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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Which Super Power Would You Want?

I've been asking this question for a long time...indiscriminately to comic fans and non-comic fans. The answer I get are pretty standard, and I'm surprised at the most popular answer I usually get from people.

However, my little fun research has it's limits. Usually because I'm confined to asking people in my general area. The internet changes that problem.

So I devised a hubpage called, "The Ultimate List Of Super Hero Powers! Which Super Power Would You Want?" to find out what really is the most popular super power that most people from all over and all walks of life would want to have. Just one, though!

On this page I already have a list of super hero powers that I gathered from asking various people I come across...these are the most popular answers I get. However, you can vote on which super power you'd want to have, and each week, I will add the most popular super power that people voted for to that list.

Sounds fun, right? Good, click the link to play the Ultimate List of Super hero powers, and let's find out which is the ultimate super power to have.

UPDATE: It still seems like time-bending is still in first place with telekinesis in 2nd place out of a mere 371 votes. C'mon now...go and vote!

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