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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Best Key Comic Book Issues of Silver Age Marvel Comics Part 3

We're back with even more of the best key comic book issues of Silver Age Marvel Comics to invest, own, collect...whichever you want to call it. Just know that many of these marvel first appearances even in very good condition are pretty valuable and expensive.

As always, if I've tracked down a place where they're available to buy, I'll point you in the right direction to make your hunt a lot easier, because that's what I do here at Total Comic Mayhem. So let's get cracking.

Amazing Spider-Man #9
Yep, we're going back to Amazing Spider-Man. Why? Because ole Webhead has a huge amount of key comic book issues in his first series. Loads of marvel first appearances in ASM volume one including this one right here.

Amazing Spider-Man #9, first appearance of the most electrifying of Spidey's villains - Electro!

NM (low) - $3100
VF - $1012
FINE - $357
VG - $$238
GD - $119

Hey, how can you deny the issue of Spider-Man's top two villain - Dr Octopus - unmasking the spider? Well, you can't. This key issue is a pretty important one even though it's not a first appearance of anyone of significance.

Well, maybe except all the unsuspecting folks of New York in the comic when they find out their webslinging hero is none other than geeky Peter Parker!

NewKadia has Fine copy of this issue, but who knows for how long. Their copy is going for $216.45 minus the coupon savings you can get off on top of that. NewKadia always has coupon savings going on, which is why I love pointing all you guys over there, so head over there if this is one of the key comic book issues you're hunting for.

NM (low) - $2100
VF - $689
FINE - $243
VG - $162
GD - $81

Me and my local comic dealer were joking about this strange villain just the other day, and we both agreed that Mysterio would be a pretty viable villain for a Spidey flick. Anyways, this is the first appearance of Mysterio in all his mysterious and weird glory.

This comic is in stock at NewKadia in very good plus condition. They have it for $264.12, but that doesn't include the discount coupon, as usual. There's only one copy available for the very first appearance of Mysterio. Yikes!

NM (low) - $2900
VF - $952
FINE - $336
VG - $224
GD - $112

Amazing Spider-Man #14
This one's a monster right here. No, not because the Hulk guest stars. It's because this is the very first appearance of The Green Goblin. Who knows why ole Gobby became the most beloved of all Spider-Man villains, but the fans spoke and cast their votes. 

Unfortunately, NewKadia doesn't have this one in stock, but has this issue available for consignment at an unslabbed (non CGC graded) 4.5 VG+ for $600.00 whoppers. Wow, way, way above guide price for a VG plus! Even more expensive than a FINE? What are some of these consignment guys thinking over there?

NM (low) - $4600
VF - $1488
FINE - $510
VG - $340
GD - $170

And the hits keep rolling with Spidey! See what I mean? This bad boy introduces the first appearance of Kraven The Hunter, another villain who would be an interesting baddie for an upcoming Spider-Man film. He's just a bit nuts okay, and quite realistic. Well, if you get him out of the jungle suit he's wearing.
Are those pants spandex or velvet? Or are they made of from the real thing? Skeery! Does NewKadia have this gem? Yes, they do! Two Very Good plus copies with one ten cents cheaper than the other. No, I'm serious.

One VG+ copy is rolling at $196.79  and the other at $196.89. Get the coupon discount on top of that and you've got this key issue comic book for one heck of a deal. Don't believe me. Compare the guide prices below and go check out Amazing Spider-Man #15 at NewKadia for yourself.

NM (low) - $2200
VF - $723
FINE - $255
VG - $170
GD - $85

Alright guys, gonna stop right there. Way too much Spider-Man, and it's getting quite boring, so in the next post I'm gonna switch it up with maybe some Avengers or Iron Man. I don't know something different. Maybe I'll throw in some more Fantastic Four as well. Or, how about some good ole Cap?

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