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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Japanese Spider-Man! What Were They Thinking?

In tribute of the new Amazing Spider-Man reboot movie coming out pretty soon, I'm gonna post this hilarious monstrosity that Marvel supposedly sold the licensing rights for Spider-Man to the Japanese market during the late 70s. What erupted from this colossal blunder was a Japanese Spider-Man show that should've never happened.

Word of advice: Foreign markets always do some weird and zanny things to characters that make absolutely no sense. Just watch the trailer and you'll see that Spider-Man has a robot. Of course, Japan and their robots. This is actually posted by If I were them, I would've burned every last episode and denied any involvement. If this doesn't actively show that Stan "the Man" Lee would've done anything for
a few dollars, I don't know what does. Then again we wouldn't have Japanese Spiderman to laugh at...not with.

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