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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cool Adult Superheroes Costumes For The Guys This Year And Beyond!

So I'm sitting here writing this article while watching The Green Hornet movie. In the last post, I gave some awesome ideas for female superheroes costume ideas and a great place to find them.

Alright, however, now it's the guys turn. If you're having a bit of trouble wondering what comic character to be, here are some cool adult superheroes costumes for you guys to ponder. 

Some are quite new, and some are a few years old, but the key word is "cool."  Not cheesy, but cool-looking. Oh, and of course, this list includes superhero villain costumes as well. So let's kick this off:

 In light of the X-Men First Class movie, this new Cyclops costume is a prime choice for this year and bears the classic style of the original X-Men costumes from the comic book. This look is one of the best Cyclops X- Men costumes out there.

Besides, all the ladies love a man who can take charge, and Cyclops is one of the most revered leaders of the X-Men and comic history. Great character and great look for this year, and who wouldn't love to have the ability to omit energy beams or "optic blasts" from their eyes?

 There is no other iconic comic book character that symbolizes America and freedom than Captain America. This costume has taken the look of the movie - Captain America: The First Avenger - and I must admit that the movie was pretty good.

Captain America is not just one of comics greatest leaders. He's the greatest and most respected leader of "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" - The Avengers! If you got the moxie to fill these britches, take command and show your patriotism with this new Captain America: The First Avenger Movie costume.

The time is now, for the most anticipated and ambitious comic book movie ever - The Avengers - is just coming around the corner to a theater near you next year.

The Red Skull Costume 
What would ole Cap be without a great nemesis, and who better and more popular than the Nazi officer - The Red Skull! The Red Skull costume is based off the Captain America: The First Avenger movie and is one of the coolest new superhero villain costumes to come out this year.

With one exception. The mask is only a 1/4 mask, not an entire mask, but I believe the place where they sell this awesome costume online has a full Red Skull mask. Feel like you can handle going toe-to-toe with Captain America? 

If so, then click the link or the image above and become one of Marvel Comic's greatest of villains.

X-Men First Class Costumes - Beast

Down with the mutant cause? Here's another brand new X-Men First Class costumes based off the movie, and this Beast costume has to be one of the coolest new costumes of 2011! Includes jump suit and mask, and is the perfect costume this year for an ultimate X-Men comic book fan.

Be one of the most beloved original X-Men with this Beast costume. Perfect for cosplay and Halloween. Check out by clicking the image, and join your fellow X-Men against The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

 Oh, it's an awesome year this year for comic fans, as new costumes keep rolling out. If you've got a bit of a mischievous side, then you're perfect for the role of Loki, God of Mischief, and step-brother to the God of Thunder, The Mighty Thor!

This awesome costume is based off The Thor movie that was recently in theaters, and it seems the little trouble maker will be in The Avengers movie as well. Perfect time to get this Loki costume. Besides, all the chicks love a good bad boy, so cause a little mayhem for the heroes this year.

 Bumble Bee Adult Transformer Costume
 Brand spanking new and pretty freakin' awesome. If you're a big Transformer fan, why not be one of the most popular Transformer characters ever - Bumble Bee. 

This also is one of the coolest costumes I've seen come out this year, and much better than the Optimus Prime one, which looks a bit awkward and cheesy. The costume is based off the new Transformer 3 Dark of the Moon movie, and will be a huge hit!

So if you're in the mood to kick some Decepticon tail, click the image and get this super cool adult transformer costume. "Autobots, roll out!"

Cobra Commander G.I. Joe Cobra Costume

 Now this is the Cobra Commander costume I remember as a kid, playing with the toys and watching the old Habro/Marvel cartoons. This is Cobra Commander the way he was meant to be...not in the movie...which was a huge let down in terms of seeing Cobra Commander without this classic and iconic getup. 

This is probably one of the coolest Cobra costumes and superhero villain costumes I've yet seen, and I do believe I may just step into the boots of the venomous leader of Cobra and give some Joes a lot of hell this year! 

Like I said, the gals love a good bad boy and a dude who can take charge, and who better to exhibit this than Cobra Commander himself? Watch out Joes!

Collector's Edition Batman Adult Costume

Oh my God! This is absolutely one of the coolest Batman costumes and adult superheroes costumes for guys ever, and it's perfect for Batman fans of the comic book since that's what this costume design is based off of. That's right. It's not a movie costume. It's a replica of how you see and love to see The Dark Knight in comic books.

This is for the true hard-core Batman fan, and this costume is no joke. It's serious and a bit pricey, but if you're a huge fan of cosplay, this costume is just perfect. Get this one and you'll enjoy dressing up as the caped crusader for years to come.

Batman Dark Knight - Batman Grand Heritage Collection Adult Costume

 Okay, if you like the Batman movie look a bit better, than this one is the ultimate and coolest costumes ever. It also happens to be based on one of the coolest Batman movies ever - Batman The Dark Knight!

This is a super sleek and sexy costume that will get you noticed this Halloween, but it's for a serious fan for it is pricey as well. However, like the Collectors edition Batman costume, it's perfect if you're a cosplay fan who regularly dresses up at every comic con, so it will be money well spent.

Become the protector of Gotham with this Grand Heritage Collection Batman costume. Click the image to check it out!

Okay, so there it is. The Green Hornet movie is over, and it was hilarious as usual. This list of cool adult superheroes costumes has also come to an end. Most of these are new 2011 releases, but if none of these tickle your fancy you can click the link to find even more cool adult superheroes costumes for men. 

Oh, yes, and I do have a list of female superheroes costume ideas for you ladies who could use a little help deciding which comic character to rock out this year. Just click that colored link in the above sentence.


  1. This is a good post. Recently, I've been looking for costumes of superheroes on CostumeExpress and still don't know what to choose. Good things is that they have costumes for females.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, and I'm glad you enjoyed my post concerning superhero costumes for cosplay or for Halloween. It's always fun to dress up as your favorite superhero, and I give much kudos to those who also make it fun for all at comic conventions!

    So to those cosplay lovers out there, thank you and much gratitude! Keep up the great work!

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