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Sunday, December 2, 2012

HIGH GRADE ALERT! VF+ Hulk 181 for Sale - First Appearance of Wolverine!

UPDATE: This auction has ended with the final bidding price of $1,300 smack-a-roos! However, even more high grade CGC copies of Hulk 181 have been found. Just click the comic image above to be magically transported there. One of the copies includes a whopping CGC 9.8 graded first appearance of Wolverine and two CGC 9.6's. Wowza!

That's right, folks! If you've been on the hunt for a high grade Incredible Hulk #181 for sale, you're in luck, my friend. has this highly sought out key issue and one of the best comics to buy and invest in up for auction that started yesterday Dec 1st! The issue is in VF+ condition!

As us comic investing geeks know, an Incredible Hulk 181 isn't an easy catch to find in higher grades. A high grade Hulk 181 for sale is pretty few and far in-between.

After all it is one of the best comics to invest in! Of all time!

With awesome art by legendary comic book artist Herbe Trimpe, this issue features the very first appearance of Wolverine. Well, the first full appearance of Wolverine.

Not to mention that this battle has become one of the most classic rivalries and battles for Incredible Hulk fans. The top battles are still between the Hulk and The Thing.

Anyways, stop wasting time! Head on over to and be sure to watch this auction. You may be able to get this high grade Incredible Hulk 181 for a really good deal!

Just click the links and the cover image to be transported there. Oh, and by the way, the image of the comic book on this post isn't the actual comic image.

Mycomicshop has actual scans of the book. Just visit the link to check em out, and if you're looking to add this amazing comic investment to your comic collection, here's your chance! Don't miss out!

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