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Monday, September 5, 2011

How To Sell Old Comic Books - Starters Guide To Sell Comic Books For Cash!

My last post covered some great places where you can sell your comic books or comic collection if you're in need of quick cash. This post will cover the essential basics of how to sell old comic books and what you'll need in order to get to started.

If you've stumbled upon this post without reading parts one and two, you can click the link to read PART ONE of Sell Comic Books For Cash, or you can click the link for PART TWO of this article series and read the   post about Where Can I Sell My Comic Books.

So this article will deal with the starting basics you will need concerning how to sell old comic books. Let's dig into this list shall we.

1. The Overstreet Price Guide - You'll need the Overstreet Price Guide in order to determine what price to sell your books at. You'll also need it as it has a pretty good guide on how to grade your comic books. EVERY dealer has this book for a reason, and if you want to sell comics, you'll need this as a reference as well.

2. Detailed List of What You Have - You'll need a detailed list of your comic book or collection. Every smart collector or investor has their collection listed with these specifics detailed:
  1. Titled Series/Volume/Issue.
  2. Grade of comic
  3. Price comic was bought.
  4. Current price of comic.
 3. Another Detailed List of What You Have - This list will omit number 3, which is the "Price Comic Was Bought." The first list is for your personal use to keep track of, and this list is to use to send to any comic dealer or collector who may be looking for particular comics or entire collections.

For both lists you'll want to tally up the total of your entire collection and subtract to that total each comic you end up selling off.

4. Set Up A Place To Sell - Get accounts to ebay, other comic auctions like Comic Link, or make an online store if you plan on selling online.

5. Get Shipping Boxes And Supplies - If you plan on selling online to comic fans and collectors around the nation or globe, you'll need shipping boxes.

6. File Folders - Selling'll need file folders to put in receipts and printed sales records for tax purposes. If you're doing everything through cash, make sure you keep the money off the grid or else be prepared to pay taxes. Selling comics for profit still counts as part of your income!

7. Start A List Of Your Customers Or Connections - When you start making connections and customers, you'll notice that each customer has certain wants or comics they're looking for. They may collect a sole title, or look for only key issues within a certain title or just key issues.

You'll want to know what you're connections are looking for, so when you get something they're looking for in stock, you can contact them or email them. This is extremely important.

There's a comic shop I go to pretty regularly, and I went in there looking for an Amazing Spider-Man #129. He didn't have it, yet he completely forgot I was looking for it every time I stopped in. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS!

Once again I have listed a few places where you can sell your comics in my earlier article on how to sell old comic books and sell comic books for cash.

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