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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

AVENGER SPOILER: New Avenger Pics Chris Evans As Captain America


Everybody's hyped up about the Avengers movie coming out next year. We had four character movies - The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America - leading up to the biggest comic movie perhaps ever produced!

I think most are more curious about how this movie is going to pulled off...I mean, four huge Marvel characters in one production. No this isn't like the X-Men movie. Not even close. How many characters in the X-Men had their own huge on-going comic series? Wolverine is one, and that's really about it.

The Avengers have four mega comic characters that all have their own titles...and these titles have been on-going for decades. So yes, anticipating how the Avengers will translate onto screen is a huge curious question many comic fans are going bonkers over.

Well, I know, you all are looking for any kind of signs or Avenger spoiler that will quench your anticipation, even if it's just for a little bit, so here they are...just released...New Avenger pics of Chris Evans as Captain America filming a scene in the Avengers movie.

Who is homeboy fighting? The dude is in a suit all decked out for CGC. Could it possibly be a Skrull, since that's the rumor going around about the villains in The Avengers flick? Oh, if you've yet to read that Avenger Spoiler, click the link to read the post on the possible Avengers movie villain.

What do you think of Cap's suit in these photos? Do you think his suit was better in Captain America: The First Avenger or the suit that's going to be updated in the Avengers movie?

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