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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Key Issue Alert - DC Comics Justice League of America #1

It's apparent that many of the DC Comic silver age books have not really caught up to the values of Marvel Comics. Many Marvel silver age key issues are more in demand.

However, that doesn't mean a smart comic investing junkie should ignore DC's silver age keys. Actually, smart ones have been seeking them out.

Not to mention that this key issue comic is on the hot burner now since DC did confirm that a Justice League movie was set to go up against the Avengers 2 at the box office in 2015.

Yes, you read that right! Those at Warner Bros./DC Comics are finally getting off their butts after the huge success of the first Avengers movie. It's about time!

[you can read more about the Justice League movie news by clicking the wonderful blue link] 

Silver Age DC Comics Justice League of America #1 For Sale. Click here to buy this key issue comic book!

If you already know that this a must-have key issue silver age comic to own, then just click on the image or this link right here to grab a copy of this bad boy! 

However, if you need some convincing on why this issue is one of the best comics to invest in, just read more below for some fun facts.
So why make an investment in silver age DC Comic's The Justice League of America #1? I'll give you a few reasons:
1. Did you know that DC Comics revived the superhero genre in comic books? That's right they did.

After World War II, superhero comics weren't selling well. Both DC and Marvel starting putting out comics that weren't superhero in nature.

That was until DC Comics revamped their arsenal of superheroes with the exceptions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. 

Then DC put out Justice League of America #1 comic book with a script by Gardner Fox, pencils by Mike Sekowsky, and inks by Bernard Sachs.

The comic became a hit! If that's any surprise. The art by Mike Sekowsky and Bernard Sachs is truly amazing. I love looking at the artwork.
In fact, after DC's success in their superhero revival, Martin Goodman, publisher of Marvel told Stan Lee to come up with a superhero group to rival DC Comics Justice League of America. The result was the Fantastic Four!

Let's compare the Fantastic Four #1 value with the Justice League of America #1 value from the silver age here:


9.2 (low near mint): $16,000
8.0 (Very Fine): $4,400
6.0 (FINE): $1,200
4.0 (Very Good): $800
2.0 (Good): $400  


9.2 (low near mint): $90,000
8.0 (Very Fine): $26,000
6.0 (FINE): $6,000
4.0 (Very Good): $4,000
2.0 (Good): $2,000 

Jeez, it's startling! But, it's great because I'm predicting that the new Justice League movie will put this silver age key issue into high demand. And rightly so!

So that's my 3rd reason! DC key issues are still a lot lower in price than most Marvel key comic issues.

If you want to increase the value of your comic collection, this silver age key is an absolute must-have. DC silver age key issue comics are still pretty low, but that won't last long.

Grab your copy before the value explodes on this key issue, just visit this blue link to snag one of them before it's too late!  

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