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Friday, November 30, 2012

Buy Green Lantern #1 - Key Issue Comic Book Alert!

Green Lantern and DC Comic book fans, if you're on the hunt for key issue comic books starring the Emerald Space Cop himself, here's an alert for you.

Copies of Green Lantern #1 Vol 2 - the self titled comic series that starred Hal Jordan as the second Green Lantern and one of DC Comics most revered and loved superheroes - has been found. 

One Green Lantern #1 copy is a CGC 5.0 (Very Good/Fine). Not an easy find at all.
Another copy is PGX 3.5 and is up for auction starting tomorrow Dec 1st! But that's not all, and you don't want to miss out on these other Green Lantern comics.

Also, if you're on the hunt for a Green Lantern #2 Vol 2, a VG+ copy will also be up for auction starting tomorrow Dec 1st. Great silver age key issue comic books to invest in.
Click the links or images to buy Green Lantern #1 or just check out these silver age key issue beauties.

Oh, yes, and if you're a golden age Green Lantern comic fan, be sure to take a looksie at the PGX graded 3.5 Green Lantern #3 from the first series. Issues #7 and 12 from the golden age Green Lantern comics are also available.

Own a piece of the original Green Lantern - Alan Scott - and a piece of comic book history as well with these hard to find Green Lantern comics.
Just click the links or the image to check them out or to buy these Green Lantern silver age and golden age comic investments.     

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