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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Avengers 2 rumors! The Vision In Avengers 2?

So the latest rumors circulating in the Marvel movie realm has to do with long time Avenger, the Vision. The comic book fan favorite robot from the Avengers comics has a good chance of making his way to the silver screen.

It's already been confirmed that the Antman movie is well underway to hit the screen. A script has been written, and Marvel Studios and director Edgar Wright showed test footage of the Antman movie at San Diego Con this year.

Also, Marvel Studios has also confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy will hit theaters in 2014, and the film will tie-in to the Avengers 2 sequel. Is it possible that the founding member of the Avengers, Antman, may be heading to join his team mates in Avengers 2? Possibly!

So what does this have to do with the Vision? Well, to clarify things the Vision is a "synthezoid" created by Ultron. The Visions original mission was to get revenge on Henry Pym, otherwise known as the famous original Avenger - Antman!

To top it off, the Vision has also appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy comics. Could he make a cameo in that flick's end credits?

Even more Avengers 2 rumors and speculation by fans has spawned the rumor that the Vision could be S.H.I.E.L.D's very own Agent Phil Coulson played by Clark Gregg. In the Avengers movie, Coulson is killed by Loki, and many were upset by this as his character was a fan favorite.

However, Agent Coulson's personality could be uploaded in the Vision's brain if certain liberties are taken concerning the source material. Actually, a lot of liberties.

The Vision would have to be a creation of S.H.I.E.L.D instead of Ultron for the movie, and if Marvel Studios goes that route, it doesn't make sense to make the Vision carry out his true origin of villainy against Henry Pym in the Antman movie.

It's widely rumored that Vin Diesel is extremely interested in playing the Vision, and I think he would be great for the role. It would be his best role, for I really don't care about the movies he's done so far. 

Click the link to discover what comic book and issue boasts  the first appearance of Vision.

It would make more sense that the other original Avenger member - The Wasp - will make her on screen debut in the Antman movie. Actually, it's logical to assume she will. After all, she was Henry Pym's wife in the comics.

I would put more money on the Wasp making her way to the Avengers than the Vision, but who knows? Maybe the rumors of Agent Coulson coming back as the Vision is possible. After all, it wont be the first time Marvel Studios has messed with a character's origin.

In a comic investing sense, getting the first appearance of Janet Van Dyke - The Wasp - is a guaranteed best bet over the Vision. At least, for now! Oh yes, and, of course, the first appearance of Henry Pym as the Antman.

Click the link above to find out what comics and issues these characters make their first appearances in!

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