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Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Top List of Female Superheroes - Some of The Most Popular Female Superheroes!

If there's been an on-going debate among comic fans, it's the sexiest female superheroes or the most popular or whatnot. I'm incorporating all three, so here's my top list of female superheroes that are some of the most popular female superheroes in comic books in no particular order. You can judge yourself.

You can just see by the picture above the reason why Emma Frost made this list as one of the most popular and sexy female superheroes out there. Ever since her first appearance as a Hell Fire Club baddie in Uncanny X-Men #129, fans have loved her for her...uhmmm...various assets.

Her main power other than looking drop dead gorgeous is Telepathy and can boost a mutants powers through access of the brain. That's a pretty darn kick ass power, and hot female comic fans seem to always choose her costume for Halloween as well as Cosplay at comic cons. 

No wonder why she also made my list of The Top Sexy Female Superheroes Costume Ideas.

Okay, who can deny that this southern belle just has that sexy charm, but yet can kick major ass too? Any female superhero that says, "Hey, Sugah," before walloping you deserves to be on this list. Moreover, and despite her seductive good looks and charm, she can steal your life essence!

Just ask Ms. Marvel, in which Rogue stole her powers permanently, giving her the ability to fly and making her nearly indestructible. Plus, we all like them redheads and that fiery attitude they sometimes seem to have! Well, it's no doubt that she does.

There is perhaps no female superhero that is more iconic than Wonder Woman, and ever since I saw the old Wonder Woman T.V. show, starring the ever lovely Linda Carter, this character has always held a special place in my heart. 

Even my girlfriend dressed up as her last Halloween, and you can say I was more than elated or thrilled. Wonder Woman is also one of the top characters that females dress up as during Halloween and Cosplay, and if you want to see two new and awesome adult Wonder Woman costumes that came out this year, just click the link.

Wonder Woman is just a kick butt and classic female superhero. Many female superheroes come and go and fade out, but the Amazonian princess has stood the test of time for so many decades. There's a reason why, you all, and for that simple reason she has to be on any top list of female superheroes.

Going through many incarnations in her character's history, there's no doubt that the modern Huntress is just a vigilante bombshell that needs to be mentioned. Like Batman, she kicks ass with no real super powers...just major combat skills, agility, strength, and intelligence.

Oh yes, and I forgot. Since she is the daughter of a Mafia crime lord and her family was murdered...she fights with a viciousness that even the Dark Knight himself often questions. I don't know...I guess I just love them dark-haired beauties who can pull off sexy and tough at the same time.

A list of the top female superheroes can't be complete without everyone's favorite telepathic mutant, redhead, and original X-Men member, Jean Grey. I think her look as Marvel Girl near the Bronze Age of comics was indeed sexy in a totally retro way, and I think a lot of cosplay fans also prefer this outfit as opposed to the modern look or her original X-Men outfit as well.

One of the most powerful telepathic and telekinetic mutants on the planet, it's obvious that she doesn't just look good but can totally throw down as she is considered an Omega-level mutie. 

I guess we really do love those redheads, but Russian ones? Fuggedaboudid! This ass-kicking super spy was actually a dark-haired beauty when she first appeared in Tales of Suspense #52. However, I think everyone agrees that the red locks definitely go better with that black leather outfit.

Plus, it was super awesome to see Scarlett Johansson as a redhead and kicking mucho butt in that super tight outfit in Iron Man 2. Who didn't like that? Rene Russo back in the day would've been a much better choice, but I ain't complaining.

However, we get to see her again in the upcoming Avengers movie, and the fact that her character will be a part of the biggest, ambitious, and, perhaps, most epic comic book movie in history, The Black Widow as has earned her right on the top list of female superheroes of all time.

No list of female superheroes would be much of list without the feline vixen Catwoman. It's no doubt that Catwoman is one of the most popular female superheroes on the planet. 

She started off as a villain in the DC universe, and is one of Batman's oldest foes for her first appearance was in Batman issue number one. 

However, her character has come a long way since then, and she's much more of an anti hero nowadays...neither good nor bad, she makes this list because everyone loves a tough chick who does her own thing.

She's even such a great character that she has held a place in Batman's heart for so many years, in which no comic fan can deny that ole Batty truly loves Selena Kyle.

Any gal that can control the weather was meant to whomp some serious butt! And there's no doubt that Storm does. This sexy mutant is one of the most popular female superheroes of all time in the world of comics.

Unlike most female heroes on this list, Storm isn't that old and her first appearance was during the bronze age of comics. Yes, Giant Size X-Men came out in 1975, the year I was born. No wonder it's such a prized comic to own. 
Hell any gal that can rock a Mohawk and still look damn sexy is aces in my book. I wonder if they proposed that look for Halle Barry during any of the X-Men movies. Besides, there's nothing more sexier than a female who knows how to take charge.

 One of Marvels classic blonde hotties that really needs no introduction. The fact that she can turn invisible and can produce offensive and defensive psionic fields of energy is just too cool. 

Every female that has dressed up as Sue Storm has looked incredibly awesome, hot, and matter if for Cosplay or Halloween or just for the heck of it. It's no wonder that Namor has such an infatuation on her, even if she was bombarded by...errr...cosmic rays.

Jessica Alba was a terrible choice to play Sue Storm. There was so many other blonde beauties in Hollywood to choose from that would've been a much better choice. Regardless she is still one of Marvel's most popular female superheroes and even Jessica Alba can't mess that up.

Oh my god, is there even any reason to question why Power Girl has become such a popular DC female hero? Other than her looks, she has personality, a great sense of humor, and way too cool super powers.

Oh yes, she's the cousin of Superman. Not second, or third, but first cousin of Superman so you know she can whoop a lot of tail. Yeah, under normal circumstances, I would say it's kinda weird calling an alien sexy, but then again she's from Krypton and they look just like we do.

Besides, like I said, we like take-charge women, and Power Girl was the first ever chair woman of The Justice Society of America. She also has an aggressive fighting style that can match up with even the big boy superheroes. 

She is another Bronze Age beauty that has captured the hearts of comics fans to make her one of the most popular DC heroines of today.

If Jean Grey as Marvel Girl is a sexy popular choice among comic fans then her as Phoenix ups her sexiness by ten fold. Not only does the cosmic entity make her a powerhouse in the comic realm, but it also gives her a more brazen attitude and swagger.

This attitude gets even worse and sexier as she begins to transform more and more into the Dark Phoenix in Chris Claremont's and John Byrne's famous and beloved Uncanny X-Men run. The more powerful the hotter she got. Can you see a connection here?

Once again this comic character is a favorite for comic fans to dress up as, and the reason for that is pretty clear: Phoenix & Dark Phoenix kicks much ass! So if you're thinking about becoming this powerful and hot vixen, good choice and go grab yourself a Phoenix Jean Grey costume. You won't regret it.

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  1. Thank you, I enjoyed making this list of the most popular and sexiest female superheroes.

    1. why is supergirl excluded?

    2. Supergirl is in Part 2 of this article. Click the "Read Part 2" link.

  2. Thanks for the great feedback!

  3. I bet you had fun making this list ;)

    1. Heya Gabriel. How goes it?yep at the time I did. Hope you enjoyed reading it or looking at the pics. Good to hear from ya.