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Friday, August 12, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger The Movie 2011 Review

So I'm a bit late on the ball here, and it doesn't really matter because I was pretty skeptical about Captain America the movie when I heard about it way before 2011. My main concern was how to get past the campy outfit Cappy wears in the comic book?

What was Hollywood going to do with that road block? I was interested for that reason. Then came the announcement of Chris Evans as Captain America. I thought it was strange, considering he was also The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four flicks.

I thought it was cool that were going to base the movie during Cap's World War II era, in which begins his origin, of course, so I was a bit relieved with that.

However, after just recently watching the movie, I have largely mixed emotions about Captain America: The First Avenger. I loved the way they kept Steve Roger's original comic book origin, about how he was too skinny and frail to be accepted by the army.

What I didn't like was how Hollywood once again messed with timelines. There was something about Bucky being his longtime friend who use to stick up for Steve Rogers as a kid that irked me. It didn't seem right at all.

If you don't know the comic book origins, Bucky is Captain America's sidekick. He's just a teenager like Cap, but Cap has always been taller and bigger than Bucky. It was too weird to see Bucky bigger than Steve Rogers at one point in the film. They shouldn't have done that.

Of course, the beginning was great, aside for Bucky being introduced way to early, and I enjoyed how the film emphasized just how frail Steve Rogers was and the hurdles he had to go through. You understood his mindset clearly and that was good.

After that, the movie just got lost and tried to do way too much. I was disappointed that they did not go through Captain America's training after the experiment was successful. It was like, all the sudden, he knew how to control his augmented body just like that.

They could've shown him train more and developed his character, and they could've went with the original introduction of Bucky, in which Bucky learns of Captain America's true identity and bribes Steve Rogers into training him.

That storyline is quite plausible, and it was a lot better than in the Captain America movie where he ends up being some kind of performer asking people to buy bonds because the military still didn't accept him. That was a complete waste and a lousy shift in the movie.They could've axed that whole part and went with the original meeting between Cap and Bucky.

I did find it amusing that while he was performing onstage he was dressed up in Captain America's actual comic book outfit. It was a nice jab to poke fun of, and I got the humor.

Hugo Weaving was quite good, of course, and I have to hand it to Chris Evans. He did a splendid job, and even convinced me that he was ole Cap himself. It was even cool how they introduced the character of Peggy Carter, played by the very lovely Hayley Atwell.
Peggy Carter actually was a love interest for Captain America in the comics, and her character did fight in World War II. It was nice they kept that aspect of her character true to the comic and kept her and Cap's relationship pretty genuine.

Out of any of the comic book movies, Captain America: The First Avenger stuck to the origin pretty tightly. I was happy about that.

It was just the parts of the film where they deviated from the comic book were really unnecessary, though I'm glad they used Cap's modern shield. It would've been a total jip if the fans didn't get to see Captain America toss that shield like a frisbee as he does in the comic and have it come back to him. That was ultra cool to see, but the action scenes could have been a lot better. Even those seemed rushed.

I did walk out of the movie entertained, but I wasn't convinced. As I watched the previews of The Avengers Movie they showed after the credits, I didn't have a very good feeling that it would be spectacular. I'm fearing The Avengers movie may be a bit on the cheese side.

The acting was great and superb, the sets all realistic, the special effects fantastic. However, some parts just really seemed cheesy and the story could have been better written. Like I said, it just seemed like it tried to do too much at once.

Who knows? The Captain America movie of 2011 didn't really fill my expectations. I just hope the Avengers doesn't do the same, or maybe it could be my expectations are just too damn high.

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