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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Silver Age Comic Investing! Why Silver Age Make Better Comic Book Investments!

Comic investing has been an underground secret for quite a few decades. Actually, only a few select comic collectors in the past truly knew the potential value of what a comic book investment could provide in the long-term.

With many silver age key issues breaking record sale prices in 2011 and hitting six figure digits, it's become clear that comic books are no joking matter. "Kids stuff, huh?" I proudly boast to my girlfriend often.

However, do not believe into the myths and the hype. Yes, many high grade silver age key issues have broke record sales, but the truth is that most people don't own these high grade comics, and now, probably could never afford them.

This does not damper the demand for many silver age comics. The demand is still strong, and will remain strong throughout 2012. There's no doubt that much of the demand got a huge push from all these superhero flicks that have recently bombarded the screen.

X-Men #1 Comic Cover So, other than the movies, why is there such a huge demand for silver age comic books? The silver age of comics is when the comic market hugely began to shift towards superhero comics. So many of the characters like Spider-Man, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four and a slew of others made their debuts during the silver age. Marvel made a huge impact on the world of comics during this time, though DC Comics revived the superhero genre during the silver age.

Even more so, many of the golden age superheroes from DC comics like The Flash and Green Lantern got revamped with new looks and identities during the silver age. It's these characters that most of the world's population recognize and love today.

Green Lantern #7 image
The silver age dawn of the superhero was over 50 years ago. Many who bought these comics read, re-read, and read them some more during that time period. As I've stated time and time again, only a few kept these future treasures in pristine condition.

Hell, the worst part is that most once-comic readers of that era probably grew up and considered comics, "Kids stuff." Chances are a lot of these comics were thrown out in the trash by unsuspecting parents when their kids left the nest. Ouch! It pains me to even think of that. Thousands of dollars worth of old comics just thrown away.

The fact that only a few knew the potential value of comic books and kept them adds to the rarity of silver age comics today. Sure, there are quite a few silver age comics floating around in low grade or mid grades, but the higher grades are few and far between.

Even despite the low grades of silver age comics, there are far less in existence than bronze age comics and modern age comics. Actually, the more current the comic age, the more comics are mass produced. Also another biting factor is the more recent a comic, the more high grade copies are in existence.

You can read my article why Modern Age Comics are a bad investment choice and why by clicking that beautiful blue link.

Rarity and demand makes silver age comics quite appealing in investing in comics. And another thing: Do not get freaked out by lower to mid grade copies being more plentiful than higher graded silver age comics. Right now high grade copies are the trend, but with everything, there is always a backlash.

Higher grade silver age comics will be out of reach for most collectors to afford (if many haven't already), so the lower and mid grade books will start to be more desired by us average collectors or comic investors. I highly predict the lower graded silver age comic market will start to really take off and boom and quite soon.

The trick is to know which comic book investments to make. This calls for knowing the comic book market and the current demand as well as future demands and trends. For some top picks, you can click the link to read the best Silver Age Marvel Comics to own part 1.

Comic investing can truly be worth your time if you're planning on long term investments. I've explained why I favor silver age comics in this post. If you don't or haven't considered it, it's about time you did.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Best Key Issue List of Green Lantern Comics To Get Before They're Way too Expensive

I know I've been neglecting a lot of key Silver Age and Bronze Age DC Comics. In fact there is a lot of investment potential in many DC comics that are still affordable. In light of Warner Bros. stating that they're looking towards another Green Lantern sequel.

Also, I have no doubt that a GL sequel will be green lit, as the first movie did set up the franchise for Sinestro turning....uhmmm...yellow with fear. As wrong as that just sounded, I have high hopes that the sequel will be pretty bad ass if they concentrate on the epic battle between Hal Jordan and his long time nemesis - Sinestro.

So without further ado, here's a list of Green Lantern comics to take stock in before they truly become out of reach of the average comic book collector. Just know that you've warned here at Total Comic Mayhem, so if you pass them up...well, you only have yourself to blame in the future.

Green Lantern #1 (1960 Series)

Origin retold from Showcase #22, along with the first appearance of The Guardians of the Universe. This issue marks the first self-titled series for the Silver Age Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and it is one of best comic investments concerning Green Lantern comics. 

It also happens to be expensive and quite valuable. Just a VG is close to a grand, sitting at $900 at guide. Mid to higher grades expect to shell out a lot more dough.

The last I checked a CGC 5.0 VG/FN Green Lantern #1 is available at mycomicshop. There's also a CGC 1.8 copy for sale as well.

Green Lantern #7 (1960 Series) 1st Sinestro

I'm greatly surprised that this comic isn't worth more. Green Lantern #7 holds the origin and 1st appearance of the Green Lantern Corps rival enemy - Sinestro! Guide has this comic at $144 for a mid grade Fine copy, and a Very Fine is $392.

However, a CGC copy of GL #7 at 9.2 went well over the suggested guide price of $1200 dollars on ebay, and ended with the price of $3,666.16. Also a CGC 8.0 Very Fine of this issue dropped at $871.00. Guide has a Very Fine listed at $392.00.

So it's clear that the high grade copies are going well above guide even on ebay, but what about the mid to lower? At they have three listed on consignment...all CGC graded and here are the numbers.

CGC 6.5 Fine + $600.00
CGC 5.5 Fine - $325.00
CGC 5.0 VG/Fine $289.00

Guide has this comic at $144.00 for a solid Fine. Yes, even mid grade copies are being sold well over guide value. It looks like Overstreet guide is behind the demand for this book once again, and they need to change the value for this particular issue.

Just goes to show you what can happen when you wait too long. This copy is hard to find...even on be sure to get your ass on the hunt for this one. Once again, three copies of the first appearance of Sinestro are up at NewKadia is out of stock, so is Mile High Comics. Click the link to check em' out.

Green Lantern #59 (1960 Series) 1st Appearance of Guy Gardner 

The first appearance of Guy Gardner, the hot-headed Green Lantern Corp member has started to become a tough find nowadays as well. No doubt that this character is quite popular in the Green Lantern mythos, and well, let's be honest, every universe needs one misfit, rebel to shake things up, right? You betcha, and Guy Gardner sure does that for the Green Lantern Corps.

This key issue Green Lantern comic is still pretty affordable in high grades like 8.5 and 9.0. CGC copies within those grades are falling on ebay between $220-335 bucks. Unslabbed copies in the mid grade are extremely affordable. VGs and lower are not worth your time if you're goal is comic investing for this bronze age comic.

Is this key issue comic going over guide? Well, let's have looksee. At, this issue has two consignments listed: 

mycomicshop prices for this issue:

CGC 8.0 Very Fine $160.00 (Update: SOLD)
CGC 6.0 FINE $80.00 (Update: SOLD)
Ungraded VG $40.00
Ungraded Fine: $51.55

UPDATE (10/5/2013): One VF+ copy for sale at NewKadia! Click the link to check it out!

Now let's see what Overstreet has these comics guided for:

VG - $32.00
FINE - $48.00
Very Fine - $114.00

So as you can see, this issue is going for above guide. Not extremely well above guide like Green Lantern #7 is going for. This comic is still highly affordable. However, be wary of the unslabbed comics, ebay sellers are notorious for selling books that are highly over-graded.

Sure, you may get a comic there cheaper, but you will most likely be getting a copy that's really a few grades lower than what you're actually paying for. The CGC books at are a better bet, investment wise. I want to know exactly the grade I'm paying for. Not pay for a book that's advertised as FINE and get a low VG. Arghh I hate that!

Green Lantern #76 (1960 Series) Green Lantern/Green Arrow team Up Begins. Neal Adams Art Begins

Marking the beginning of the classic team up between Green Lantern and Green Arrow, this issue also marks Neal Adams amazing and beloved artwork on the series. 

This is really a beloved issue with many Green Lantern fans, and quite an expensive key issue to boot. Well, it's more expensive than most of the GL key issues before it...such as the key comic issue above this one on this list. Make no mistake that this bronze age key comic will cost you quite a bit, but it is one of the best Green Lantern comics to invest in for sure.

So, how is this comic doing? Is this comic going up? Let's see if this comic is selling over guide or not:
Two unslabbed dropped on this week.

Ungraded Low Fine: $330.00
Ungraded Very Good: $109.00

NewKadia & Mile High Comics

CGC 4.5 Very Good + $300.00
CGC 6.5 Fine +  $500.00
CGC 7.0 Fine/Very Fine $600.00

And what does guide have this issue listed for?

Overstreet Guide 2012

VG  $192.00
VG + $216.00
Low Fine  $264.00
FINE +  $420.00
Fine/Very Fine  $552.00

This comic isn't going much over guide, and the unslabbed VG that dropped on ebay actually sold for well under guide. However, the unslabbed Low Fine on ebay also sold well over guide by $66 bucks more.

Still, this comic is well worth investing in, and as you can see, the value is starting to creep up above guide. Time to make a move...Check out to see the CGC graded issues of Green Lantern #76.

Green Lantern #87 (1960 Series) 1st appearance of John Stewart, 2nd appearance of Guy Gardner

A double whammy of key issue goodness here. Like issue #76, this important key issue is from the bronze age and has the 1st appearance of John Stewart, the black Green Lantern who became a quite popular and major character in the Green Lantern stories.

This issue also has the 2nd appearance of that hot-head Guy Gardner. However popular John Stewart has become to modern audiences, this key issue is quite overlooked and undervalued. If you're looking for a high grade CGC 9.4 Signature Series, signed by the man Neal Adams himself, click the link to find out where you can get this high grade Green Lantern #87.

Remember, if certain issues are selling well over guide on even ebay, you know you do not have long before that comic book value really starts to get out of reach. That's a huge signal that that issue or character is extremely hot. 

So, with this list, you've been warned. These Green Lantern books are hot keys right now, and it's apparent that Overstreet is behind the dollar demand for these issues.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ghost Rider 2 The Movie - Spirit of Vengeance Trailer

When I first heard that there was going to be a Ghost Rider 2 the movie, I was like, "Why?" The first movie was less than stellar. Actually, the first Ghost Rider is on my top ten list of Worst Comic Book Movies Ever. I'm even surprised that Nicolas Cage even agreed to reprise the role, but then again he does have money issues.

After seeing this new trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, I'm even more convinced just how lame this franchise is. The story line is so thin that butter doesn't even want to touch it.Sure, the CGI and special effects look good, but that alone shouldn't carry a movie...even if it's a comic book movie, Yo!

Don't get me wrong, I love the Ghost Rider character in the comics. It just doesn't seem he translates very well onto the screen. Most likely due to the shitty writing and story plots he's given. But, whatever. Take a look for yourself and tell me if it looks even remotely interesting. I think not!

It may be a little too late, but if you weren't able to hunt down the first appearance of Ghost Rider in Marvel Spotlight #5, you'll probably be paying well over guide for that key issue now.

Fantastic 4 Reboot Movie - Fox Not Giving Up On The Franchise! Fantasic 4 Reborn!

So there's been rumors about another Fantastic 4 flick, and according to many sources, it seems that 20 Century Fox has not given up on the Fantastic 4 film franchise. Nevertheless, the game plan is a reboot, so far entitled "Fantastic 4 Reborn."

Whether you liked the first two Fantastic 4 movies or not, I'm not surprised that this comic movie franchise will under-go a reboot, considering it's been the trend for many comic movies such as Spider-Man, Batman, The Incredible Hulk reboot, and the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel movie.

Personally, I liked the first two FF movies. Sure, they weren't the greatest comic flicks of all time, but I believe they did capture the Fantastic Four's chemistry and group dynamic from the comic books.

I think the great thing if they do a reboot of FF is that The Thing will be 100% CGI rendered. That's going to be awesome, and I can already imagine how bad ass he's going to look. Not to say that Michael Chiklis did a bad job of playing Ben Grimm. Actually, he did an amazing job, and was the best of the entire cast.

Another rumor floating around is that Bruce Willis will provide the voice for The Thing, but we'll see about that one.

I sure hope they do a much better job casting Sue Storm - The Invisible Woman. Jessica Alba just didn't do it for me and wasn't very believable. Who do you think should be the new Susan Storm if they do a reboot?

However, these are just rumors, and Fox hasn't given anything a green light, but I'm pretty sure it will happen. I hope it does happen. Get ready for another Fantastic 4 comic craze, and be sure to stock up on those Fantastic Four key issues, my friend.

Comic Books - Lowest prices anywhere

Hey, whether a comic movies sucks or not, demand for certain books will increase it's value, and that's not anything bad in my opinion.

So who do you think should be the new cast for the Fantastic 4 reboot - Fantastic 4 Reborn? C'mon give us your best casting opinions here. You know you want to.

Alright, we got a vote for Maggie Grace for the next Sue Storm - Invisible Woman - and I think it's a great choice as you can see for yourself.
Any more suggestions on the cast of the new Fantastic 4 Reborn reboot?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Where To Buy Comic Books Offline

With the advent of the internet, no longer is one just subjugated to buying comic books from their area. However, there are advantages to buying comics in your local area than on the internet. Here are some of the best places on where to buy comic books offline.

Local Comic Dealer: Many places still have a local comic book shop. I'm fortunate to live in an area where I have three comic shops just within 10 minutes of where I live. I recommend buying comics from your local dealer, especially key Silver Age and Bronze Age books. In this case you can look at the books and make sure you're getting what you paid for.

Always have the comic dealer show you the high value comic book him or herself. Ask to look at it and if they can show it to you. Don't look at the condition with your own grubby paws. You just may mess something up, because many Silver Age books needed to be handled extremely delicately.

What's the disadvantage? Like I mentioned before, you're only regulated to what books your local dealer has. In some areas, like Tennessee for example, I had to travel at least 40 minutes to one comic shop. So if the Silver Age pickings were slim there...too bad!

Comic Conventions: If your area has an annual comic convention, this is a great place where to buy comic books offline, and it's fun, too. People do cosplay, there are dealer booths all around, and there's a ton of key issues to find at comic book conventions.

Unlike the online world, you can also have dealers show you the grade of the book, having them flip through each page to allow you to see exactly what you're getting. You definitely don't get that on ebay.

Craigslist: A lot of people use craigslist now to sell off their collection, or at least pieces of it. Sometimes you can find really great deals. Other times, some knuckle head has it in their skull that they're going to make a lot money selling mid 80s to present comics for full guide value. Good luck, buddy.

I've found quite a few good bargains on craigslist, so it doesn't hurt to look there. Even though, it's an online venue, you still have to travel to see the person so you can inspect them for yourself, unlike purely buying comics online.

Flea Markets: I use to sell at flea markets, and it was, indeed, fun. What did I sell there? Comic books. When I sold there, a lot of people found great deals from my booth. The only problem was I wasn't selling Silver Age or Golden Age books.

I remember one guy asking me, "You got any Silver Age books?" I just gave him a look like, "Dude, I ain't that stupid selling those here."

Finding high value books at these place is getting increasingly harder to find. More people are aware that comic books can be valuable. So don't expect finding a lot of Silver Age comics for dirt cheap. A lot of 90s books and probably some Copper Age if you hunt enough. However, if you just like reading comics or looking to fill in gaps in your collection, someone selling comics at a flea market can provide you with a cheaper alternative in doing so, as opposed to your local comic dealer.

Garage Sales: Once again, trying to find high value books here for a decent price is slim to none, but if you like reading comics or collect Modern Age books, you'll find some really great deals here. Buying comics at garage sales is a perfect place to haggle, as most are just trying to get rid of stuff they don't want anymore.

So there they are, some of the best place on where to buy comics online. If you haven't read my previous post, then be sure to visit the link to discover where to buy comics books online.