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Friday, January 6, 2012

Thanos Comics Guide! A List of Related Thanos Comics Must Haves Part 1

The mad titan Thanos has been a favored villain/character/anti hero to many comic fans who love the cosmic genre in comic books. Actually, he is one of the most popular cosmic characters to have ever been created.

It's true that many comic fans are wondering if, indeed, Thanos will be making a cameo appearance in the highly anticipated and upcoming Avengers movie, since the cosmic cube was introduced in 2011's Captain America movie.

Whether or not Thanos does get a silver screen or not, it's time I relinquished the best Thanos comics must haves for any lover of Marvel Comics cosmic genre. So here they are comic book fans:

Iron Man #55 Vol 1 (First Appearance of Thanos)
If you're a fan of Thanos, how could you pass up his very first appearance in Iron Man #55? Yes, Thanos made his stellar debut during the bronze age of comics and in Iron Man of all comics. Yeah, it seems weird to me also, but creator Jim Starlin was offered to do an Iron Man issue by editor Roy Thomas, and the character got his spotlight!

Good thing also. This character has caused mucho intergalactic mayhem in the Marvel universe, and we're all happy he did. A lot of amazing stories were written and enjoyed because of it.

Iron Man #55 is the ultimate must-have of the Thanos comics to own. It's not an easy find either, but the fine folks at has quite a few of these in stock, including a PGX 9.4 graded copy. If you're looking for a high grade copy of this book, click the link to finally add Iron Man #55 to your collection.

Captain Marvel Vol 1 #25-33

The first appearance of Thanos in Iron man #55 was part of an extended storyline that crossed over into the Captain Marvel comic book series of issues #25 through 33. 

Daredevil #107 Vol 1
Daredevil gets a taste of Thanos as the story crosses over from Captain Marvel #33 to Daredevil #107. Another bronze age early Thanos comic appearance.

The Avengers #125 Vol 1
The cross over story line ends with The Avengers #125. In this issue, The Avengers have an all out space battle with Thanos, who sends his space fleets to destroy earth, of course. Would we expect any less of Thanos?

Strange Tales Vol 2 178-181
Thanos re-appears for another extended story line in Strange Tales Vol 2. 1973 series issues #178 through 181. This issue #178 retells Adam Warlock's origin, and is a bronze age key issue. These Strange Tales issues are definite Thanos comics to get if you're a fan of the Mad Titan. They mark his future unstable alliances and connection with Adam Warlock.

Warlock #9-11 Vol 1
The second cross over Thanos story line beginning in Strange Tales Vol 2 issues #178 through 181 find there way to Warlock #9-11. 

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  1. U forgot to mention the captain marvel #33.thanos origin issue!!

  2. Oh u did mention captain marvel 33..I think it deserved a little more recognition as it is his origin issue..not to mention a great story and a a we some cover..thanks