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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Wolverine Villains! New Villain for Wolverine Sequel Revealed!

First look at Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine slated for release next year. As most of us comic-crazed fanatics know, The Wolverine movie will be based in part off the famous 1982 Wolverine Limited series by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.

It's already confirmed that The Silver Samurai will be a villain in this Wolverine sequel. The Silver Samurai is played by Will Yun Lee, an American actor who actually knows Martial Arts and teached Tae Kwon Do in Napa, California.

Although The Silver Samurai is more than a match to give Wolverine a claw full of problems, FOX has just confirmed that beautiful Russian actress, Svetlana Khodchenkova, who starred in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, is signed onto to join the cast of The Wolverine as a sexy villain to make us guys squirm pleasantly in our seats. Which is just fine by me!

So what Marvel female villain is this Russian hottie going to play? It's Viper, once known as Madame Hydra! The role was originally going to go to the extremely sexy, Hollywood bombshell Jessica Biel. However, plans fell through and Biel declined the role. That's too bad!

Not familiar with the Viper's character in the Marvel Universe? Don't feel bad. Here's a bit of back ground.

Even though Viper is a known enemy of the X-Men, this orphan from Hungary is more well-know as a villain for Captain America, S.H.I.E.L.D., and The Avengers. Yes, she first appeared as a leader for HYDRA, the organization that Cap often goes toe-to-toe with.

However, as Viper, in which she severed ties with HYDRA later on, this sexy female comic villain does employ The Silver Samurai in the comics. No, not to go up against Wolvie. To go up against Spider-Man, Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Nick Fury.

So, how she fits into The Wolverine is based on the comic books that saw The Viper try to assassinate Mariko Yashida, Wolvie's love interest, in the Marvel Comics Universe. It should be noted that Viper and The Silver Samurai are presumed lovers, and Mariko is his half-sister.

The connection between Viper and The Silver Samurai, as well as her connections to The Hand, is why the Viper will be helping to antagonize our favorite bezerker mutie. Director James Mangold promises some pretty awesome battles of Samurai steel against Adamantium claws.

For about a year, I've been telling folks to get the 1982 Wolverine Limited Series by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont. The 2nd issue of the series marks the first appearance of Mariko Yashida. Click the link to discover even more Wolverine key issue comics.

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