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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Fun Game For Us Comic Geeks! What's the Worst Comic Book Movie Ever!

There's been a lot of great comic book movies that have come out, and a lot of really terrible ones also. Well, let's find out which is actually the worst comic movie ever made!

Once again, I made a fun little game on hubpages, in which I've listed the comic book movies that I think are just terrible disappointments. So we're starting off with my list.

However, here's where the fun kicks in.

  • You can either vote to take a movie off the list or keep it on.
  • Then comment on which comic movie you think should be on the list of worst comic book movies.
By the end of the week, the comic movies with the most saves will be taken off the list and your top suggestions will be added for another round of voting.

Join in on the fun and play the game. Click on the link to play:

The List Of the Worst Comic Book Movies Ever! The Game!

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