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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The List of Female Superheroes And The Most Popular Female Superheroes Continued!

Taking up where I left up on my first post about the most popular female superheroes in comics, this is the second part of my list of female superheroes that comic book fans adore. As always, this list is in no particular order but just celebrates the awesomeness and sexiness of these comic characters.

Nobody does Batgirl better than Barbara Gordon! Although she is not the original Bat-Girl (Betty Kane), Barbara's version has been a mainstay character in the Batman family and the most popular since her Silver Age debut in Detective Comics #359.

Hailed for her independent crime fighting prowess and not being a sidekick to Batman, Batgirl has remained a most popular choice for female Cosplay fans. In fact, there isn't a Cosplay comic con event where there isn't a fan dressed up as the sexy creature of the night.

If you're thinking about being her for Halloween or the next big comic con even, don't be shy. Batgirl is one of the best female superheroes costume ideas to consider. 

Her cunning wit, independence, and fighting abilities make her even more sexy, and it would a crime if she was not part of any list of popular female superheroes in comics.

Stockings are just ubber sexy...not to mention a cute magicians outfit and the super power of well....magic. No not illusionist magic. Real magic. Zatanna is the utmost hottest sorcerer in the DC universe, and has worked alongside the heavyweights as a member of The Justice League.

Okay, the simple fact that this sexy sorcerer is part of The Justice League says volumes of why she is so popular. Hey, not just any moe-moe can make the cut in the JLA.

Any gal who has the moxie to dress up as Zatanna earns major bonus points with me. That's just too damn hot, and Zatanna is one of the most sexiest DC female superheroes in my book. Those leg stockings get me every time.


Hmmm...could it be that someone from the Marvel camp had a thing for creating super sexy redheads? Either that or just Marvel Comic fans seem to love redheads. Eh, it's probably both, and the Scarlet Witch is one of the most popular female characters in comic books.

How could you not be being in The Avengers, after all? It ain't easy to be included as a member of Eath's Mightiest Heroes, you know?

With her strange power of hexes and manipulating probability in her favor, she's an interesting character with an interesting and unique power. Oh yes, and what makes her even more interesting is that she's the daughter of Magneto, sister to Quicksilver, and has The Vision as her husband.

Okay, we forgive her for those listed above cause she just happens to be a complete stunner. No pun intended on that one.


Let's forget for a moment that Marvel made a horrendous movie about the character and that Jennifer Gardner was not the greatest choice - who physically looks nothing like Elektra - but despite those annoying facts, a movie was made about the character. Doesn't that prove her popularity?

It sure does and since her debut in the Daredevil storyline as a ruthless, ninja assassin in Daredevil #168, fans have made her one of the most popular of female comic book superheroes, even though she walks that thin line of hero and villain.

In the world of Marvel, she is the world's most lethal woman and cold-blooded killers. She has killed more men than any Marvel character, and for this reason, it's no wonder that so many females love to dress up as this "Man Killer."

Supergirl is undeniably my least favorite of DC female superheroes, but there's still no denying that Superman's cousin is one of the most popular female superheroes in the world of comics. She's also one of the most powerful as she does have the same powers he does considering she's also from Krypton and all.

However, I think Powergirl is much, much, much more sexier, but Supergirl is more of a favorite pick to dress up as than Powergirl. That's super surprising to me, but, heck, whatever. Supergirl is still one of DC's flagship female heroes.

So here's my list, and any one of these tough and sexy female characters are great choices to dress up as. Of course, if you want more ideas on sexy popular female superheroes to dress up for Halloween this year, just click that little blue colored link above. 

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