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Monday, December 10, 2012

HIGH GRADE ALERT! CGC 9.4 Amazing Spider-Man #13 Located!

 That's right high grade comic collectors! Another very beautiful CGC 9.4 high grade Amazing Spider-Man comic book from the silver age has been located. This time it's the key comic book issue:

Click to find out where to buy a high grade CGC 9.4 Amazing Spider-Man for sale. Very First Appearance of Mysterio!
Yep, you guessed it right! It's the very first appearance of Mysterio. You can click the image or the upcoming link to snag this CGC 9.4 high grade copy of Amazing Spider-Man #13. Just scroll down till you see the issue.

The name says it all, and this has to be one of Spidey's more stranger and weirder villains. This master of illusions and hypnotism is IGN's 85th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.

Not bad for a Hollywood special effects wizard and former stuntman, Quentin Beck, who decided to turn criminal. His character was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Beck is also an amateur chemists and uses several gases to drug, or inhibit his opponent. These gases are released from his suit, as well as clouds of smoke to conceal him.

Mysterio is also an original member of the famed Sinister Six. The super villain group was formed by Doctor Octopus and consisted of original members: The Vulture, Electro, Doctor Octopus, Kraven The Hunter, and The Sandman.

So as you can see, Mysterio has a lot on his resume, and his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #13 is an important Spider-Man key issue comic to own.

So if you're a high grade key issue comic book hunter. Just visit the link to grab this beautiful high grade key issue and add it to your comic collecting investment today!

Especially since Spidey comics are on the hot burner now because of the rebooted Amazing Spider-Man franchise! A sequel and release date has already been confirmed.

The villain for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 sequel has already been confirmed as well. You can click the link to find out which Spider-Man villain will hit the big screen and who will be playing the role!

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