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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man or Ultimate Spider-Man Movie?

It's really goofy how Hollywood seems to twist things in comic book movies until fans scratch their heads and go, "What?" Though the trailer for the new The Amazing Spider-Man movie is pretty tasty looking, there's still that element of "What the...?"

By the way, if you've yet to see the trailer for the new Spidey flick, you're eyeballs can give The Amazing Spider-Man trailer a peek by clicking the link!

The title is a pretty obvious head scratcher. As a comic fan and probably to other comic fans, I'm thinking how lame it is to title the movie The Amazing Spider-Man when it's pretty clear that the movie is more based off of The Ultimate Spider-Man comic book storyline.

Which in this case, getting Ultimate Spider-Man #1 would be a good comic to hunt down right about now. If you can find the white variant, by God, man! The White variant guides at $150 and only has an estimated 900 copies in circulation. The standard cover is around $75 and has about 90,000 copies floating around in the market.

I do think they got the right actor to portray Peter Parker in the movie, for Spidey in The Ultimate Spider-Man is just as skinny. Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) has just the right body type for the role, and actually looks more like the Peter Parker in the comics than his predecessor Toby Maguire. Garfield was absolutely great in The Social Network, by the way.

There's no shortage of stars in this movie. Sally Fields will play May Parker and Martin Sheen as Ben Parker. The lovely Emma Stone, who played in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, plays Gwen Stacy. Others include Rhys Ifans (The Replacements) as Dr. Curt Conners aka the The Lizard, who had an interesting temper tantrum at the San Diego Comic Con. By the way, he hates America. Also, to round off the stardom of this cast, Denis Leary (Rescue Me) plays Owen Stacy.

They could've called the movie The Spectacular Spider-Man or just called it Ultimate Spider-Man if they're basing it off the Ultimate story line. Okay! Okay! I know my comic geekness is taking over here. Does it matter what they call it? Thank God, it's not "Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man."

Be prepared for the character of Nels Van Adder comic investors. This character was first seen in the issue of Spider-Man #1 of the second series (1990) drawn by Todd McFarlane, who's one of the best comic artists to draw the web head in my humble opinion. 

Actually, it was his covers on The Amazing Spider-Man comic book that got me collecting that title. Could you believe when I was a kid, I bought his entire run, including issue #300, for only a dollar a piece? Yep, I got his comics before he exploding into a comic artist star.

You know, that second series that they overprinted with a kazillion freaking variant colors. It was like they were trying to cover all the colors of the rainbow.
If you can find the platinum cover, good on you. Just be prepared to shell out around $130 - $180 for a low near mint to an average 9.4 near mint. The new Spidey reboot introducing the character Nel Van Adder, played by Irrfan khan, should give the Spider-Man #1 issue a slight push in demand and value.

However, I'll let you in on a little secret. The proto-goblin will probably be in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, so it's best to get Spider-Man #1 right now because both movies will push the demand for this comic a bit. 

If you're not sure who Nel Van Adder is, he is the man who becomes the proto-goblin. Van Adder was a scientist working for Osborne industries who was developing a biotechnology that he tested on himself and was turned into a red beast-looking monster. 
Could the proto-goblin be the main villain in the sequel? Or, do you think they'll make the mistake like the first Spider-Man movie trilogy and start introducing two villains in a movie? Anyways, The Ultimate Spider...uh, I mean...The Amazing Spider-Man movie is slated to hit theaters July 3rd, 2012.

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