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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Bane Photos Released

Looks like Warner Bros just didn't release the first photo of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman  by its lonesome in regards to the upcoming and anticipated Batman sequel to the Dark Knight. It seems that we also get a glimpse at what Bane looks like for Warner Brox was kind enough to release these Batman The Dark Knight Rises Bane photos. Bane is played by Tom Hardy.

 Unlike the Catwoman picture, the top Bane photo seems to catch the dark mood that I am hoping The Dark Knight Rises will continue from the movie's predecessors. However, the lower picture of the fight scene between Batman and Bane seems a bit too bright.

Below are a  few clips of filming Batman The Dark Knight Rises that has leaked out into the web. Enjoy, Batfans!

Can Warner Bros be making the same mistake with the first Batman movie series, in which they put two villains in the 2nd movie and then put in a host of them in the later films? I dunno. I sure hope not.

Click the link if you have yet to see the newly released Anne Hathaway Catwoman picture. Oh and here's a brand new Anne Hathaway Catwoman picture that has leaked out for you as well.
I suppose that looks sexier. I still don't like the weird-looking shades she's got on. Damn lucky, weird looking bike! If you like this, stumble it and share it on face and twitter! Leave a comment below as well.

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