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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Part 6 of Key Silver Age Marvel Comics To Invest In!

Continuing from part 5 of the best key Silver Age Marvel Comics to invest in, this list of Silver Age key comic book issues will deal with Thor related books in light of the recent news of a Thor sequel. So let's get onto the comic book goodness already.

Oh why, oh why this comic? One word: ODIN! Journey Into Mystery #85 had a brief appearance of Thor's pops, but this issue marks the first FULL appearance of all-powerful ODIN!

This issue is getting up there in value even for the lower grades, as you'll see with the Overstreet guide values. However, is this book going for more than guide prices in the present comic market. You bet. Especially now that there's confirmation of a Thor sequel.

The more you wait, the higher the prices you'll pay. Decide not to get this book? You'll be missing out on a great investment choice. has a CGC graded 4.0 copy for sale as a consignment. Finding these hot key issues at or below suggested guide price are becoming increasingly rare.

Once again, Overstreet Guide sometimes doesn't reflect the current market's demand and value for certain key issues that are extremely HOT!

Nonetheless, you can check out the copy of the very first full appearance of Odin and make your own decision whether it's worth it or not. I think it's well worth the investment, and just think of how much it will go up in 2013 when the Thor sequel hits theaters.

NM (low):  $2100
VF:  $689
FINE: $243
VG: $162
GD: $81

The first appearance of The Enchantress. A notable antagonist of The Mighty Thor, this is the first Enchantress in the Marvel universe, known as Amora, a powerful sorceress and member of The Masters of Evil, a group The Avengers have often squared off against.

This comic is still quite affordable at lower and mid grades. A very fine may stretch the wallet a tad, but this Thor related key issue comic book is a great investment. 

It may not be a prime key issue like Journey Into Mystery #86 (1st full appearance of Odin), but it's worth getting since it's a currently a "buyer's market" now. Once this buyer's market ends, expect all these 25% discounts on comics to cease.

NewKadia has this issue in a low very good grade at only $48.08. Feel like adding more investment value to your collection? Visit the link or click the cover image to grab this copy of Journey Into Mystery #103 and get the first appearance of The Enchantress.

NM (low):  $600
VF:  $197
FINE: $81
VG: $54
GD: $27

Do I really have to say much about this particular issue? Well, if you don't know, this is the very first appearance of The Mighty Thor in the Marvel Universe! Yes, this would be an ultimate item to invest in. However, it's extremely expensive.

The price isn't the only problem about this bad boy. Finding it is another problem. It's extremely rare and valuable even at lower grades. has a low grade 0.5 PGX graded copy. Click the link or cover image to see this low grade copy of the first appearance of Thor.

But, damn, just think if you had or have this in your collection? I'd be smiling from ear to ear, because I know that this issue will just keep rising and rising and rising, especially since Thor is getting so much love from Hollywood right now.

NM (low):  $30,000
VF:  $10,350
FINE: $3105
VG: $2070
GD: $1033

 This one marks the very first issue of Thor's self-titled series. Yes, The Mighty Thor comic series is continued from the Journey Into Mystery series. Those at Marvel just decided to give Thor his own book and rightly so!

By the cover you can guess that this issue deals with the great and first Thor vs. Hercules epic fight. Who doesn't like seeing two Gods go at it? I sure do!

This comic is in demand because of 2012's The Avengers movie, which will have Thor in it, so people are paying above guide price for this comic book.

Even when the new Thor sequel hits in 2013, the Overstreet guide prices for that year will behind that current year's demand and value for this book and many other Thor books on this list. has multiple copies of this issue in stock. One is up for auction at the time of this writing at a VG/FN 4.0. It's not CGC graded. However, they have other copies in stock in VG and one at FN/VF.

NM (low):  $525
VF:  $175
FINE: $72
VG: $48
GD: $24

 First appearance of the God, Pluto, and second issue of Thor's first self-titled series. Still quite affordable and a pain to find in higher mid grades and higher grades. Still a notable key issue, though Pluto isn't really a main key character in the Thor comics.

It's still a good investment to get, and of course, I've got a lead for you. Unfortunately, NewKadia doesn't have this in stock, but does.

Take a look at the price of Thor #127 at and compare it to the Overstreet Price Guide.

This is a classic example of a key issue comic that's not currently at peak demand, unlike like Journey Into Mystery #83, 86, and Thor #126.

The book is selling for $46.50 at a FN/VF grade (unslabbed), which is exactly at the price Overstreet guides this comic at.

NM (low):  $525
VF:  $175
FINE: $72
VG: $22
GD: $11

Not a major key issue, but an important one. This is the 1st full appearance of Adam Warlock as the entity known as Him. Yes, it's before he was transformed into the Adam Warlock we know of today.

Warlock's first brief appearance is in Fantastic Four #67, in which he appeared in cocoon form. I have this issue at a quite high grade...a VF/NM...and I'm glad I did so.

Like issue #127, you can see that this comic is pretty close to Overstreet Guide, because it's not a high demand key issue, in which will be overly affected by a Thor movie, unless, of course, the Thor 2 movie makes an introduction of Adam Warlock as Him.

NewKadia has a very good copy of this book, as well as I do prefer NewKadia as they always have discount coupons running now. seems to be lacking on that...hint, hint!

Anyhow, you can click either of the links and determine yourself. This is a really great inexpensive key Silver Age comic to get and add extra value to your comic investments.

NM (low):  $125
VF:  $54
FINE: $24
VG: $16
GD: $8

Alrighty, alrighty...I finished up the Thor related books. Once again, if you missed the previous parts to this list, you can click the links below to see the best key issue comic books and best Silver Age Marvel Comics to get and invest in.

    As always, if you have comments or think I missed a Silver Age key issue that should go on this list, suggestions are always welcome.

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