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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Future of Bronze Age Comic Investing! Are Bronze Age Comics In Demand?

2010 and 2011 had great years when it came to record sales of silver age comics. Also, many silver age comics saw great sales and demand for certain key issue books. However, will this last long, and what's the word about bronze age comics picking up as viable comic investing choices?

It's true that many golden age comic collectors started turning their attention to silver age comics when too many golden age comics starting becoming way too expensive for normal average collectors to invest in.

Let's face it. Most don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on one single comic book. So, now, many higher graded silver age comic book key issues are becoming out of reach for the average comic collector and investor. What is happening?

What's happening is that many are starting to focus on lower grade silver age key issue comics. This trend is starting to pick up, but also another trend is making it's way in comic investing as well.

While there are still many key issue silver age comics that are still affordable at lower grades, many are shifting their eyes on high grade key issue bronze age comic books, hoping to capitalize on the same success as those who invested in high grade silver age comics when they were still highly affordable.
 Yes, going for high grade bronze age key issues is a great idea. Many are still affordable at high grades, but there are some like The Incredible Hulk #181 1st appearance of Wolverine that's already above a thousand dollars. Would I recommend getting a high grade Hulk 181. Absolutely! It's a comic book that has been in demand for quite some time.

Besides, with the new Wolverine sequel coming hot, the first full appearance of Wolverine is even more in demand. Click to read more about The Wolverine sequel coming out in 2013.

Still, bronze age comics that are high grade key issues are super for long term investments and have the potential for more return on investment, since many are still extremely affordable. Amazing Spider-Man 129 is still a highly sought out bronze age key issue that boasts the first appearance of The Punisher!

But there are a lot of less popular comic book characters that came out in the bronze age, especially from Marvel. Iron Fist and Luke Cage just to name two.

Villains like Sabretooth also debuted during the bronze age, so there are plenty of key issue comics to hunt for in this era. However, many are starting to get really expensive at high grades as demand for these books grow stronger. 

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