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Monday, December 3, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man Sequel Villain Confirmed!

Electro image
Who says that speculation doesn't pay off? As soon as many comic fans saw Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man reboot with Andrew Garfield, many speculated that Electro would be the next villain in The Amazing Spider-Man sequel due to the film's end credit scene.

Well, now it seems that Electro has been confirmed as one of the main villains for the upcoming sequel. Who is to play one of Spidey's most classic villains?

It could be Jamie Foxx, as he is in talks to play the super villain Maxwell Dillion (Electro) who gains the ability to control electricity. I know what some are thinking. Jamie Foxx, really?
Jamie Foxx will play Electro in the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 sequel in 2014
While a few comic fans were in an uproar about Samuel L. Jackson playing Nick Fury, I should make it clear that the Nick Fury in the Marvel Ultimate Universe of comics was actually modeled off of Samuel L. Jackson.
Ultimate Nick Fury
Still a few were pissed off that a character that is known as being white (the original Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD) was being played by a black guy. The same uproar was made with Thor's Heimdall, played by Idris Elba, and Hogun the Grim being played by Asian actor - Tadanobu Asano

I can already hear the clicking of keys typing away madly as a few comic fans out there already voicing disapproval about another beloved white Marvel character being miscast by color and race. Oh, well!

Now if we're talking about the original Max Dillion, it's pretty apparent he's a white guy. However, I think that The Amazing Spider-Man sequel villain will most likely be based off of Ultimate Electro more than the original series.

If that's the case, then Jamie Foxx will be amazing for the part, because he can actually look a lot like the comic character. Just check out the picture below.
Ultimate Electro picture
Not to mention Jamie Foxx is a superb character actor. His performance of legendary musician Ray Charles was absolutely stunning! 

As for being the "right color," to play the part, I could care less. I think it's cool that one of Spidey's most classic of villains is finally getting the spotlight on the silver screen.

It's about time, right? Not to mention that news of The Amazing Spider-man sequel villain finally being confirmed has put Electro's first appearance in high demand. That's always a good thing for comic collectors!

Andrew Garfield and director Marc Webb are already committed to the sequel, which is great since I think Andrew Garfield was a more convincing Peter Parker than Tobey Maguire. I also happen to like the reboot better than the original movie series.

I know! That's debatable and rightly so!

But the great news doesn't stop there as well. It's also confirmed that Mary Jane Watson will be making an appearance in the sequel as well.

The iconic love interest of Peter Parker will be played by the lovely Shailene Woodley in the sequel. The very wonderful Emma Stone will return as Gwen Stacy.
Shailene Woodley
I am excited about this sequel! I think Jamie Foxx will do an "amazing" job as Electro. I just hope they don't try to lump in another super villain like they did with Spider-Man 3.

I know that would be great on the comic investment front, as another villain in the next sequel would most likely drive up the demand for that first appearance as well. However, I'm expecting those at Sony to learn from past mistakes!

Anywho, you've been warned. The Amazing Spider-Man sequel swings into theaters May 2, 2014. That should give you plenty of time to grab these key issue comics.

Looking for key issue Spider-Man comics? Visit the link to see Total Comic Mayhem's list of important Spider-Man comic key issues to own.   


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