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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Marvel Comics To Invest In Right Now Before 2014!

Welcome to another addition of On The Hunt! In light of some confirmations from Marvel Studios at this years Comic Con in San Diego, I've got quite a list of comics to invest in that will be on the hot burner soon. A few of my choices already are hot!

So let's name off some of the prey you should really consider tracking down as soon as possible. Here are the comic investing choices that should be in your sights and why!

Tales To Astonish #27 
(First Appearance of Henry Pym!)
 That's right! Marvel Studios showed test footage of the long talked about Ant-Man movie at Comic Con this year. The film has even been slated for 2014 release, and it seems the Ant-Man will most likely tie into Avengers 2. After all, he is an original member of the Avengers.

So with Ant-Man's very own solo movie coming out in 2014 and him joining the roster in Avengers 2, it makes sense to be on the hunt for this book. This is actually the first appearance of the character Henry Pym, who later becomes Ant-Man.

Be prepared to shell out a major bucks for a high grade copy, if you can find one. It won't be easy to find low grade copies of this book. However, this Marvel key issue is well worth it and will be in demand for quite a long time. So let's see what the damage is:

Near Mint - (low near mint): $20,000
Very Fine:                                $5,500
Fine:                                         $1,950
Very Good:                              $1,300
Good:                                          $600 has a CGC graded 2.5 copy on consignment. Who knows how long this one will last there. I'm sure once the word spreads about the new Ant-Man flick and Marvel's plans for him in Avengers 2, this comic will gone like a fart in the wind.

You can click the link to check out the CGC graded copy of Tales to Astonish #27 at

Tales To Astonish #35
(First Appearance of Ant-Man!)
And here we are! The very first appearance of Ant-Man in Tales of Astonish #35. I don't really need to get into why this key issue is a prime choice to track down as a comic investment, do I?

The cover may say "Return of the Ant-Man," but this is actually the character's first appearance in costume, and the rest is comic book history! This one won't be easy to find, and you can expect to shell out some mullah. It's way less than Tales to Astonish #27, however. That's surprising!

Near Mint - (low near mint): $6,000
Very Fine:                                $1,800
Fine:                                         $642
Very Good:                              $428
Good:                                         $214
As of this writing both Newkadia and do not have this book in stock. I'm pretty sure a few copies are up for sale on ebay.

Tales To Astonish #44
(First Appearance of Wasp!)

 It's safe to assume since Ant-Man is primed to have his own featured film, it would make sense that Henry Pym's first wife - Janet Van Dyke - would be included in the spot light. Not only is Janet Van Dyke Henry Pym's wife, she's also the Wasp and founding member of the Avengers.
So, it's pretty safe to assume that her character will also be joining the Avengers team in Avengers 2, and it's pretty safe to say that the first appearance of Wasp will be a hot key issue to hunt for until 2015. 

It's always best to get these books as early as possible before both the Ant-Man movie and the Avengers sequel makes this book's value ludicrous. It could mean the difference of a few dollars to quite a few dollars as these movies near their release dates.

Near Mint - (low near mint): $1,400
Very Fine:                                $421
Fine:                                         $156
Very Good:                              $104
Good:                                          $52

Much more affordable than both the Ant-Man key issues. Looks like you'll be able to hunt this comic down easier on ebay. It will safer getting a CGC graded copy, instead of an unslabbed book, since most comic sellers on there don't know how to grade a book properly.

Fantastic Four #52
(First Appearance of The Black Panther!)
Even though it seems that a Black Panther movie has taken a backseat to Ant-Man for 2014, I have no doubt that the very first black superhero will have his due on screen soon. Whether he first appears in a cameo end credit scene or during phase 3 of Marvel Studio's cinematic line up, those at Marvel seem dead set in getting this awesome character in the movies.

It's definitely not a matter of "if," but "when." 

As if FF #52 wasn't already a highly sought out silver age key issue for comic investors and collectors, you can bet when the Panther's movie career takes off, it will be even more of a gem to snatch. 

I am truly hoping they do a solo movie, as T'Challa's story and origin is perfect for the screen. Just think of Gladiator in Africa. After all, to be the Black Panther, one has to defeat all the best warriors from the various tribes in Wakanda. Yes, action galore!

The first appearance of the Black Panther is still highly affordable at low to VF grades. Take a look at the guide values.

Near Mint - (low near mint): $1,190
Very Fine:                                $210
Fine:                                         $87
Very Good:                              $58
Good:                                          $29

Now the only problem is finding a copy. Once again, the fine folks have 3 copies available. Two will be up for auction in Oct 6th and one is in stock. Click the link to grab your copy of Fantastic Four #52 - the first appearance of Black Panther!

Captain America #117
(First Appearance of The Falcon!)

Talk about getting historical here. The Falcon is the very first African American superhero in the world of comics, and it's been announced that the Falcon will, indeed, be in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

Who's playing this iconic hero? Anthony Mackie has been confirmed. Will he be in the Avengers 2? Who knows, but probably! Even more reason to get the first appearance of the Falcon, right?

What's even better is that this comic investment is still highly affordable, but the book is hot right now and gaining momentum. So get in your sights and snare it before it becomes even harder to catch. 

Near Mint - (low near mint): $1,190
Very Fine:                                $210
Fine:                                         $87
Very Good:                              $58
Good:                                         $29

Mycomicshop has one copy in stock and two that will be ready to auction off Oct 6. Take a gander by clicking the link or the cover image above. 

Alright, so there we have it for now. This list will surely be continued as there are a lot more Marvel movie events that are prompting for certain key issues to be in high demand in the future.

So stayed tuned. Be sure to bookmark or subscribe to this blog's rss feed. Oh yes, and feel free to comment and take a look around.

If you want more of my best picks of comics to invest in, you know what to do. Just click the link and see what other key issues you need to be on the hunt for.


  1. Just got TTA #44. Around the VG territory! Yay! Love your blog. Thanks for all the wise advice!

    1. Heya Laura, good to hear from you again...I love it when you comment!

      That's awesome and congrats on the snag. You got a really, really great and important key issue. Are you thinking about getting it CGC graded?

      Thanks for reading, and I should thank you for getting me back into writing more on Total Comic Mayhem. For a while there, I wasn't even sure if anyone was reading it hahaha!

      Be sure to share Total Comic Mayhem on facebook, google+, or where ever social media sites you're on. I would really appreciate it :-)

  2. dude keep writing. there are not many good comic blogs out there.

    1. Thank you much and keep reading and sharing! I'll keep up the goodness!

  3. I wouldn't get disheartened because of any lack of comments, people still read your blog, trust me.

    1. Thank you, and I'm having a great time writing about what I really love and hopefully helping other comic collectors as well. I'm not sure why but this comment was put into the "spam" section of my control panel. I never check that section because I put the setting to accept all comments...I greatly apologize for having to approve your comment and doing it so late.

      Now, I know to check that section more often. Your comments are always appreciated and welcome.

  4. Great read...are you on Twitter? Back collecting comics after a 20 year break. Looking to start with Silver/Bronze. Limited budget so what about Black Panther #1, Daredevil #158 and Iron Fist #15?

    1. Thanks there Abriel. Unfortunately, I'm not one twitter but I do have a facebook page

      Welcome back to collecting comics. As for Iron Fist #15, I'd much rather gun for Iron Fist #14, 1st Appearance of Sabretooth. If you want to see more of my top comic picks, you can find them at the section On The Hunt at this sites top menu.

      Thanks for reading and the questions.

  5. Brand new at collecting have 1000$ to spend. Should i just pick up 1 key issue or spread it out a bit?

  6. Welcome to comic collecting, and thanks for joining the convo. I usually have a list of key issues I'm on the hunt for and what I get is really determined by my budget...what I can afford, and what kind of deal I can get for that particular comic.

    If you hunt wisely, you'll be able to get maybe one nice high grade key issues from silver and bronze if they aren't in ultra high demand.

    If you get mid grade, you'll probably be able to spread out that grand a bit more. Do take note that Near Mint golden (or highest grade for golden for a particular issue), silver and bronze graded copies go up in value a lot more and quicker than grades lower than NM.

    I always get the highest grade I can afford when it comes to silver and bronze age key issues.