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Friday, January 6, 2012

Part 2 of The Thanos Comics Guide! A List of Related Thanos Comics Must Haves!

Welcome to part 2 of the Thanos Comics Guide: A list of Related Thanos Comics Must-Haves! So let's see, we ended with the Warlock series in the first post, but that second story line doesn't end there. It crosses over into a few a more comic titles such as Marvel Team Up #55. However, he doesn't make an appearance in that comic issue. So when does he reappear again?

Well, let's find out what these Thanos comics are, shall we?

The Avengers Annual #7 Vol 1

After teaming up with Adam Warlock to defeat Magus in his Warlock appearances, Thanos once again reappears to kill Adam Warlock, steal the soul gems, and destroy the universe. Once again our favorite Mad Titan causing galactic chaos starting with this issue.

Marvel Two In One Annual #2 (1977)

The Thing and Spidey join in on the fight against Thanos in this issue that ends the 2nd cross over story line for Thanos for a short time. Yes, Thanos never knows when to quit.

Logan's Run #6 Vol 1 (1977)

Thanos has a short back up story at the end up Logan's Run #6. Although short and sweet, this comic issue is sought out by many Thanos fans.

Silver Surfer #34-50, 55-57, 59 Vol 3
After the events of the 2nd story line involving Thanos, Jim Starlin makes good use of Thanos in the 3rd series of Silver Surfer, and this new story line starting with this Silver Surfer issue is the culmination of the events ending in the Marvel Two In One Annual #2 issue. Thanos has reoccurring roles in this new story line from issue #34 all the way to issue #50 in this Silver Surfer Series.

Thanos also appears in Silver Surfer issues #55-57 and issue #59. Issue #59 is a great all-out battle between the Surfer and Thanos. Truly an amazing issue to read and own. Artwork is by Ron of my favorites...and one of the best to ever draw the Silver Surfer.

The Thanos Quest 1-2 (1990)

This is a limited series that was told within two books. In this very short series, Death gives Thanos permission to get the Infinity Gems, and thus Thanos hunts down those who have possession of them. This series is the precursor to the Infinity Gauntlet cross over series.

The Infinity Gauntlet #1-6 Vol 1 (1991)

This is one of the most beloved limited series crossovers for many cosmic comic book fans that deals with Thanos and the Marvel Universe. Written by Starlin and drawn by Ron Lim. This is a must have series for Thanos fans, and the whole limited series is not hard to find.

Warlock & The Infinity Watch (1992 Series) #1-42

Thanos has recurring roles throughout the Warlock & The Infinity Watch comic book series, starting with issue #1.

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