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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thanos Confirmed For Both Guardians of The Galaxy & Avengers 2!

Is he or isn't he? Is Thanos or not? For the past few months people have been speculating whether Thanos was going to be the villain for Guardians of the Galaxy or Avengers 2 or both.

Well, some concrete evidence is in, and who was the one to spill the beans? None other than the cosmic king of comic books - Jim Starlin!

That's right, folks. The creator of Thanos leaked out the news at the Montreal Comic-Con.

It appears that Jim Starlin is not only the creator of Thanos, but also holds the rights to the Mad Titan. So, we can all safely know that when Starlin says there's a deal on the table for his character to not only appear in Guardians of the Galaxy but Avengers 2 as well, it's pretty much a lock!

It wasn't revealed how much the character would be a part of Guardians. He could just have an end credit role again like in the Avengers.

However, folks, our speculations have been answered and corrected. It's no longer an Avengers 2 rumor! Thanos will appear in both Guardians and Avengers 2, and that makes sense.

After all, he is closely tied with Drax the Destroyer and Adam Warlock. In fact, Adam Warlock and Thanos have shared quite a few adventures as both allies and foes in the Marvel Comics.

But fans of the character know Thanos mostly for the havoc he created with the beloved The Infinity Gauntlet comic series written by Jim Starlin and penciled by fan-favorite comic artist, Ron Lim. That series did have Earth's Mightiest Heroes play a huge role in thwarting Thanos's evil plan to "court Death" by ruling the universe.

Remember, the Infinity Gauntlet is still in Odin's Chamber with the rest of those cosmic goodies from the first Thor movie. Will Loki steal it for the Mad Titan, or will Thanos pay a visit with his bad-self and take it?

All I know is that a lot of the hype has been true, and its blowin' up the character's first appearance in comics outta this world. I've been stressing to get Thanos's first appearance since I first got whiff of rumors of him appearing in the Avengers movie.

His first appearance issue is hot and has been since. It's been the hottest and most sought after comic of this year!

Don't know what comic book Thanos first debuted in? No problem, fellow comic fans! We got you covered.

Just click the link to discover the first appearance of Thanos.

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