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Monday, August 22, 2011

More of The Best Silver Age Marvel Comics To Own Part 7

Alrighty, comic's the seventh part to the wonderful list of the best Silver Age Marvel Comics to have in your collection.

Do I really need to explain this one? This is the very first appearance of FF and the origin as well. Yes, it's a huge, huge, key issue that only a few are so lucky to have in their collection. Monstrous investment choice and not cheap at least nowadays.

However, every serious comic investor knows that Fantastic Four #1 is an absolute must-have for their collection. Well, that's if they can afford it. Click here if you're on the hunt for this key issue and grab a copy of Fantastic Four #1.

NM (low) - $80,000 (Yowza!)
VF -$24,000
FINE - $7500
VG - $5000
GD - $2500

Fantastic Four #2
First appearance of the skrulls, baby! Those shift shaping green aliens hit the comic book world in the 2nd issue of FF, making this issue another huge silver age key issue to own. Also, it's been rumored that the Skrulls may be in the Avengers movie (didn't happen, but still, they are due for a movie appearance soon), and if that's true, this comic's demand will start shifting upwards.

An extremely hard find, but if you got a pretty decent size comic convention in your area, a few dealers will probably have a copy for sale, and it's always good to haggle with them at these venues.

NM (low) - $11,000
VF -$3700
FINE - $1230
VG - $820
GD - $410

Fantastic Four #3
First appearance of The Fantastic Four in their nifty and iconic blue costumes. Unlike most superheroes who started with an original costumes like Daredevil that just didn't make the grade, the FF costumes were so complimentary they didn't change throughout the years. It's also the first appearance of the Baxter Building.

This book is a definite must for Fantastic Four comic collectors to have, and any smart comic investor will agree about the importance and value off owning this issue. Once again, it's not an easy or cheap find.

NM (low) - $9200
VF -$2961
FINE - $987
VG - $658
GD - $350

Fantastic Four #5
The first appearance and origin of Doctor Victor Von Doom, most known as Doctor Doom. Why this is a huge key issue and one of the best Silver Age Marvel Comics to get is because, as everyone knows, Doctor Doom is the FF's most popular and formidable villain. 

This issue is worth more than the Fantastic Four's first costumed appearance, so if that doesn't say, "You should own me!" I don't know what does. However, that's if you can find me. 

UPDATE: Get in on this one now. Fox has already confirmed that a Fantastic Four Reboot will be released in 2015! There's no doubt that Dr. Doom will make another onscreen appearance in the reboot.

NM (low) - $14,000
VF -$4700
FINE - $1560
VG - $1040
GD - $520

The Fantastic Four's first meeting with The Hulk. This issue kicks off the first of the epic battles and classic rivalry between The Thing and The Hulk, which is why this particular issue is a lot more valuable than many of other FF issues.

Those beautiful folks at NewKadia have a VG copy for this issue in stock at a discounted $684.08 sale price, but you also get a discount coupon. How much you get off depends on if this is your first time buying from NewKadia or if you're a returning customer.

New customers can get 30% off their order while guys like me who are return customers can get up to 22%, which ain't bad either. Either way, you can get this comic for one heck of a deal. With 22% coupon you can get $150.50 off, and with 30% you can get a whopping $205.22 off this book. 

 Damn I wish I was a new customer there! Mycomicshop doesn't have this badboy and neither does Mile High Comics. So if you've been looking for this issue, click the link or the image to get Fantastic Four #12 and the very first Hulk vs Thing battle.

NM (low) - $10,000
VF -$3213
FINE - $1071
VG - $714
GD - $357

Oh, hell yeah, this is the very first appearance of two iconic Fantastic Four cosmic characters. Actually, I should say two of the most iconic of cosmic characters in the Marvel Universe. Issue #48 boasts the very first appearance of Galactus and the first appearance of Silver Surfer!

Yes, the Fantastic Four movie was partially based on this comic and you got this issue before then, you were one smart puppy and congrats. I hope you kept it, because it's a keeper. Valuable too,  but still very affordable at VG and mid grades.

NewKadia doesn't have this book but mycomicshop has two consignments. One is a CGC graded 6.5 (Fine+) at $350 and an unslabbed copy at a 3.5 VG (low) for $150. Both are consignments which would make sense, as the 3.5 low VG copy is well above guide.

However, the CGC copy is decently priced, so if you've been on the hunt for this issue, click the blue colored links to check out the first appearance of Silver Surfer at mycomicshop.

NM (low) - $1500
VF -$493
FINE - $174
VG - $116
GD - $58

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