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Saturday, September 17, 2011

More of The Best Silver Age Marvel Comics - Marvel Key Issues Part 4

In light of the Captain America: The First Avenger movie, and the highly anticipated Avengers movie coming out next year, it's a surprise I've not mentioned any of these in my list of The Best Silver Age Marvel Comics list yet.

Trust me, this list of Marvel Key Issues from the Silver Age of comics will be an ongoing list that will be frequently updated and continued throughout time. So let's continue onward from my earlier posts about this subject.

This key comic book issue marks the first appearance of Captain America in the Silver Age of comics. Cap is a Golden Age character, but was discontinued for awhile during that era. Captain America #100 is the revival of ole Cap and his triumphant return. 

This issue is not an easy's quite a hunt for this book, but it's one of the best key comic issues of the Silver Age era.  A true investment that will always be in high demand, and of course, the Captain America movie and the Avengers movie are both increasing the demand for this book and the prices as well.

The new comic book price guide doesn't really reflect the current demand and price of this book. Even the new price values in Overstreet are behind the actual present demand for this book and Avengers' books, and collectors are paying higher prices for certain key issues than the values presented in Overstreet. 

NM (low):  $650
VF:  $215
FINE: $84
VG: $56
GD: $28 has this issue, and you can click the link to check out this book and other Captain America comics for sale.

Another key Silver Age Captain America comic. This comic issue retells the awesome origin of Cap, and is a must for any comic collection investment. This key issue is still quite affordable at lower and mid grades. Make sure you get the first printing and don't overpay for the 1994 2nd printing.

NM (low):  $135
VF:  $58
FINE: $24
VG: $16
GD: $8

Unfortunately, Newkadia doesn't have this book in stock, but has one up for auction at a low VF at the time of this writing. The current bid is at $51.00. You can check it out by clicking the link and seeing if this Captain America #109 key issue is for you.

Rick Jones dons the Bucky uniform and partners up with Cap. I have this issue and got it at a great deal and discount at NewKadia. This key issue also boasts the very first appearance of Madame Hydra. As you can tell by the cover, this comic also has an appearance of The Incredible Hulk.

NewKadia has not restocked this issue, and has a copy in stock at a VF grade for $81 smackers.

NM (low):  $180
VF:  $70
FINE: $30
VG: $20
GD: $10

Another great Marvel key issue comic book to consider adding to your collection is the very first appearance of The Falcon, who later becomes Caps partner in later issues. 

Although, The Falcon never really became a key character in the Marvel Universe, his run with Captain America in the comics was quite popular to many fans. has two copies in stock. One is in VG/FN condition at $40 dollars, and the other is $33 bucks in VG condition. 

NM (low):  $220
VF:  $80
FINE: $33
VG: $22
GD: $11

Click the link if you're looking to get the 1st appearance of The Falcon to add to your comic book collection.

This is part four of some of the best Marvel key issue comics from the Silver Age, and as I mentioned before, it's an ongoing list or series. So click the links below to navigate your way through this series.


  1. Avengers 4 says hi to Cap 100 ;)

  2. Yep, Avengers #4 is the first appearance of silver age Captain America. Actually, I should say resurrection of Cap.