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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Comic Book Movies Coming 2013 - IRON MAN 3 & THOR 2 SEQUEL?

The comic book movies of 2012 are pretty much all over the place by now. Yes, we have a new Batman movie and the highly anticipated Avengers movie just to name a few, but what about the comic book movies coming 2013?

So Thor has recently been released on DVD and Bluray, and I'm already hearing reports that a Thor sequel is set to be released in theaters in 2013. I was excited to say the least. Not only because the Thor sequel, which I predicted, will boost the value for certain Thor comics, but also because I liked the Thor movie.

Yeah, I know. I actually thought a movie about Thor would be kinda lame in the beginning. Not because I don't like the character in the comics. It was because Thor didn't seem like a character that could translated well to the silver screen.

Boy, was I wrong. WRONG! The movie is actually one of my favorite comic book movies, and I loved every bit of it. I'm excited to see that another sequel is in the works.

Yes, and as you all know me, I'm also excited what a Thor sequel is gonna do for Thor comics. You betcha I am.

Instead of allowing Thor comic books, especially Silver Age comics of his, to lose momentum and decline in value, another sequel will continue to make a few of his comics keep going up in value.

What comic investor or collector doesn't love that?

Thor's sequel will also be released in the same year as Iron Man 3, which the first movie is another one of my favorites in the comic book movie genre.

But Marvel isn't the only one who has big screen plans for 2013. It's also reported that 2 more Green Lantern sequels are in the works.
Rumor has it that these sequels will be released in 2012 and the third Green Lantern slated for 2013. I'm not so sure this is a wise idea for Warner Bros. having the sequels together so close.

Green Lantern did not do so well at the box office, and pumping out sequels in a hurry doesn't seem like they're that interested in the quality of the films. Take your time and come out with a good script first.

However, DC and Warner Bros. have struggled putting out quality flicks for their main superheroes as opposed to Marvel, with the exception of the Batman reboot. Superman Returns was just utter garbage.

Speaking of Superman. It seems the Man of Steel movie has been pushed back to a 2013 release date, and who knows how well this reboot will be. Like I said, DC and Warner Bros. have problems translating their main superheroes to the big screen.

The word is that Warner Bros. are following Marvel's suit in making a DC continuity movie universe, which will intertwine characters that will lead to a potential Justice League movie, as Marvel did with The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America flicks.

The Flash is still waiting for the green light, but has a potential release date for 2013 as well. However, if a Justice League is in the think tank, wouldn't a Wonder Woman movie have to take place? An even bigger question to that is, "Can a Wonder Woman movie even work?"

Hey, I suppose if a couple of geniuses could make a Thor movie pretty cool, a Wonder Woman flick could be awesome as well....if Warner Bros. can find the right people to make it happen, that is.

Of course, these are not the only comic book movies coming 2013. I'm sure there are quite a few that are slated, in the works, or waiting for the green light. If you know of any, be sure to comment.

Back to comic book geekness. So what Thor comics or related Thor comics should one be looking for since a Thor sequel is set in stone. Just click the link to find out what comic books to invest in that the Thor sequel will boost in demand and value.

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