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Monday, September 17, 2012

Black Panther Marvel Movie Takes A Backseat To Antman Movie!

 It looks like Marvel has confirmed it's post Avengers movie line up slated for 2013 and 2014 releases. While everyone was wondering about a possible Antman or a Black Panther movie, it seemed Marvel confirmed it's decision at the San Diego Comic Con this year.

While the Black Panther is still being written by Mark Bailey, it seems an Antman teaser was shown at the Marvel panel and there has been no real new news about the upcoming Black Panther Marvel movie.

 I have no doubt that the Black Panther will, indeed, get his spotlight on the silver screen. The Latino Review has rumored many times that Marvel is serious about making The Black Panther. However, it seems that T'Challa and Wakanda may be thrown into the Marvel Studios' mix sometime during Phase 3.

Marvel's Phase 2 line up consists of Thor 2: The Dark World (11/8/13), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (4/4/14), and Guardians of the Galaxy (8/1/14). The Antman movie sees his movie debut in 2014 as well.

Director Edgar Wright was at the Marvel Panel at Comic Con and talked more about plans for the upcoming Antman movie. A script has been written, and Wright explained that Antman's costume will look close to what was depicted in the rough test footage shown at Comic Con.

Antman will start filming sometime next year. I speculate that a Black Panther movie may be thrown into the mix somewhere around 2015 before or after Avengers 2 is released in May of that year. Maybe T'Challa will make a cameo in the Avengers 2 sequel?

Now that would be cool, and I truly hope it happens. After all, the Black Panther won with flying colors in my poll in which comic fans voted on what Avengers character they'd most like to assemble in the next Avengers flick. 

You can see the results or vote for yourself by visiting the page here. 

Until then, we'll just have to see what news Marvel Studios drops or the Latino Review leaks out concerning the Black Panther being in the Avengers 2 or his own solo movie. 2015 is quite a ways from now.

For comic investing fans, however, it's not that far away. Time to get on those key issue comics before demand gets out of hand, as I always say. 

Wondering what comic books and issues Antman and the Black Panther first appeared? Click the link to find out the first appearances of these mighty Avengers, as well as where to find them if you're on the hunt!

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