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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Top Sexy Female Superheroes Costume Ideas This Year!

Oh, yes, Halloween is just right around the corner and there's no better time to start thinking of what you're going to be this year. If you're into female superheroes, I'm gonna help you out here by giving you a list of the top sexiest female superheroes costume ideas for you ladies to consider.

As usual, I'm not just gonna make recommendations and leave you to scour the internet looking for these stunning costumes. Just click the images and you'll be brought to the wonderful product page to see more details. Easy peasey! Just be sure to get the 15% discount code on the home page!

Anime - Wonder Woman Adult Costume

Think you have what it takes to be the Amazon princess of comic book lore? Now it's time to find out. If the Wonder Woman costume couldn't get any hotter, they figured out how to do it with this stunning and amazingly sexy version.

This is one of the best Wonder Woman costumes for adults and you'll be sure to turn heads this Halloween in this costume...villains and heroes alike!

Green Lantern Movie - Female Uniform Adult Costume

Oh, there are so many womens superhero costumes to ponder over, and this one should be a top, sexy consideration.

Become part of the Green Lantern Corps with this unbelievably sexy costume. If you're comic geek man is dressing up as Green Lantern, why not go as a female Green Lantern? Even if he's not, there's nothing wrong with being the sexiest galactic crime fighter in the universe!

Like all the costumes on this list, this costume is perfect for you ladies who also love dressing up for cosplay at the comic conventions.

Exclusive GI Joe Scarlett Costume

 Sexy, butt kicking costume from the G.I. Joe movie. Scarlett has always been a red headed hottie in the comic world. This is the characters Camo outfit from the movie, and is an EXCLUSIVE! What guy doesn't like a tough yet sexy bombshell in uniform? 


Watchmen Sally Jupiter Costumes

 My, oh, my, oh, my! The Sally Jupiter costumes from the Watchmen comic and movie is just a hot choice. You'll have that ultra sexy, retro look that just has classy written all over you. Simple yet effective and alluring. Who will be able to take their eyes off you this Halloween?

Hopefully, Superman will have his heat ray vision under control that night!

Black Widow Iron Man 2 Costume

 Is there any denying that The Black Widow is one of the sexiest female comic characters, and her costume has a lot to do with that? This Black Widow Iron Man 2 costume has a super sultry modern look, and will instantaneously turn you into the super spy that gives Tony Stark a run for his money. 

Can we say, "Move over James Bond!"


Phoenix Jean Grey Costume

 It ain't no wonder that Cyclops and Wolverine both have a thing for Jean Grey! However, when she turned into The Phoenix during Chris Claremont and John Byrne's comic book run, her hotness factor went up ten fold. 

If you got what it takes, get this Phoenix Jean Grey Costume and be the sexiest siren of all the female X-Men characters ever created. That's if you can handle the heat, that is!

Emma Frost Halloween Costume

 In light of the movie X-Men: First Class, a great choice would be this Emma Frost Halloween costume that's just amazingly HOT! If you can handle being the "White Queen" of the Hellfire Club. 

So which Emma Frost will you be? Will you be as the bad girl she first started as in the X-Men comics, or one of the good guys as she is now? Maybe you'll snag Cyclops or Wolverine! Choices! Choices!


Catwoman Adult Costume

 Come on! You can't have a list of the top sexy female superheroes costume ideas without having the sultry and alluring Catwoman. This costume is unlike any other, and is actually based off the sleek and sexy, modern Catwoman costume in the comic books. 

So if you're a true die-hard Catwoman, comic book fan, then this is the perfect costume for you for Halloween or the next cosplay comic convention event. Either way, you'll have Batman confused in whether to bust you or kiss you!


 Silk Spectre Costumes

 This Silk Spectre costume had every guy who watched the Watchmen movie squirming in their seats, and every comic book fan who was a guy fall in love...or was it lust? Either way, Silk Spectre is one ultra sexy choice to dress up this year for Halloween. 


Wonder Woman Deluxe Adult Costume

 Didn't I say Wonder Woman is one of the hottest and iconic female heroes in comic books? This is a total new costume of Wonder Woman and is based off the new television series that didn't take off. However, this is a very sleek, sexy and modern version of her costume that has bad ass written all over it.

Won't Superman and Batman be surprised when they see this version of Wonder Woman?

Gotham Girls DC Comics Batgirl Adult Costume

 Going retro with this Gotham Girls Bat Girl costume modeled off the 70s T.V. show Batman. This cute yet sexy costume is made of soft velvet. You'll stand out as an authentic Bat Girl, in which this awesome costume is modeled off her costume in the comic books, and if officially licensed. 

 So take your place as Gotham's number one female crime butt kicker while looking super cute at the same time!

Justice League Sexy Super Girl Costume

What list would this be without mentioning Super Girl? Of course, Super Girl is a super sexy idea, and this costume is brand new and gives a nice sexy spin on the Woman of Steel's costume. You'll be sure to drive the men of Metropolis crazy.

Join the Justice League this Halloween as one of their sexiest heroines with this brand new Super Girl costume. Click the image or title to find out more.


Gotham Girls DC Comics Harley Quinn Adult Costume

She first made her debut on the Batman animated series, and since then, comic fans just fell in love with the lovable and crazy character.  

If your man happens to be the clown prince of crime, it's a no brainer that he'll need his biggest, love-stricken,  fan, Harley Quinn, to watch out for him in case a certain bat comes around unwanted. This outfit is only for the hard-core Joker fans. 

So if you're in the mood to give the folks of Gotham hell, this is the costume for you. Click the image to see if you have what it takes to be The Joker's lady of crazy!

Collectors Batgirl Adult

 If you're a more modern gal who likes to whomp on the villains of Gotham, this ultra realistic costume modeled off the Batman And Robin movie will let the baddies know you mean business.

Sleek, sexy and super realistic, this collector's costume is for the ultimate comic fan and lover of cosplays at comic conventions. It never goes out of style and always ready all year around for any fun event! Click the image to see more!


So there it is, ladies! The top sexy female superheroes costume ideas and womens superhero costumes for this year. As always, I hoped this list helped in helping you choose an awesome and alluring costume this Halloween or for next years comic con.

Of course, if none of these were to your liking, you can click the link for even more super great female superheroes costume ideas to take into consideration. 

 Fellas, if you're looking for new and cool adult superheroes costumes for guys, be sure to click the link to see what really cool male costumes are coming out for this year!

Good luck and have a fun safe year this Halloween.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Best Key Comic Book Issues of Silver Age Marvel Comics Part 3

We're back with even more of the best key comic book issues of Silver Age Marvel Comics to invest, own, collect...whichever you want to call it. Just know that many of these marvel first appearances even in very good condition are pretty valuable and expensive.

As always, if I've tracked down a place where they're available to buy, I'll point you in the right direction to make your hunt a lot easier, because that's what I do here at Total Comic Mayhem. So let's get cracking.

Amazing Spider-Man #9
Yep, we're going back to Amazing Spider-Man. Why? Because ole Webhead has a huge amount of key comic book issues in his first series. Loads of marvel first appearances in ASM volume one including this one right here.

Amazing Spider-Man #9, first appearance of the most electrifying of Spidey's villains - Electro!

NM (low) - $3100
VF - $1012
FINE - $357
VG - $$238
GD - $119

Hey, how can you deny the issue of Spider-Man's top two villain - Dr Octopus - unmasking the spider? Well, you can't. This key issue is a pretty important one even though it's not a first appearance of anyone of significance.

Well, maybe except all the unsuspecting folks of New York in the comic when they find out their webslinging hero is none other than geeky Peter Parker!

NewKadia has Fine copy of this issue, but who knows for how long. Their copy is going for $216.45 minus the coupon savings you can get off on top of that. NewKadia always has coupon savings going on, which is why I love pointing all you guys over there, so head over there if this is one of the key comic book issues you're hunting for.

NM (low) - $2100
VF - $689
FINE - $243
VG - $162
GD - $81

Me and my local comic dealer were joking about this strange villain just the other day, and we both agreed that Mysterio would be a pretty viable villain for a Spidey flick. Anyways, this is the first appearance of Mysterio in all his mysterious and weird glory.

This comic is in stock at NewKadia in very good plus condition. They have it for $264.12, but that doesn't include the discount coupon, as usual. There's only one copy available for the very first appearance of Mysterio. Yikes!

NM (low) - $2900
VF - $952
FINE - $336
VG - $224
GD - $112

Amazing Spider-Man #14
This one's a monster right here. No, not because the Hulk guest stars. It's because this is the very first appearance of The Green Goblin. Who knows why ole Gobby became the most beloved of all Spider-Man villains, but the fans spoke and cast their votes. 

Unfortunately, NewKadia doesn't have this one in stock, but has this issue available for consignment at an unslabbed (non CGC graded) 4.5 VG+ for $600.00 whoppers. Wow, way, way above guide price for a VG plus! Even more expensive than a FINE? What are some of these consignment guys thinking over there?

NM (low) - $4600
VF - $1488
FINE - $510
VG - $340
GD - $170

And the hits keep rolling with Spidey! See what I mean? This bad boy introduces the first appearance of Kraven The Hunter, another villain who would be an interesting baddie for an upcoming Spider-Man film. He's just a bit nuts okay, and quite realistic. Well, if you get him out of the jungle suit he's wearing.
Are those pants spandex or velvet? Or are they made of from the real thing? Skeery! Does NewKadia have this gem? Yes, they do! Two Very Good plus copies with one ten cents cheaper than the other. No, I'm serious.

One VG+ copy is rolling at $196.79  and the other at $196.89. Get the coupon discount on top of that and you've got this key issue comic book for one heck of a deal. Don't believe me. Compare the guide prices below and go check out Amazing Spider-Man #15 at NewKadia for yourself.

NM (low) - $2200
VF - $723
FINE - $255
VG - $170
GD - $85

Alright guys, gonna stop right there. Way too much Spider-Man, and it's getting quite boring, so in the next post I'm gonna switch it up with maybe some Avengers or Iron Man. I don't know something different. Maybe I'll throw in some more Fantastic Four as well. Or, how about some good ole Cap?

Click the links below to either read prior picks or continue with this series.

Monday, August 22, 2011

More of The Best Silver Age Marvel Comics To Own Part 7

Alrighty, comic's the seventh part to the wonderful list of the best Silver Age Marvel Comics to have in your collection.

Do I really need to explain this one? This is the very first appearance of FF and the origin as well. Yes, it's a huge, huge, key issue that only a few are so lucky to have in their collection. Monstrous investment choice and not cheap at least nowadays.

However, every serious comic investor knows that Fantastic Four #1 is an absolute must-have for their collection. Well, that's if they can afford it. Click here if you're on the hunt for this key issue and grab a copy of Fantastic Four #1.

NM (low) - $80,000 (Yowza!)
VF -$24,000
FINE - $7500
VG - $5000
GD - $2500

Fantastic Four #2
First appearance of the skrulls, baby! Those shift shaping green aliens hit the comic book world in the 2nd issue of FF, making this issue another huge silver age key issue to own. Also, it's been rumored that the Skrulls may be in the Avengers movie (didn't happen, but still, they are due for a movie appearance soon), and if that's true, this comic's demand will start shifting upwards.

An extremely hard find, but if you got a pretty decent size comic convention in your area, a few dealers will probably have a copy for sale, and it's always good to haggle with them at these venues.

NM (low) - $11,000
VF -$3700
FINE - $1230
VG - $820
GD - $410

Fantastic Four #3
First appearance of The Fantastic Four in their nifty and iconic blue costumes. Unlike most superheroes who started with an original costumes like Daredevil that just didn't make the grade, the FF costumes were so complimentary they didn't change throughout the years. It's also the first appearance of the Baxter Building.

This book is a definite must for Fantastic Four comic collectors to have, and any smart comic investor will agree about the importance and value off owning this issue. Once again, it's not an easy or cheap find.

NM (low) - $9200
VF -$2961
FINE - $987
VG - $658
GD - $350

Fantastic Four #5
The first appearance and origin of Doctor Victor Von Doom, most known as Doctor Doom. Why this is a huge key issue and one of the best Silver Age Marvel Comics to get is because, as everyone knows, Doctor Doom is the FF's most popular and formidable villain. 

This issue is worth more than the Fantastic Four's first costumed appearance, so if that doesn't say, "You should own me!" I don't know what does. However, that's if you can find me. 

UPDATE: Get in on this one now. Fox has already confirmed that a Fantastic Four Reboot will be released in 2015! There's no doubt that Dr. Doom will make another onscreen appearance in the reboot.

NM (low) - $14,000
VF -$4700
FINE - $1560
VG - $1040
GD - $520

The Fantastic Four's first meeting with The Hulk. This issue kicks off the first of the epic battles and classic rivalry between The Thing and The Hulk, which is why this particular issue is a lot more valuable than many of other FF issues.

Those beautiful folks at NewKadia have a VG copy for this issue in stock at a discounted $684.08 sale price, but you also get a discount coupon. How much you get off depends on if this is your first time buying from NewKadia or if you're a returning customer.

New customers can get 30% off their order while guys like me who are return customers can get up to 22%, which ain't bad either. Either way, you can get this comic for one heck of a deal. With 22% coupon you can get $150.50 off, and with 30% you can get a whopping $205.22 off this book. 

 Damn I wish I was a new customer there! Mycomicshop doesn't have this badboy and neither does Mile High Comics. So if you've been looking for this issue, click the link or the image to get Fantastic Four #12 and the very first Hulk vs Thing battle.

NM (low) - $10,000
VF -$3213
FINE - $1071
VG - $714
GD - $357

Oh, hell yeah, this is the very first appearance of two iconic Fantastic Four cosmic characters. Actually, I should say two of the most iconic of cosmic characters in the Marvel Universe. Issue #48 boasts the very first appearance of Galactus and the first appearance of Silver Surfer!

Yes, the Fantastic Four movie was partially based on this comic and you got this issue before then, you were one smart puppy and congrats. I hope you kept it, because it's a keeper. Valuable too,  but still very affordable at VG and mid grades.

NewKadia doesn't have this book but mycomicshop has two consignments. One is a CGC graded 6.5 (Fine+) at $350 and an unslabbed copy at a 3.5 VG (low) for $150. Both are consignments which would make sense, as the 3.5 low VG copy is well above guide.

However, the CGC copy is decently priced, so if you've been on the hunt for this issue, click the blue colored links to check out the first appearance of Silver Surfer at mycomicshop.

NM (low) - $1500
VF -$493
FINE - $174
VG - $116
GD - $58

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

AVENGER SPOILER: New Avenger Pics Chris Evans As Captain America


Everybody's hyped up about the Avengers movie coming out next year. We had four character movies - The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America - leading up to the biggest comic movie perhaps ever produced!

I think most are more curious about how this movie is going to pulled off...I mean, four huge Marvel characters in one production. No this isn't like the X-Men movie. Not even close. How many characters in the X-Men had their own huge on-going comic series? Wolverine is one, and that's really about it.

The Avengers have four mega comic characters that all have their own titles...and these titles have been on-going for decades. So yes, anticipating how the Avengers will translate onto screen is a huge curious question many comic fans are going bonkers over.

Well, I know, you all are looking for any kind of signs or Avenger spoiler that will quench your anticipation, even if it's just for a little bit, so here they are...just released...New Avenger pics of Chris Evans as Captain America filming a scene in the Avengers movie.

Who is homeboy fighting? The dude is in a suit all decked out for CGC. Could it possibly be a Skrull, since that's the rumor going around about the villains in The Avengers flick? Oh, if you've yet to read that Avenger Spoiler, click the link to read the post on the possible Avengers movie villain.

What do you think of Cap's suit in these photos? Do you think his suit was better in Captain America: The First Avenger or the suit that's going to be updated in the Avengers movie?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Bane Photos Released

Looks like Warner Bros just didn't release the first photo of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman  by its lonesome in regards to the upcoming and anticipated Batman sequel to the Dark Knight. It seems that we also get a glimpse at what Bane looks like for Warner Brox was kind enough to release these Batman The Dark Knight Rises Bane photos. Bane is played by Tom Hardy.

 Unlike the Catwoman picture, the top Bane photo seems to catch the dark mood that I am hoping The Dark Knight Rises will continue from the movie's predecessors. However, the lower picture of the fight scene between Batman and Bane seems a bit too bright.

Below are a  few clips of filming Batman The Dark Knight Rises that has leaked out into the web. Enjoy, Batfans!

Can Warner Bros be making the same mistake with the first Batman movie series, in which they put two villains in the 2nd movie and then put in a host of them in the later films? I dunno. I sure hope not.

Click the link if you have yet to see the newly released Anne Hathaway Catwoman picture. Oh and here's a brand new Anne Hathaway Catwoman picture that has leaked out for you as well.
I suppose that looks sexier. I still don't like the weird-looking shades she's got on. Damn lucky, weird looking bike! If you like this, stumble it and share it on face and twitter! Leave a comment below as well.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Japanese Spider-Man! What Were They Thinking?

In tribute of the new Amazing Spider-Man reboot movie coming out pretty soon, I'm gonna post this hilarious monstrosity that Marvel supposedly sold the licensing rights for Spider-Man to the Japanese market during the late 70s. What erupted from this colossal blunder was a Japanese Spider-Man show that should've never happened.

Word of advice: Foreign markets always do some weird and zanny things to characters that make absolutely no sense. Just watch the trailer and you'll see that Spider-Man has a robot. Of course, Japan and their robots. This is actually posted by If I were them, I would've burned every last episode and denied any involvement. If this doesn't actively show that Stan "the Man" Lee would've done anything for
a few dollars, I don't know what does. Then again we wouldn't have Japanese Spiderman to laugh at...not with.

Captain America: The First Avenger The Movie 2011 Review

So I'm a bit late on the ball here, and it doesn't really matter because I was pretty skeptical about Captain America the movie when I heard about it way before 2011. My main concern was how to get past the campy outfit Cappy wears in the comic book?

What was Hollywood going to do with that road block? I was interested for that reason. Then came the announcement of Chris Evans as Captain America. I thought it was strange, considering he was also The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four flicks.

I thought it was cool that were going to base the movie during Cap's World War II era, in which begins his origin, of course, so I was a bit relieved with that.

However, after just recently watching the movie, I have largely mixed emotions about Captain America: The First Avenger. I loved the way they kept Steve Roger's original comic book origin, about how he was too skinny and frail to be accepted by the army.

What I didn't like was how Hollywood once again messed with timelines. There was something about Bucky being his longtime friend who use to stick up for Steve Rogers as a kid that irked me. It didn't seem right at all.

If you don't know the comic book origins, Bucky is Captain America's sidekick. He's just a teenager like Cap, but Cap has always been taller and bigger than Bucky. It was too weird to see Bucky bigger than Steve Rogers at one point in the film. They shouldn't have done that.

Of course, the beginning was great, aside for Bucky being introduced way to early, and I enjoyed how the film emphasized just how frail Steve Rogers was and the hurdles he had to go through. You understood his mindset clearly and that was good.

After that, the movie just got lost and tried to do way too much. I was disappointed that they did not go through Captain America's training after the experiment was successful. It was like, all the sudden, he knew how to control his augmented body just like that.

They could've shown him train more and developed his character, and they could've went with the original introduction of Bucky, in which Bucky learns of Captain America's true identity and bribes Steve Rogers into training him.

That storyline is quite plausible, and it was a lot better than in the Captain America movie where he ends up being some kind of performer asking people to buy bonds because the military still didn't accept him. That was a complete waste and a lousy shift in the movie.They could've axed that whole part and went with the original meeting between Cap and Bucky.

I did find it amusing that while he was performing onstage he was dressed up in Captain America's actual comic book outfit. It was a nice jab to poke fun of, and I got the humor.

Hugo Weaving was quite good, of course, and I have to hand it to Chris Evans. He did a splendid job, and even convinced me that he was ole Cap himself. It was even cool how they introduced the character of Peggy Carter, played by the very lovely Hayley Atwell.
Peggy Carter actually was a love interest for Captain America in the comics, and her character did fight in World War II. It was nice they kept that aspect of her character true to the comic and kept her and Cap's relationship pretty genuine.

Out of any of the comic book movies, Captain America: The First Avenger stuck to the origin pretty tightly. I was happy about that.

It was just the parts of the film where they deviated from the comic book were really unnecessary, though I'm glad they used Cap's modern shield. It would've been a total jip if the fans didn't get to see Captain America toss that shield like a frisbee as he does in the comic and have it come back to him. That was ultra cool to see, but the action scenes could have been a lot better. Even those seemed rushed.

I did walk out of the movie entertained, but I wasn't convinced. As I watched the previews of The Avengers Movie they showed after the credits, I didn't have a very good feeling that it would be spectacular. I'm fearing The Avengers movie may be a bit on the cheese side.

The acting was great and superb, the sets all realistic, the special effects fantastic. However, some parts just really seemed cheesy and the story could have been better written. Like I said, it just seemed like it tried to do too much at once.

Who knows? The Captain America movie of 2011 didn't really fill my expectations. I just hope the Avengers doesn't do the same, or maybe it could be my expectations are just too damn high.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Picture!

Well, folks, for those you who are anticipating Batman: The Dark Knight Rises movie scheduled to be released next year and have been debating whether or not Anne Hathaway was a good choice for the role of Catwoman, here's a picture of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.
What do you think, guys? This picture really doesn't do it for me, and that just doesn't look like Catwoman at all. I'm pretty sure they're doing a spin on Catwoman's character to make her more "modern" and "believable."

I suppose it's a pretty crummy picture to release as us fan's first glimpse of the new Catwoman, considering we can't see much of how Anne Hathaway sexiness exudes from the Cat suit. I think we would all agree that Catwoman has to have a certain sexiness without a doubt.

It will be interesting to see, and this picture doesn't give us fanboys that luxury.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Comic Book List Of Batman Villains & Their 1st Appearances!

To accompany the post of the greatest Batman villains and worst, it's only natural to give you guys the dish on which comic issues these bad guys and gals made their 1st appearances. Since we're talking about Batman, many of these comics will be quite hefty in value. Some of them are for total investors, and some are for the normal collector/investor like you and me.

Don't be discouraged, however. An investment is an investment, and despite whether these villains are truly awesome or plain flat out cheesy, most of these key issues will always be in demand and sought out. So let's get to it, shall we?
1. The Joker & Catwoman 
(1st Appearances in Batman #1 1940)
9.2 NM: $285,000

2. Bane
(1st Appearance in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1)

3. Two-Face
(1st Appearance in Detective Comics #66)
9.2 NM: $9,000
4. The Riddler
(1st Appearance in Detective Comics #140)
9.2 NM: $10,000
5. Scarecrow
(1st Appearance in World's Finest Comics #3)
9.2 NM: $5,600
6. Harley Quinn
(1st Appearance in Batman: Animated Adventures
1st comic book appearance in The Batman Adventures #12)
9.2 NM: $3.50
7. Rha's al Ghul
(1st Appearance in Batman #232)
9.2 NM: $350.00
8. Black Mask
(1st Appearance in Batman #386)
9.2 NM: $8.00
9. Hugo Strange
(1st Appearance in Detective Comics #36)
9.2 NM: $22,000
10. Poison Ivy
(1st Appearance in Batman #181)
9.2 NM: $550.00

11. The Penguin
(1st Appearance in Detective Comics #58)
 9.2 NM: $9,500

There you are. A list full of key issues that introduce some of the greatest Batman villains ever. Most of these are unbelievably expensive. If you can afford them, hats off to you. If not, I completely understand, amigo!