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Monday, September 24, 2012

HIGH GRADE ALERT! Amazing Spider-Man #1 CGC 8.5 Located!

UPDATE: This high grade issue has been sold and is no longer available! Some smart comic investor got this one pretty quick and I applaud them! Smart comic investing choice!

However, you can click the image to see other high grade CGC key issue comic books that are available for sale if you're on the hunt! Or, visit the link to see where you can get a high grade CGC 9.4 Amazing Spider-Man #13.

One of the Holy Grails of comic investing and collecting is without a doubt Amazing Spider-Man #1 from 1963. Okay, it may not be the Holy Grail of Amazing Spider-Man comics like his actual first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, but this key issue is damn close!

With art by Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, this classic is the very first issue to kick off Spidey in his own comic book series and retells his famous origin. It also introduces Jonah Jameson & The Chameleon, as well as the very first Marvel cross over ever, tying with Fantastic Four #12.

It's not an easy find, and the higher the grades the more elusive and expensive this comic is. Copies of this Marvel silver age key issue are even hard to find at mid to lower grades.

But within the Marvel Universe, Spidey is absolutely one of the most popular and well-loved. His movies have all been hits, especially the rebooted Amazing Spider-Man flick, starring Andrew Garfield. Well, prepare for two more sequels to add to the demand of Spider-Man comics.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 values at high grades continue to rise considerably, and many comic investing smarties are tracking down these copies persistently. Here are last years Amazing Spider-Man #1 value prices for all grades compared to this years:

2010 - 2011 Overstreet Guide Value:

NM - (low near mint):$54,000
VF: $15,000
FINE: $5,000
VG: $3,334
GD: $1,667

2011 - 2012 Overstreet Guide Value:

NM - (low near mint):$57,000
VF: $15,200
FINE: $5,199
VG: $3,466
GD: $1,733

 Every single grade of this awesome book has gone up, with a low Near Mint (CGC 9.2) increasing $3,000 whopping dollars in just a year! Can we say awesome?

 If you're one of these high grade key issue collectors hunting for a decent grade of this issue, you can find an Amazing Spider-Man #1 CGC graded 8.5 (Very Fine Plus) copy on sale to buy right now by clicking the links or the comic cover image.

A high grade copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1 is no easy find. Even a CGC 8.5 Very Fine Plus is an extremely rare find!

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