green Lantern issue to own. At the time of this writing NewKadia has a Green Lantern #13 at a low GD (good). Click the link to check it out and grab your copy before it's gone.

Issue #14 first appearance and origin of Sonar.

Issue #16 first appearance and origin of Silver Age Star Sapphire.

Issue #40
Do I even need to state why this is a good investment comic choice? Issue 40 is the origin of the famed Infinite Earths as well as the secret origin of the Guardians, as well as Hal Jordan meeting the first Green Lantern Alan Scott!

There will be a hunt for this issue, and it's a tad expensive in very good as well as mid grade copies, but this issue is well worth owning as a comic book investment. A 9.2 copy is already worth $1,150, and will no doubt continue to rise.

Mycomicshop has a bunch of copies of Green Lantern #40 for sale. One is on auction, one is consignment, four in there regular stock and one PGX 4.5 (very good) graded copy. Click the link to take a gander, and don't let this investment comic book slip by before it gets way too expensive!
Issue #59
The first appearance of everybody's favorite, hot head, G.L. member Guy Gardner. Right now, Guy's first appearance is quite affordable, but this won't last long. Guy Gardner has become an integral and popular character in the Green Lantern universe. It won't be long until his first appearance will take a big jump in value for sure.

Issue #76
There are so many reasons to pick up this bronze age beauty if you're serious about comic investing. Issue number 76 of the second Green Lantern series is the first issue with legendary comic artist Neal Adams. That's just one huge reason.

The second reason is that it's the first issue that begins the Green Lantern/Green Arrow series that was hugely popular at the time. It's one of the most regarded series run by Green Lantern comic fans. 

Issue #85 is the very first DC Comic out of the entire DCU that brings up the social issue of drugs. This is a milestone issue in which Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy is a heroin addict.

Issue #87 is the 2nd appearance of Guy Gardner and first appearance of John Stewart - the third Green Lantern! A must have key issue!

There it is! My expanded best list of Green Lantern comics to invest in. If you're looking to fill in gaps to your Green Lantern collection, be sure to visit both and NewKadia as they have quite a bit of common back issues from both the silver age and bronze age. 
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

DC Comics Upcoming Movies 2012 & 2013!

Unlike Marvel Studios, DC has been relatively and amazingly slow at getting their characters on screen. In 2012, there are three Marvel movies to DC's one. However, the only DC movie that's confirmed and slated to come out is a huge one nonetheless. Here are the DC Comics upcoming movies for 2012 and 2013.

No doubt that many are anticipating this finale to Chris Nolan's Batman movie series, and since Nolan has already done an amazing job with his rebooted Batman movies, we're all expecting The Dark Knight Rises to finish out the series strong.

With the unbelievable job done on The Dark Knight, I'm a bit skeptical about this last one. Don't get wrong here. I think it will be great, but I also believe it will not be phenomenal like it's predecessor. The Dark Knight is like Gun's N' Roses Appetite for Destruction, and I'm seriously hoping that The Dark Knight Rises won't be like the Use Your Illusion albums.

I'm also worried about the new Batman movie slated for this summer mainly because of Catwoman. Jeez, please let her character be written well. So far, I haven't been impressed with any of the Catwoman versions in movieland, with the exception of Lee Merriwether. Note: I didn't say T.V. series. I said "movieland."

Another thing that's strikingly odd is Anne Hathaway slipping into the role, and if I'm going by pure looks alone, she doesn't look much like a Selena Kyle to me. Sure, she's cute, but she's not oozing with sex appeal like I believe Catwoman needs to be. There are so many other actresses who look the part. One that comes to mind is Mila Kunis.

DC Comics Upcoming Movies 2013


Nolan's reboot ends the year prior while Zack Snyder's Superman reboot The Man of Steel begins. With Henry Cavil filling in huge shoes to play the new Man of Steel and with promises that this new Supes reboot will be darker, it's going to be interesting to see what they do with the Man of Steel.

The main villain will be General Zod, played by Michael Shannon. However, Zod's wife Faora will also be part of the mayhem. Played by the beautiful Antje Traue, the character of Faora was the inspiration for the  character of Ursa in the very first Superman movies I and II.

We shall see what these Kryptonian warriors have in store for our new Superman, and I'm actually quite interested in seeing this new Superman reboot coming out in the summer of 2013.

Well, there you have it. Those are the confirmed DC Comics upcoming movies of 2012 and 2013. Green Lantern 2 may arrive late 2013, but it has not been confirmed. I'm betting Green Lantern 2 will hit theaters in 2014.

Are you wondering what Marvel has in store for you this year at the box office? Be sure to click the link to find out the Marvel Comic Movies Coming Soon.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Suit! Will She Stack Up To The Previous Catwoman Darlings?

So now we have confirmed pictures of Anne Hathaway and just what her Catwoman suit will look like. Yes, she will don the famous Catwoman ears as many comic fans have speculated.

As you know, I've always said that Warner Bros. and DC Comics have yet to give me a satisfying portrayal of one my favorite Batman villains and, perhaps, the sexiest female comic book superheroes of all time. That may be a shock considering many famous and iconic actresses have stepped into the Catwoman role.

It should be noted that I mean they've yet to capture a decent Catwoman in the movies, with the exception of Lee Meriwether in her performance in the 1966 Batman Movie. She was absolutely sexy, as was the original Catwoman Julie Newmar and the third season's Catwoman, Eartha Kitt. Rarrrrrrrrrrrr!

Yep, those are my favorites so far, out-beating Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry's portrayals of Catwoman. Not to say that neither were sexy. Both were extremely sexy. However, I'm talking about being Cat-sexy and portraying the character in a fashion that's somewhat true to the comic book but not hokey or campy either.

Will Anne Hathaway capture the sexy and sultry "Bad Girl" but not "Psycho" like Pfeiffer's portrayal of Catwoman? I don't know I'm  in doubts here, but take a look at Anne Hathaway's Catwoman suit and make up your own mind.
As for her being a decent Catwoman? We'll just have to see after the Dark Knight Rises hits theaters!

Visit the link and vote on who you think the sexiest Catwoman from the past was of all time! So far Michelle Pfeiffer is in the lead.