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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Iron Man #55 - First Appearance of Thanos At!

Thanos is hot right now. Actually, he was hot when the Latino Review leaked the rumor that Thanos was going to be in The Avengers movie! Now, the first appearance of Thanos in Iron Man #55 is smoking, red hot!

Making a cameo in the Avengers has given comic collectors and investors every reason to believe Thanos is heading into the spotlight within Marvel's cinematic continuity. Considering that the Infinity Gauntlet was featured in Odin's Chamber in Thor, we can all assume what the Mad Titan has his sights on in order to "court Death!"

And to top it off, has a high grade CGC 9.6 Near Mint Plus Iron Man #55 for sale right now! If you've been hunting for this key issue, click the link to grab it up.

But that's not all. There's also a Near Mint Iron Man #55 at a PGX 9.4 for sale as well! Not kidding at all. Check out both these high grade, rare and beautiful key issue comics of Iron Man 55 and the first appearance of Thanos.

Why is this comic going well over guide? Well, it's a double whammy, my friend. Iron Man #55 doesn't just feature the first appearance of Thanos, it also contains the first appearance of Drax The Destroyer! Actually, there he is right on the cover.

As we all know, The Guardians of the Galaxy movie is slated for a 2014 release, and who is a member of modern version of Guardians? You guessed right - Drax The Destroyer! Oh, if you didn't know already, the Guardians of the Galaxy movie will feature the more modern line up.

Actually, has 8 copies of Iron Man #55 in stock, ranging from mid-grade to very good in case a high grade copy is too much a burden on your wallet. Wow, if you're searching for the first appearance of Thanos and Drax The Destroyer, you know where to head to!

Just click the link to head right to the page where Iron Man #55 is waiting just for you to add to your comic investing collection!

So get to it and happy hunting!

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