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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Silver Age Comic Investing! Why Silver Age Make Better Comic Book Investments!

Comic investing has been an underground secret for quite a few decades. Actually, only a few select comic collectors in the past truly knew the potential value of what a comic book investment could provide in the long-term.

With many silver age key issues breaking record sale prices in 2011 and hitting six figure digits, it's become clear that comic books are no joking matter. "Kids stuff, huh?" I proudly boast to my girlfriend often.

However, do not believe into the myths and the hype. Yes, many high grade silver age key issues have broke record sales, but the truth is that most people don't own these high grade comics, and now, probably could never afford them.

This does not damper the demand for many silver age comics. The demand is still strong, and will remain strong throughout 2012. There's no doubt that much of the demand got a huge push from all these superhero flicks that have recently bombarded the screen.

X-Men #1 Comic Cover So, other than the movies, why is there such a huge demand for silver age comic books? The silver age of comics is when the comic market hugely began to shift towards superhero comics. So many of the characters like Spider-Man, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four and a slew of others made their debuts during the silver age. Marvel made a huge impact on the world of comics during this time, though DC Comics revived the superhero genre during the silver age.

Even more so, many of the golden age superheroes from DC comics like The Flash and Green Lantern got revamped with new looks and identities during the silver age. It's these characters that most of the world's population recognize and love today.

Green Lantern #7 image
The silver age dawn of the superhero was over 50 years ago. Many who bought these comics read, re-read, and read them some more during that time period. As I've stated time and time again, only a few kept these future treasures in pristine condition.

Hell, the worst part is that most once-comic readers of that era probably grew up and considered comics, "Kids stuff." Chances are a lot of these comics were thrown out in the trash by unsuspecting parents when their kids left the nest. Ouch! It pains me to even think of that. Thousands of dollars worth of old comics just thrown away.

The fact that only a few knew the potential value of comic books and kept them adds to the rarity of silver age comics today. Sure, there are quite a few silver age comics floating around in low grade or mid grades, but the higher grades are few and far between.

Even despite the low grades of silver age comics, there are far less in existence than bronze age comics and modern age comics. Actually, the more current the comic age, the more comics are mass produced. Also another biting factor is the more recent a comic, the more high grade copies are in existence.

You can read my article why Modern Age Comics are a bad investment choice and why by clicking that beautiful blue link.

Rarity and demand makes silver age comics quite appealing in investing in comics. And another thing: Do not get freaked out by lower to mid grade copies being more plentiful than higher graded silver age comics. Right now high grade copies are the trend, but with everything, there is always a backlash.

Higher grade silver age comics will be out of reach for most collectors to afford (if many haven't already), so the lower and mid grade books will start to be more desired by us average collectors or comic investors. I highly predict the lower graded silver age comic market will start to really take off and boom and quite soon.

The trick is to know which comic book investments to make. This calls for knowing the comic book market and the current demand as well as future demands and trends. For some top picks, you can click the link to read the best Silver Age Marvel Comics to own part 1.

Comic investing can truly be worth your time if you're planning on long term investments. I've explained why I favor silver age comics in this post. If you don't or haven't considered it, it's about time you did.

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  1. Hey there! Any chance you can do a revised 2015/2016 outlook on this article? Great article but I wonder... has your outlook changed now that there are 6,000 superhero movies? Has demand peaked? I wonder too about the international comic-book buyer, like someone in Europe or Asia gaining wealth and wanting to buy Americana such as 1950s or 1960s comics. Good stuff!! Wiebes