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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Comic Book Movies Coming 2013 - IRON MAN 3 & THOR 2 SEQUEL?

The comic book movies of 2012 are pretty much all over the place by now. Yes, we have a new Batman movie and the highly anticipated Avengers movie just to name a few, but what about the comic book movies coming 2013?

So Thor has recently been released on DVD and Bluray, and I'm already hearing reports that a Thor sequel is set to be released in theaters in 2013. I was excited to say the least. Not only because the Thor sequel, which I predicted, will boost the value for certain Thor comics, but also because I liked the Thor movie.

Yeah, I know. I actually thought a movie about Thor would be kinda lame in the beginning. Not because I don't like the character in the comics. It was because Thor didn't seem like a character that could translated well to the silver screen.

Boy, was I wrong. WRONG! The movie is actually one of my favorite comic book movies, and I loved every bit of it. I'm excited to see that another sequel is in the works.

Yes, and as you all know me, I'm also excited what a Thor sequel is gonna do for Thor comics. You betcha I am.

Instead of allowing Thor comic books, especially Silver Age comics of his, to lose momentum and decline in value, another sequel will continue to make a few of his comics keep going up in value.

What comic investor or collector doesn't love that?

Thor's sequel will also be released in the same year as Iron Man 3, which the first movie is another one of my favorites in the comic book movie genre.

But Marvel isn't the only one who has big screen plans for 2013. It's also reported that 2 more Green Lantern sequels are in the works.
Rumor has it that these sequels will be released in 2012 and the third Green Lantern slated for 2013. I'm not so sure this is a wise idea for Warner Bros. having the sequels together so close.

Green Lantern did not do so well at the box office, and pumping out sequels in a hurry doesn't seem like they're that interested in the quality of the films. Take your time and come out with a good script first.

However, DC and Warner Bros. have struggled putting out quality flicks for their main superheroes as opposed to Marvel, with the exception of the Batman reboot. Superman Returns was just utter garbage.

Speaking of Superman. It seems the Man of Steel movie has been pushed back to a 2013 release date, and who knows how well this reboot will be. Like I said, DC and Warner Bros. have problems translating their main superheroes to the big screen.

The word is that Warner Bros. are following Marvel's suit in making a DC continuity movie universe, which will intertwine characters that will lead to a potential Justice League movie, as Marvel did with The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America flicks.

The Flash is still waiting for the green light, but has a potential release date for 2013 as well. However, if a Justice League is in the think tank, wouldn't a Wonder Woman movie have to take place? An even bigger question to that is, "Can a Wonder Woman movie even work?"

Hey, I suppose if a couple of geniuses could make a Thor movie pretty cool, a Wonder Woman flick could be awesome as well....if Warner Bros. can find the right people to make it happen, that is.

Of course, these are not the only comic book movies coming 2013. I'm sure there are quite a few that are slated, in the works, or waiting for the green light. If you know of any, be sure to comment.

Back to comic book geekness. So what Thor comics or related Thor comics should one be looking for since a Thor sequel is set in stone. Just click the link to find out what comic books to invest in that the Thor sequel will boost in demand and value.

Part 5 of the Best Marvel Silver Age Key Comic & Back Issues To Invest In!

Just when you thought I'd get into some Avengers Silver Age key issue comic books on this definitive of list of Marvel Silver Age comics, I'm sorry to disappoint and not do the obvious. Well, not the obvious in part five of this series anyway.

So in light of hearing that Thor will indeed have another sequel in 2013, I'm continuing my list of the best Silver Age key comic book issues by highlighting some Thor related comics you should think of investing in right now before it gets even closer to 2013!
 Ok, so I'm not starting this list with the obvious Thor related comics to get, but this is no doubt a key issue comic that will be affected by the Thor movie sequel. Actually, a smart comic investor would've got it when news of the first Thor movie went into production.

Why is that you ask? What is it about this comic? This comic is the first appearance of Lady Sif, and yes, as you know already, the character was in the first movie. I have no doubt that Lady Sif will be in the sequel, hopefully still played by the beautiful Jaimie Alexander! 

This comic isn't just a wise investment only because of the Thor movies, it's a wise investment because Lady Sif is an important character in the Thor comic stories as well as his mythology. 

It's also still rather affordable, unlike some other comics that will be listed in this post. NewKadia has two copies of Journey Into Mystery #102. One in VG+ condition and another in good condition. Get this investment with great discount savings by visiting the link or the cover image.

NM (low):  $500
VF: $168
FINE: $69
VG: $46
GD:  $23

Journey Into Mystery #85 
Speaking of a bit more expensive, this comic issue is a must-have for any comic book investment. If you didn't pick this one up before the first Thor movie, it will be highly wise to do so before the Avengers movie hits and the Thor sequel hits in 2013.

For the next two years, demand for this issue will not decrease, as it is the first appearance of Loki in Marvel Comics. However, Loki did make an early appearance when Marvel was Timely Comics back in 1949. The publication of Loki's unofficial first appearance is Venus #6.

Journey Into Mystery #85 is Marvel's official first appearance of Loki, and believe me that this issue is quite a hard find and not as affordable as Lady Sif's first appearance.

This issue also marks the first appearance of Heimdall, 1st brief appearance of Odin, and the first look at the realm of Asgard! See why this issue is so important? 

Below are the Overstreet Price Guide values, but I would not doubt that these values do not reflect the current demand and prices in the present comic market now. I expect this issue is going for well above guide prices.

NM (low):  $3500
VF: $1150
FINE: $405
VG: $270
GD:  $135

Journey Into Mystery #118
Okay, The Destroyer was freakin' badass in the Thor movie, and maybe the sequel may or may not have him. However, this key issue marks the first appearance of The Destroyer, and is an important Silver Age key issue comic book for any serious comic collector or investor to have.

I got this issue at NewKadia and got great discounts on it. The grade was FINE, and now I'm aiming to get an extra copy at VF. Unfortunately, this issue is out of stock at NewKadia.  Yes, I had something to do with that. lol.

NM (low):  $450
VF: $150
FINE: $63
VG: $42
GD:  $21

Journey Into Mystery #119 cover image 
Another important key issue related to the Thor universe. Journey Into Mystery #119 boasts the first appearances of the Warriors Three. That's right. Fendrall, Hogun the Grimm, and Volstagg make their introduction with this key comic book issue.

This issue also happens to be the 2nd appearance of The Destroyer, so it's racked with key issue goodness. NewKadia has this issue at a low fine, so if you want a great key issue Thor related comic book, click the link to grab Journey Into Mystery #119 and get great discount savings as well.

NM (low):  $360
VF: $117
FINE: $48
VG: $32
GD:  $16

Click the link to see part 6 of the best Marvel Silver Age Comics and key comic book issues.

Visit the links below to read back posts to see the list from part 1 to part 6.

Part 6 of Key Silver Age Marvel Comics To Invest In!

Continuing from part 5 of the best key Silver Age Marvel Comics to invest in, this list of Silver Age key comic book issues will deal with Thor related books in light of the recent news of a Thor sequel. So let's get onto the comic book goodness already.

Oh why, oh why this comic? One word: ODIN! Journey Into Mystery #85 had a brief appearance of Thor's pops, but this issue marks the first FULL appearance of all-powerful ODIN!

This issue is getting up there in value even for the lower grades, as you'll see with the Overstreet guide values. However, is this book going for more than guide prices in the present comic market. You bet. Especially now that there's confirmation of a Thor sequel.

The more you wait, the higher the prices you'll pay. Decide not to get this book? You'll be missing out on a great investment choice. has a CGC graded 4.0 copy for sale as a consignment. Finding these hot key issues at or below suggested guide price are becoming increasingly rare.

Once again, Overstreet Guide sometimes doesn't reflect the current market's demand and value for certain key issues that are extremely HOT!

Nonetheless, you can check out the copy of the very first full appearance of Odin and make your own decision whether it's worth it or not. I think it's well worth the investment, and just think of how much it will go up in 2013 when the Thor sequel hits theaters.

NM (low):  $2100
VF:  $689
FINE: $243
VG: $162
GD: $81

The first appearance of The Enchantress. A notable antagonist of The Mighty Thor, this is the first Enchantress in the Marvel universe, known as Amora, a powerful sorceress and member of The Masters of Evil, a group The Avengers have often squared off against.

This comic is still quite affordable at lower and mid grades. A very fine may stretch the wallet a tad, but this Thor related key issue comic book is a great investment. 

It may not be a prime key issue like Journey Into Mystery #86 (1st full appearance of Odin), but it's worth getting since it's a currently a "buyer's market" now. Once this buyer's market ends, expect all these 25% discounts on comics to cease.

NewKadia has this issue in a low very good grade at only $48.08. Feel like adding more investment value to your collection? Visit the link or click the cover image to grab this copy of Journey Into Mystery #103 and get the first appearance of The Enchantress.

NM (low):  $600
VF:  $197
FINE: $81
VG: $54
GD: $27

Do I really have to say much about this particular issue? Well, if you don't know, this is the very first appearance of The Mighty Thor in the Marvel Universe! Yes, this would be an ultimate item to invest in. However, it's extremely expensive.

The price isn't the only problem about this bad boy. Finding it is another problem. It's extremely rare and valuable even at lower grades. has a low grade 0.5 PGX graded copy. Click the link or cover image to see this low grade copy of the first appearance of Thor.

But, damn, just think if you had or have this in your collection? I'd be smiling from ear to ear, because I know that this issue will just keep rising and rising and rising, especially since Thor is getting so much love from Hollywood right now.

NM (low):  $30,000
VF:  $10,350
FINE: $3105
VG: $2070
GD: $1033

 This one marks the very first issue of Thor's self-titled series. Yes, The Mighty Thor comic series is continued from the Journey Into Mystery series. Those at Marvel just decided to give Thor his own book and rightly so!

By the cover you can guess that this issue deals with the great and first Thor vs. Hercules epic fight. Who doesn't like seeing two Gods go at it? I sure do!

This comic is in demand because of 2012's The Avengers movie, which will have Thor in it, so people are paying above guide price for this comic book.

Even when the new Thor sequel hits in 2013, the Overstreet guide prices for that year will behind that current year's demand and value for this book and many other Thor books on this list. has multiple copies of this issue in stock. One is up for auction at the time of this writing at a VG/FN 4.0. It's not CGC graded. However, they have other copies in stock in VG and one at FN/VF.

NM (low):  $525
VF:  $175
FINE: $72
VG: $48
GD: $24

 First appearance of the God, Pluto, and second issue of Thor's first self-titled series. Still quite affordable and a pain to find in higher mid grades and higher grades. Still a notable key issue, though Pluto isn't really a main key character in the Thor comics.

It's still a good investment to get, and of course, I've got a lead for you. Unfortunately, NewKadia doesn't have this in stock, but does.

Take a look at the price of Thor #127 at and compare it to the Overstreet Price Guide.

This is a classic example of a key issue comic that's not currently at peak demand, unlike like Journey Into Mystery #83, 86, and Thor #126.

The book is selling for $46.50 at a FN/VF grade (unslabbed), which is exactly at the price Overstreet guides this comic at.

NM (low):  $525
VF:  $175
FINE: $72
VG: $22
GD: $11

Not a major key issue, but an important one. This is the 1st full appearance of Adam Warlock as the entity known as Him. Yes, it's before he was transformed into the Adam Warlock we know of today.

Warlock's first brief appearance is in Fantastic Four #67, in which he appeared in cocoon form. I have this issue at a quite high grade...a VF/NM...and I'm glad I did so.

Like issue #127, you can see that this comic is pretty close to Overstreet Guide, because it's not a high demand key issue, in which will be overly affected by a Thor movie, unless, of course, the Thor 2 movie makes an introduction of Adam Warlock as Him.

NewKadia has a very good copy of this book, as well as I do prefer NewKadia as they always have discount coupons running now. seems to be lacking on that...hint, hint!

Anyhow, you can click either of the links and determine yourself. This is a really great inexpensive key Silver Age comic to get and add extra value to your comic investments.

NM (low):  $125
VF:  $54
FINE: $24
VG: $16
GD: $8

Alrighty, alrighty...I finished up the Thor related books. Once again, if you missed the previous parts to this list, you can click the links below to see the best key issue comic books and best Silver Age Marvel Comics to get and invest in.

    As always, if you have comments or think I missed a Silver Age key issue that should go on this list, suggestions are always welcome.

    Saturday, September 17, 2011

    More of The Best Silver Age Marvel Comics - Marvel Key Issues Part 4

    In light of the Captain America: The First Avenger movie, and the highly anticipated Avengers movie coming out next year, it's a surprise I've not mentioned any of these in my list of The Best Silver Age Marvel Comics list yet.

    Trust me, this list of Marvel Key Issues from the Silver Age of comics will be an ongoing list that will be frequently updated and continued throughout time. So let's continue onward from my earlier posts about this subject.

    This key comic book issue marks the first appearance of Captain America in the Silver Age of comics. Cap is a Golden Age character, but was discontinued for awhile during that era. Captain America #100 is the revival of ole Cap and his triumphant return. 

    This issue is not an easy's quite a hunt for this book, but it's one of the best key comic issues of the Silver Age era.  A true investment that will always be in high demand, and of course, the Captain America movie and the Avengers movie are both increasing the demand for this book and the prices as well.

    The new comic book price guide doesn't really reflect the current demand and price of this book. Even the new price values in Overstreet are behind the actual present demand for this book and Avengers' books, and collectors are paying higher prices for certain key issues than the values presented in Overstreet. 

    NM (low):  $650
    VF:  $215
    FINE: $84
    VG: $56
    GD: $28 has this issue, and you can click the link to check out this book and other Captain America comics for sale.

    Another key Silver Age Captain America comic. This comic issue retells the awesome origin of Cap, and is a must for any comic collection investment. This key issue is still quite affordable at lower and mid grades. Make sure you get the first printing and don't overpay for the 1994 2nd printing.

    NM (low):  $135
    VF:  $58
    FINE: $24
    VG: $16
    GD: $8

    Unfortunately, Newkadia doesn't have this book in stock, but has one up for auction at a low VF at the time of this writing. The current bid is at $51.00. You can check it out by clicking the link and seeing if this Captain America #109 key issue is for you.

    Rick Jones dons the Bucky uniform and partners up with Cap. I have this issue and got it at a great deal and discount at NewKadia. This key issue also boasts the very first appearance of Madame Hydra. As you can tell by the cover, this comic also has an appearance of The Incredible Hulk.

    NewKadia has not restocked this issue, and has a copy in stock at a VF grade for $81 smackers.

    NM (low):  $180
    VF:  $70
    FINE: $30
    VG: $20
    GD: $10

    Another great Marvel key issue comic book to consider adding to your collection is the very first appearance of The Falcon, who later becomes Caps partner in later issues. 

    Although, The Falcon never really became a key character in the Marvel Universe, his run with Captain America in the comics was quite popular to many fans. has two copies in stock. One is in VG/FN condition at $40 dollars, and the other is $33 bucks in VG condition. 

    NM (low):  $220
    VF:  $80
    FINE: $33
    VG: $22
    GD: $11

    Click the link if you're looking to get the 1st appearance of The Falcon to add to your comic book collection.

    This is part four of some of the best Marvel key issue comics from the Silver Age, and as I mentioned before, it's an ongoing list or series. So click the links below to navigate your way through this series.

    Friday, September 9, 2011

    More Avengers Movie Pictures - Loki Confirmed As A Villain In The Avengers Flick!

    So many have been asking who's The Avengers movie villain, but these pictures from the taken on set of The Avengers movie has confirmed that Loki is indeed one of the villains in film.
     Part of the cast in The Avengers movie: From let to right the ever lovely and sexy Scarlett Johannson, Tom Hiddleson, Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans. Credit: EyePrime and CeleBuzz

    More proof that Loki will be a villain in the upcoming The Avengers movie. 
    Robert Downey Jr. joins the cast on set as Tony Stark aka The Invincible Iron Man.
    3 Avengers - Captain America (Chris Evans), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and The Black Widow (Scarlett Johannson). I don't know about you, but Cap's costume looks a bit cheesy. Just look at the pic below. His mask looks a bit odd. Scarlett of course looks as hot as ever!

     Now all we need is confirmation that the Skrulls will also be in this film or if Thanos will be making a surprise cameo.

    Pictures by eye prime and celebuzz and are copyrighted. For more pictures, click the link to check out

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Cool Adult Superheroes Costumes For The Guys This Year And Beyond!

    So I'm sitting here writing this article while watching The Green Hornet movie. In the last post, I gave some awesome ideas for female superheroes costume ideas and a great place to find them.

    Alright, however, now it's the guys turn. If you're having a bit of trouble wondering what comic character to be, here are some cool adult superheroes costumes for you guys to ponder. 

    Some are quite new, and some are a few years old, but the key word is "cool."  Not cheesy, but cool-looking. Oh, and of course, this list includes superhero villain costumes as well. So let's kick this off:

     In light of the X-Men First Class movie, this new Cyclops costume is a prime choice for this year and bears the classic style of the original X-Men costumes from the comic book. This look is one of the best Cyclops X- Men costumes out there.

    Besides, all the ladies love a man who can take charge, and Cyclops is one of the most revered leaders of the X-Men and comic history. Great character and great look for this year, and who wouldn't love to have the ability to omit energy beams or "optic blasts" from their eyes?

     There is no other iconic comic book character that symbolizes America and freedom than Captain America. This costume has taken the look of the movie - Captain America: The First Avenger - and I must admit that the movie was pretty good.

    Captain America is not just one of comics greatest leaders. He's the greatest and most respected leader of "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" - The Avengers! If you got the moxie to fill these britches, take command and show your patriotism with this new Captain America: The First Avenger Movie costume.

    The time is now, for the most anticipated and ambitious comic book movie ever - The Avengers - is just coming around the corner to a theater near you next year.

    The Red Skull Costume 
    What would ole Cap be without a great nemesis, and who better and more popular than the Nazi officer - The Red Skull! The Red Skull costume is based off the Captain America: The First Avenger movie and is one of the coolest new superhero villain costumes to come out this year.

    With one exception. The mask is only a 1/4 mask, not an entire mask, but I believe the place where they sell this awesome costume online has a full Red Skull mask. Feel like you can handle going toe-to-toe with Captain America? 

    If so, then click the link or the image above and become one of Marvel Comic's greatest of villains.

    X-Men First Class Costumes - Beast

    Down with the mutant cause? Here's another brand new X-Men First Class costumes based off the movie, and this Beast costume has to be one of the coolest new costumes of 2011! Includes jump suit and mask, and is the perfect costume this year for an ultimate X-Men comic book fan.

    Be one of the most beloved original X-Men with this Beast costume. Perfect for cosplay and Halloween. Check out by clicking the image, and join your fellow X-Men against The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

     Oh, it's an awesome year this year for comic fans, as new costumes keep rolling out. If you've got a bit of a mischievous side, then you're perfect for the role of Loki, God of Mischief, and step-brother to the God of Thunder, The Mighty Thor!

    This awesome costume is based off The Thor movie that was recently in theaters, and it seems the little trouble maker will be in The Avengers movie as well. Perfect time to get this Loki costume. Besides, all the chicks love a good bad boy, so cause a little mayhem for the heroes this year.

     Bumble Bee Adult Transformer Costume
     Brand spanking new and pretty freakin' awesome. If you're a big Transformer fan, why not be one of the most popular Transformer characters ever - Bumble Bee. 

    This also is one of the coolest costumes I've seen come out this year, and much better than the Optimus Prime one, which looks a bit awkward and cheesy. The costume is based off the new Transformer 3 Dark of the Moon movie, and will be a huge hit!

    So if you're in the mood to kick some Decepticon tail, click the image and get this super cool adult transformer costume. "Autobots, roll out!"

    Cobra Commander G.I. Joe Cobra Costume

     Now this is the Cobra Commander costume I remember as a kid, playing with the toys and watching the old Habro/Marvel cartoons. This is Cobra Commander the way he was meant to be...not in the movie...which was a huge let down in terms of seeing Cobra Commander without this classic and iconic getup. 

    This is probably one of the coolest Cobra costumes and superhero villain costumes I've yet seen, and I do believe I may just step into the boots of the venomous leader of Cobra and give some Joes a lot of hell this year! 

    Like I said, the gals love a good bad boy and a dude who can take charge, and who better to exhibit this than Cobra Commander himself? Watch out Joes!

    Collector's Edition Batman Adult Costume

    Oh my God! This is absolutely one of the coolest Batman costumes and adult superheroes costumes for guys ever, and it's perfect for Batman fans of the comic book since that's what this costume design is based off of. That's right. It's not a movie costume. It's a replica of how you see and love to see The Dark Knight in comic books.

    This is for the true hard-core Batman fan, and this costume is no joke. It's serious and a bit pricey, but if you're a huge fan of cosplay, this costume is just perfect. Get this one and you'll enjoy dressing up as the caped crusader for years to come.

    Batman Dark Knight - Batman Grand Heritage Collection Adult Costume

     Okay, if you like the Batman movie look a bit better, than this one is the ultimate and coolest costumes ever. It also happens to be based on one of the coolest Batman movies ever - Batman The Dark Knight!

    This is a super sleek and sexy costume that will get you noticed this Halloween, but it's for a serious fan for it is pricey as well. However, like the Collectors edition Batman costume, it's perfect if you're a cosplay fan who regularly dresses up at every comic con, so it will be money well spent.

    Become the protector of Gotham with this Grand Heritage Collection Batman costume. Click the image to check it out!

    Okay, so there it is. The Green Hornet movie is over, and it was hilarious as usual. This list of cool adult superheroes costumes has also come to an end. Most of these are new 2011 releases, but if none of these tickle your fancy you can click the link to find even more cool adult superheroes costumes for men. 

    Oh, yes, and I do have a list of female superheroes costume ideas for you ladies who could use a little help deciding which comic character to rock out this year. Just click that colored link in the above sentence.

    Monday, September 5, 2011

    How To Sell Old Comic Books - Starters Guide To Sell Comic Books For Cash!

    My last post covered some great places where you can sell your comic books or comic collection if you're in need of quick cash. This post will cover the essential basics of how to sell old comic books and what you'll need in order to get to started.

    If you've stumbled upon this post without reading parts one and two, you can click the link to read PART ONE of Sell Comic Books For Cash, or you can click the link for PART TWO of this article series and read the   post about Where Can I Sell My Comic Books.

    So this article will deal with the starting basics you will need concerning how to sell old comic books. Let's dig into this list shall we.

    1. The Overstreet Price Guide - You'll need the Overstreet Price Guide in order to determine what price to sell your books at. You'll also need it as it has a pretty good guide on how to grade your comic books. EVERY dealer has this book for a reason, and if you want to sell comics, you'll need this as a reference as well.

    2. Detailed List of What You Have - You'll need a detailed list of your comic book or collection. Every smart collector or investor has their collection listed with these specifics detailed:
    1. Titled Series/Volume/Issue.
    2. Grade of comic
    3. Price comic was bought.
    4. Current price of comic.
     3. Another Detailed List of What You Have - This list will omit number 3, which is the "Price Comic Was Bought." The first list is for your personal use to keep track of, and this list is to use to send to any comic dealer or collector who may be looking for particular comics or entire collections.

    For both lists you'll want to tally up the total of your entire collection and subtract to that total each comic you end up selling off.

    4. Set Up A Place To Sell - Get accounts to ebay, other comic auctions like Comic Link, or make an online store if you plan on selling online.

    5. Get Shipping Boxes And Supplies - If you plan on selling online to comic fans and collectors around the nation or globe, you'll need shipping boxes.

    6. File Folders - Selling'll need file folders to put in receipts and printed sales records for tax purposes. If you're doing everything through cash, make sure you keep the money off the grid or else be prepared to pay taxes. Selling comics for profit still counts as part of your income!

    7. Start A List Of Your Customers Or Connections - When you start making connections and customers, you'll notice that each customer has certain wants or comics they're looking for. They may collect a sole title, or look for only key issues within a certain title or just key issues.

    You'll want to know what you're connections are looking for, so when you get something they're looking for in stock, you can contact them or email them. This is extremely important.

    There's a comic shop I go to pretty regularly, and I went in there looking for an Amazing Spider-Man #129. He didn't have it, yet he completely forgot I was looking for it every time I stopped in. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS!

    Once again I have listed a few places where you can sell your comics in my earlier article on how to sell old comic books and sell comic books for cash.

    Sunday, September 4, 2011

    My Top List of Female Superheroes - Some of The Most Popular Female Superheroes!

    If there's been an on-going debate among comic fans, it's the sexiest female superheroes or the most popular or whatnot. I'm incorporating all three, so here's my top list of female superheroes that are some of the most popular female superheroes in comic books in no particular order. You can judge yourself.

    You can just see by the picture above the reason why Emma Frost made this list as one of the most popular and sexy female superheroes out there. Ever since her first appearance as a Hell Fire Club baddie in Uncanny X-Men #129, fans have loved her for her...uhmmm...various assets.

    Her main power other than looking drop dead gorgeous is Telepathy and can boost a mutants powers through access of the brain. That's a pretty darn kick ass power, and hot female comic fans seem to always choose her costume for Halloween as well as Cosplay at comic cons. 

    No wonder why she also made my list of The Top Sexy Female Superheroes Costume Ideas.

    Okay, who can deny that this southern belle just has that sexy charm, but yet can kick major ass too? Any female superhero that says, "Hey, Sugah," before walloping you deserves to be on this list. Moreover, and despite her seductive good looks and charm, she can steal your life essence!

    Just ask Ms. Marvel, in which Rogue stole her powers permanently, giving her the ability to fly and making her nearly indestructible. Plus, we all like them redheads and that fiery attitude they sometimes seem to have! Well, it's no doubt that she does.

    There is perhaps no female superhero that is more iconic than Wonder Woman, and ever since I saw the old Wonder Woman T.V. show, starring the ever lovely Linda Carter, this character has always held a special place in my heart. 

    Even my girlfriend dressed up as her last Halloween, and you can say I was more than elated or thrilled. Wonder Woman is also one of the top characters that females dress up as during Halloween and Cosplay, and if you want to see two new and awesome adult Wonder Woman costumes that came out this year, just click the link.

    Wonder Woman is just a kick butt and classic female superhero. Many female superheroes come and go and fade out, but the Amazonian princess has stood the test of time for so many decades. There's a reason why, you all, and for that simple reason she has to be on any top list of female superheroes.

    Going through many incarnations in her character's history, there's no doubt that the modern Huntress is just a vigilante bombshell that needs to be mentioned. Like Batman, she kicks ass with no real super powers...just major combat skills, agility, strength, and intelligence.

    Oh yes, and I forgot. Since she is the daughter of a Mafia crime lord and her family was murdered...she fights with a viciousness that even the Dark Knight himself often questions. I don't know...I guess I just love them dark-haired beauties who can pull off sexy and tough at the same time.

    A list of the top female superheroes can't be complete without everyone's favorite telepathic mutant, redhead, and original X-Men member, Jean Grey. I think her look as Marvel Girl near the Bronze Age of comics was indeed sexy in a totally retro way, and I think a lot of cosplay fans also prefer this outfit as opposed to the modern look or her original X-Men outfit as well.

    One of the most powerful telepathic and telekinetic mutants on the planet, it's obvious that she doesn't just look good but can totally throw down as she is considered an Omega-level mutie. 

    I guess we really do love those redheads, but Russian ones? Fuggedaboudid! This ass-kicking super spy was actually a dark-haired beauty when she first appeared in Tales of Suspense #52. However, I think everyone agrees that the red locks definitely go better with that black leather outfit.

    Plus, it was super awesome to see Scarlett Johansson as a redhead and kicking mucho butt in that super tight outfit in Iron Man 2. Who didn't like that? Rene Russo back in the day would've been a much better choice, but I ain't complaining.

    However, we get to see her again in the upcoming Avengers movie, and the fact that her character will be a part of the biggest, ambitious, and, perhaps, most epic comic book movie in history, The Black Widow as has earned her right on the top list of female superheroes of all time.

    No list of female superheroes would be much of list without the feline vixen Catwoman. It's no doubt that Catwoman is one of the most popular female superheroes on the planet. 

    She started off as a villain in the DC universe, and is one of Batman's oldest foes for her first appearance was in Batman issue number one. 

    However, her character has come a long way since then, and she's much more of an anti hero nowadays...neither good nor bad, she makes this list because everyone loves a tough chick who does her own thing.

    She's even such a great character that she has held a place in Batman's heart for so many years, in which no comic fan can deny that ole Batty truly loves Selena Kyle.

    Any gal that can control the weather was meant to whomp some serious butt! And there's no doubt that Storm does. This sexy mutant is one of the most popular female superheroes of all time in the world of comics.

    Unlike most female heroes on this list, Storm isn't that old and her first appearance was during the bronze age of comics. Yes, Giant Size X-Men came out in 1975, the year I was born. No wonder it's such a prized comic to own. 
    Hell any gal that can rock a Mohawk and still look damn sexy is aces in my book. I wonder if they proposed that look for Halle Barry during any of the X-Men movies. Besides, there's nothing more sexier than a female who knows how to take charge.

     One of Marvels classic blonde hotties that really needs no introduction. The fact that she can turn invisible and can produce offensive and defensive psionic fields of energy is just too cool. 

    Every female that has dressed up as Sue Storm has looked incredibly awesome, hot, and matter if for Cosplay or Halloween or just for the heck of it. It's no wonder that Namor has such an infatuation on her, even if she was bombarded by...errr...cosmic rays.

    Jessica Alba was a terrible choice to play Sue Storm. There was so many other blonde beauties in Hollywood to choose from that would've been a much better choice. Regardless she is still one of Marvel's most popular female superheroes and even Jessica Alba can't mess that up.

    Oh my god, is there even any reason to question why Power Girl has become such a popular DC female hero? Other than her looks, she has personality, a great sense of humor, and way too cool super powers.

    Oh yes, she's the cousin of Superman. Not second, or third, but first cousin of Superman so you know she can whoop a lot of tail. Yeah, under normal circumstances, I would say it's kinda weird calling an alien sexy, but then again she's from Krypton and they look just like we do.

    Besides, like I said, we like take-charge women, and Power Girl was the first ever chair woman of The Justice Society of America. She also has an aggressive fighting style that can match up with even the big boy superheroes. 

    She is another Bronze Age beauty that has captured the hearts of comics fans to make her one of the most popular DC heroines of today.

    If Jean Grey as Marvel Girl is a sexy popular choice among comic fans then her as Phoenix ups her sexiness by ten fold. Not only does the cosmic entity make her a powerhouse in the comic realm, but it also gives her a more brazen attitude and swagger.

    This attitude gets even worse and sexier as she begins to transform more and more into the Dark Phoenix in Chris Claremont's and John Byrne's famous and beloved Uncanny X-Men run. The more powerful the hotter she got. Can you see a connection here?

    Once again this comic character is a favorite for comic fans to dress up as, and the reason for that is pretty clear: Phoenix & Dark Phoenix kicks much ass! So if you're thinking about becoming this powerful and hot vixen, good choice and go grab yourself a Phoenix Jean Grey costume. You won't regret it.

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