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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why You Should Invest In Horror Comics Books And Which Ones!

Horror comics. Some like the genre and some love the genre. Horror comic books range from everything to Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Ghosts, and whatnot. Personally, I'm not into horror comics, and I'm really not into zombies. The whole zombie thing for me is getting really tiring and lame.

What isn't getting tiring and lame is that many horror comics are quite good investments to make with comic books, and I'll give you a few reasons why real quick.

1. Horror is quite a big market and that means there are many fans for this genre.

2. Halloween happens every year!

Yes, Halloween comes around every year, and during this time, demand for horror comics seem to rise. It's like having an X-Men movie come out every single year to drive up demand for X-Men comics. Get my drift? Since Halloween is right around the corner, it's a perfect time to get the word out.

You can never go wrong with some of the older horror titles back in the day, and many of them also spawned some great 1st appearances that are important comic collector's items. The great thing about these books is that many aren't hard to find since they're from the bronze age instead of the silver age of comics.

So let's get started with some great horror comics to add to your collection.

Tomb Of Dracula #1 (1972 Series)

Still an affordable investment that isn't way too hard to reach. Of course, getting the #1 issue of Tomb of Dracula from the 1st series would be a no-brainer investment.  Newkadia has a Tomb of Dracula number #1 at a low VF for $ 98.46. As usual Newkadia has major savings and discounts. So for today you can get Tomb of Dracula #1 with a 20% discount. So that would be $19.69 off with a total of $78.77. Not bad for a comic book that is valued around $101. Just be sure to type in the discount code they have to the very left.

 Tomb of Dracula #10 (1972 Series)

Yes, you guessed it right. This Tomb of Dracula issue is the very first appearance of Blade: The Vampire Slayer. Before the character got popular and Wesley Snipes donned the role in the trilogy, Blade made his humble beginnings in a horror comic book from the bronze age.

To show the importance of this key issue, it's actually worth more than Tomb of Dracula #1. This one is also harder to find, but once again those great folks at Newkadia do have a copy at Very Fine, which is quite a good investment grade, going for $ 145.57.  

Of course, that's the price before the discount, and for today only I suspect, this price gets you a 22% discount. So you save $32.02 and get it for only $113.55. That's a great deal, and I'm actually surprised they have a copy since the first appearance of Blade is not an easy comic book to find, especially at a high grade.

Werewolf By Night #1 (1972 Series)

Between Vampires and Werewolves, I like werewolves better, and, of course, if you're going to invest in horror comics, no collection would be complete without Werewolf By Night #1. Like Tomb of Dracula, this series also began in 1972, the same year my brother was born. No wonder why he's a nightmare.

Seriously though, this comic isn't easy to find. I was lucky to find my copy and it was a low to mid grade copy. A low near mint NM- is around $250 with a NM 9.4 probably in the $300 range. A mid grade copy is around $40 bucks, but anything lower than a solid FINE is not worth getting. 

Believe it or not this comic is still affordable to get. A Very Fine is still under $100 and currently guides for $89.00. If you can get a good discount from your local comic dealer, it's well worth it then. 

Werewolf By Night #32 (1972 Series)

This comic is hugely important, as it boasts the very first appearance of Moon Knight. This character has been compared to as "Marvel's Batman," and Moon Knight became quite popular with comic fans. This issue is NOT an easy find to say the least. It's definitely a comic you'll hunt for, especially at a higher grade. 

A low near mint will dent your wallet around $200 bucks, while a VF (very fine) is lower than a hundred dollars and sits at guide around $75.00. Either grade is acceptable and well worth the investment. I would not go lower than a Very Fine. I have one of these copies at a VG (very good) and the value at this grade has risen quite slowly and not much.

If you plan to collect a nice run of Werewolf By Night or even a full run of the series since there's only 43 issues, I would invest my money in a VF for both issues #1 and #32, and have most of the other issues in the mid grade areal, with a few at a very good plus - VG+ - range.

You'll want to have the key issues at the highest grade you can afford. The filler issues in-between don't have to be high grade, but nothing lower than a VG+. These comics are still quite affordable. If they were in the thousand dollar range, I'd definitely suggest a VG copy but they're not.

Remember, Halloween comes by every year to give these comics a nice push in demand. They're still affordable, and what I mean by this is that they wont completely drain your bank account. However, these horror comics are investments just like the other comics you've hunted down and placed in your collection. If you plan on holding on to them for some time, you will be rewarded.

There is a Part 2 to this series that was recently just finished. Just click the CONTINUE TO PART 2 to discover more horror comics to invest in.


  1. Perhaps Marvel Spotlight On number 2 would be a better choice than Werewolf number one as its Werewolfs first appearance, good article though enjoyed it.

  2. Marvel Spotlight #2 would be a great investment choice for valuable horror comics. Thanks for the response.

  3. Early bronze DCs in NM, 1969-1973 like Phantom Stranger, Witching Hour, Dark Mansion...serious artist talent wrapped up in many of these titles, granted Marvel has it's share of talent in the early Bronze Age horror genre.

    1. Hey Rick, thanks for these suggestions. I'll have to include those when I get into the Silver Age/Bronze Age portion of this ongoing horror series. Those will definitely appear. This is one of my earlier posts, so I apologize for the jumping around from Bronze Age to Golden Age in part 2, but it is what it is for now.

      Thanks, man!

  4. This seems to fly in the face of the article you just posted.

    Any idea of what a high grade Witching Hour would go for?