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Monday, November 21, 2011

Where To Buy Comics Online & Where To Buy Comic Books Offline

If there's one thing that's great about being a comic book collector or investor today, it's the fact that there's so many places to buy comics now. However, the search for where to buy comics online can be a bit daunting, a lot more than the question of where to buy comic books offline.

So in this article I'm gonna shoot out some of the best and worst places that have made buying comic books online a great  or terrible experience, as well as the absolute best places offline to get comic books. I'm also gonna give the positives and negatives about each place I list here.


Newkadia is an amazing place to buy comics back issues or new comics online. Whether you're looking to buy DC comics online or looking to buy Spiderman comics, they have a huge selection of over half a million discount comics for sale, and generous coupons running almost all the time.

I especially like Newkadia. They're shipping is prompt and professional. They have great service, and a friendly and easy to use website. Golden age, silver age, bronze, copper, and modern age books are plentiful at NewKadia, and they have a great wide selection to shop.

They also go by guide values and not "demand values." That means they don't over price an Avengers #1, no matter what grade, just because a movie is coming out. Many other comic shops online or offline do this.

I'm not saying that's bad, because the demand for a rare book does determine the price. Overstreet guide is behind on the demand and value for many books.

However, there are some negative aspects to NewKadia. They're grading is a tad liberal, but not overly outrageous. Even though they have a large selection to shop, it takes them a while to get silver age key issues in stock, usually the ones I'm looking for in particular. If it's an in-demand book, it goes fast!

However, all in all, NewKadia is my highly recommended choice. Always great, great deals and coupons to save on the comic books you love. Visit the link and check NewKadia out and find out why they're one of the best places where to buy comics online.


A hugely popular place online to scratch your comic collecting itch. has a great wide selection, and a lot of the key comic issues. This is due because they also offer consigned comic books, so they have more keys available to buy.

Like NewKadia, they're highly professional with great service. Unlike NewKadia, has CGC graded comics for sale. The CGC comics are usually consignments. With a site that's easy to use, you'll have no problem finding what you're looking for if it's in stock or on consignment.

Now for the negatives. Unlike NewKadia, many of  these consignments are priced at the current "demand value." Not guide value or below. They also don't run as many discounts as NewKadia does.

However, all in all, I highly recommend Finding quality key issue books isn't a hassle, and they're grading is up to snuff. A place well worth shopping at if you're looking to buy comics online from a trusted and reputable online comic store so click the link and give 'em a visit.

eBay -

Of course, ebay should be listed here, and it's a very, very viable place to buy comic books online. Ebay's easy to use, and it's even fun to bid on some of the great deals they have there. However, there are major negatives with buying comic books on ebay.

The major risk of buying comics on ebay is that there's a great chance you may not get what you buy. It's no secret that a large percentage of the people selling comics on ebay have little knowledge about comics, and this includes grading comic books.

Getting a low fine comic when you paid for a VF to NM is absolutely frustrating and occurs way too often on ebay. If you're gonna buy on ebay and you're a collector or investor, go for the CGC graded comics so you know exactly what you're bidding on. Unslabbed books on ebay are a huge risk.


I'm not a big fan of Amazon in terms of buying comic books online. To me, they have the same problem as ebay does, with the exception that the selection of comics to get is astoundingly horrible. There's also sellers on there selling unslabbed books way above what their guide or demand value is. I think that's stupid and highly lame.

I recommend Amazon about as much as I recommend buying comics on ebay. Not much at all.

Comic Books - Lowest prices anywhere

Of course, these are just a few suggestions on where to buy comics online to find some of those hard to find comics you may be on the hunt for. There's quite a bit more, I'm sure of. However, these are the ones I recommend, and if you know of other places on where to buy comics online, be sure to comment below and let all us know.

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