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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Part 5 of the Best Marvel Silver Age Key Comic & Back Issues To Invest In!

Just when you thought I'd get into some Avengers Silver Age key issue comic books on this definitive of list of Marvel Silver Age comics, I'm sorry to disappoint and not do the obvious. Well, not the obvious in part five of this series anyway.

So in light of hearing that Thor will indeed have another sequel in 2013, I'm continuing my list of the best Silver Age key comic book issues by highlighting some Thor related comics you should think of investing in right now before it gets even closer to 2013!
 Ok, so I'm not starting this list with the obvious Thor related comics to get, but this is no doubt a key issue comic that will be affected by the Thor movie sequel. Actually, a smart comic investor would've got it when news of the first Thor movie went into production.

Why is that you ask? What is it about this comic? This comic is the first appearance of Lady Sif, and yes, as you know already, the character was in the first movie. I have no doubt that Lady Sif will be in the sequel, hopefully still played by the beautiful Jaimie Alexander! 

This comic isn't just a wise investment only because of the Thor movies, it's a wise investment because Lady Sif is an important character in the Thor comic stories as well as his mythology. 

It's also still rather affordable, unlike some other comics that will be listed in this post. NewKadia has two copies of Journey Into Mystery #102. One in VG+ condition and another in good condition. Get this investment with great discount savings by visiting the link or the cover image.

NM (low):  $500
VF: $168
FINE: $69
VG: $46
GD:  $23

Journey Into Mystery #85 
Speaking of a bit more expensive, this comic issue is a must-have for any comic book investment. If you didn't pick this one up before the first Thor movie, it will be highly wise to do so before the Avengers movie hits and the Thor sequel hits in 2013.

For the next two years, demand for this issue will not decrease, as it is the first appearance of Loki in Marvel Comics. However, Loki did make an early appearance when Marvel was Timely Comics back in 1949. The publication of Loki's unofficial first appearance is Venus #6.

Journey Into Mystery #85 is Marvel's official first appearance of Loki, and believe me that this issue is quite a hard find and not as affordable as Lady Sif's first appearance.

This issue also marks the first appearance of Heimdall, 1st brief appearance of Odin, and the first look at the realm of Asgard! See why this issue is so important? 

Below are the Overstreet Price Guide values, but I would not doubt that these values do not reflect the current demand and prices in the present comic market now. I expect this issue is going for well above guide prices.

NM (low):  $3500
VF: $1150
FINE: $405
VG: $270
GD:  $135

Journey Into Mystery #118
Okay, The Destroyer was freakin' badass in the Thor movie, and maybe the sequel may or may not have him. However, this key issue marks the first appearance of The Destroyer, and is an important Silver Age key issue comic book for any serious comic collector or investor to have.

I got this issue at NewKadia and got great discounts on it. The grade was FINE, and now I'm aiming to get an extra copy at VF. Unfortunately, this issue is out of stock at NewKadia.  Yes, I had something to do with that. lol.

NM (low):  $450
VF: $150
FINE: $63
VG: $42
GD:  $21

Journey Into Mystery #119 cover image 
Another important key issue related to the Thor universe. Journey Into Mystery #119 boasts the first appearances of the Warriors Three. That's right. Fendrall, Hogun the Grimm, and Volstagg make their introduction with this key comic book issue.

This issue also happens to be the 2nd appearance of The Destroyer, so it's racked with key issue goodness. NewKadia has this issue at a low fine, so if you want a great key issue Thor related comic book, click the link to grab Journey Into Mystery #119 and get great discount savings as well.

NM (low):  $360
VF: $117
FINE: $48
VG: $32
GD:  $16

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