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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NewKadia's 12th Anniversary Sale! Save Up to 30% On Comics! Ends Feb. 28

If there was ever a time to buy comic books, now is the time. Many silver age and bronze age common issues are going well under guide. If you're comic run collector, last year and this year will be the perfect time to fill in those gaps within your comic collection.

As always, Newkadia is providing great discounts, and they're celebrating their 12th Anniversary with big savings. Here's the scoop folks:

Save 20%   Orders $19 to $58
Save 25%
   Orders $59 to $299

Save 30 %  Orders $299 or more 

Looking to get that great deal on a silver age key issue? NewKadia has thousands of comics in stock that range from golden to silver to bronze, copper and modern age comic books.

Also, check out their best buys - issues section on the right hand side under the POPULARITY heading. You'll find a great selection of silver, bronze, and modern age comics that are already reduced in price up to 54% off guide.

Spend over $59 and you'll get an extra 20% discount! That means more savings and more comics for your collection or for comic investments! Remember, however, you must use the discount code below when you check out or you won't get your extra discount:


Here's some of the silver age and bronze age comic investing goodies that are in the best buys - issues section:

  1. X-Men (1963) #84
  2. X-Men (1963) #87
  3. Justice League of America (1960) #16
  4. Justice League of America (1960) #17
  5. Batman Annual #5 (1940)
  6. Superman #182 (1939)
  7. Showcase #36 (1956)
And so much, much more! Head on over to NewKadia and save big. Don't forget to use the code below at check out:


This Sale Ends Feb. 28!

Remember, you found it out here at Total Comic Mayhem! Follow me or bookmark my blog for even more updates on fantastic savings as well as advice on comic investing and collecting.

Happy Collecting!


  1. Hi! You haven't written anything in a while. I miss your articles!

    1. Hi Laura, sorry, I've taken a bit of a hiatus, but I promise I'll start writing more articles soon. Thanks for reading and the support!

  2. Hi. I just found your blog this past Friday. I must say, I spent the weekend reading all your posts! Lots of great information! I hope you have more posts coming up! Thanks!

    1. Hey there Disneyphemera, thanks and I'm glad you found my posts about comics and comic investing helpful. Stay tuned as I'll be sure to be writing more.