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Friday, January 6, 2012

More of The Top Investment Comics of 2012! Comic Investing Advice Part 2

This is the second part to my hubpage article The Top Investment Comics of 2012 and Why Part One! Comic Investing Advice. If you've yet to read that you can click the link to read part one of The Top Investment Comics of 2012.

So let's get on with this list and let's find out which comic books will make a good comic book investment choice and why:

Journey into Mystery #85 Vol 1 
1st Marvel Appearance of Loki
Another Marvel silver age key issue that's going well over guide right now. The fact that Loki was in the Thor movie and will be in the Avengers movie has pushed this comic book into high gear demand. Will he be in the Thor sequel? Come on, now! I think we both know the answer to that.

This comic at higher or mid grades are going a wee bit over guide if they are CGC'd. Unslabbed books are going under guide on ebay...that's if you trust the grade the seller has on the which I usually don', of course, I wouldn't pay near guide prices for this book on ebay.

However, this book is a comic investment choice that will be a good one if you plan on holding onto it for a while. I wouldn't go any lower than a VG on this one.

Tales of Suspense #52 Vol 1 
1st Appearance of the Black Widow
I got this comic book well before Iron Man II came out. It was CGC 5.5 (low Fine), and it was worth every penny. As if the first appearance of the one of the sexiest Russian spies wasn't enough to get this key issue, the Avengers movies is good enough reason too.

Yes, I did just say Avengers movies in the plural sense. There's already talks about it, and with the Thor sequel and Captain America sequels already greenlit, you can be sure that they will start leading up to an Avengers 2. 

Tales of Suspense #52 is still quite affordable. The demand for this book hasn't risen the prices in ridiculous values over guide like Journey Into Mystery #83 (1st Appearance of Thor) or The Avengers #1 & 4, but this key is in demand. 

It's a good investment choice, and sure to jump in value pretty quickly well within the decade.
Switching gears here, and why? This is another Marvel holy grail for every collector or comic investor to own. It's hard to find and definitely not cheap whatsoever, and this comic will go nowhere but up. That's just a fact.

However, talks of rebooting the Fantastic Four movie franchise is another reason why this comic will get a quick and huge push in demand in the coming years. If you thought it was expensive now just wait till 20th Century Fox reboots the Fantastic Four films.

[UPDATE: Fox Studios has confirmed a release date for the Fantastic Four reboot in 2015. Fantastic Four #1 is now on the hot burner and in high demand. If you're looking for this holy grail key issue, click the link to find out where you can get a CGC 4.5. I doubt it will last long, so don't hesitate!

We will just have to see how the Spider-Man movie reboot does, and I'm sure the new Spidey flick will do well just on curiosity alone. So, I'm betting that the Fantastic Four reboot will do great at the box office. However, this comic book alone is a mighty Marvel silver age key issue, and no matter what, it's one of the smartest investment comics to make.

The Amazing Spider-Man #42 Vol 1
1st FULL Appearance of Mary Jane
If Spider-Man is getting a make over in Hollywood, I am suspecting that Mary Jane Watson will be making an introduction somewhere. 

Not having Mary Jane Watson, who becomes Peter Parker's leading lady, would just be wrong.

That's why I'm entering this comic as one to seriously consider as a comic investment to grab quick before further sequels push the demand for this silver age key issue. This is the comic in which Mary Jane has a full appearance, meaning you finally get to see the red head, bombshell. 

Still a highly affordable investment. Guide has this at $150.00 at a VF grade, and a mid grade Fine is at $63.00.

Click the links below to discover even more of the top silver age comic investments to pick up.

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