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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Who Could Play Wonder Woman! Actresses Who Look The Part!

DC Comics Wonder Woman

The topic of who could play Wonder Woman has been long debated over since word that a Wonder Woman movie could be happening. Now, with the Justice League movie confirmed for a 2015 summer release, the choices of which actresses could play Wonder Woman is still a hot discussion.

Personally, Wonder Woman is my all-time favorite DC female comic book superhero. Actually, she's probably my favorite female comic superhero of all time period. Yes, I personally thank Lynda Carter for that, as the Wonder Woman T.V. series was my first introduction to the character. 

But, I'm not going to base my top choices on the criteria that other fans have place on the role. At least, not in this post.

My first choices are just the actresses whom I think looks like the comic character. Just for the sake of fun. 

Then in part 2 my choices will be the top contenders of who are more realistic for the character on the big screen.

So here we go, and let's start off with the actresses who just look like the wonderful comic book heroine, Wonder Woman.

Emily Deschanel
Emily Deschanel sexy picture

Yes, Emily Deschanel from the hit T.V. series Bones absolutely looks like she could play the Amazonian Princess. If she died her locks darker, she would almost be a perfect match. Yes, I've had a thing for her to play Wonder Woman ever since she dressed up as Wonder Woman for a Halloween episode in Bones

And, of course, I'd have a picture for you to check out Emily Deschanel as Wonder Woman... talk about every male comic geek's dream come true.

Emily Deschanel as Wonder Woman in the Halloween episode of Bones
Yes, she looked damn good in the costume as you can see from the pic above.

However, Emily Deschanel as Wonder Woman in a feature film? Probably won't work, but she does resemble the famed comic character.

[You can see more pics of Emily Deschanel as Wonder Woman by clicking the link.]

Zoey Deschanel
Gorgeous Zoey Deschanel
Yes, it seems to run in the genes. Little sister Zoey Deschanel has one up on her older sister. Zoey is actually the picture perfect image of someone who looks like Wonder Woman from the silver and golden age of comics. No fussing with hair dye, she's got the natural look down cold.

Zoey Deschanel looks like silver age Wonder Woman
However, she's mainly done romantic comedies and dramas such as 500 Days of Summer and Our Idiot Brother, so there's no telling if she could pull off an intense action flick. Actually, she just might not even have any interest in playing Wonder Woman, but I do think she would look great as the character.

Robin Tunney
Robin Tunney image

I swear that Robin Tunney from T.V. series The Mentalist could be related to the Deschanel sisters. Tunney also has that Wonder Woman look down. Maybe not as much as Zoey, but enough that she could pass with flying colors.
She is no stranger to action flicks as she co-starred with Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger in the 1999 film End of Days. The only thing that keeps her a realistic possibility for the role of Wonder Woman is her age. She is 40, and I'm thinking that WB/DC Comics is going for younger actors and actresses. Actually, just like the above actresses and Megan Foxx, Robin Tunney may not even be interested in the role.

Carla Gugino
Sexy Carla Gugino and her as Silk Spectre I

Okay, she may be the oldest one of the group at 41 years old, but there's no doubt that Carla Gugino looks like the character and is still smoking hot. To be honest, I think she's more smoking hot than the top contenders for the role I chose in Part 2 (which you find the link to at the bottom) of this article series.

Yep, I have a soft spot for Carla Gugino. Ever since I saw her in Sin City and Watchmen, I always thought she'd be great for the iconic role of Wonder Woman on the big screen. She's no stranger to comic book films, and she can act.  

Those are the actresses of today whom I think look the most like the iconic female comic character, Wonder Woman. Yes, they could pass with flying colors for the more vintage looking Wonder Woman, which is no slight against them at all.

I actually prefer the vintage Wonder Woman look and think it's a lot more sexier than the character's look today (where are the hips and wonderful curves by the way). But now it's off to see the top contenders who could play a more realistic and modern-day Wonder Woman.

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